In a few seconds, he picked up the desk phone and dialed a number.

The words were quickly connected to the noisy music and the cold and bright voice "ink white?" Call me something? "
"When will you return to China?" Han Mobai asked
"How do you miss your brother?" The cold head disgusting said
Because Han Mobai is six years younger than him, but he is more stable and sophisticated than him. Sometimes two people go out together. Some people are very good at Han Mobai. He leads …
In addition, the conditions outside Han Mo are almost perfect, but they are not close to women. It gives people the feeling that they don’t eat people’s fireworks and lead to cold weather. They always play jokes on him and often ask women to go home and play blind dates with him …
Although every time later, Han Mobai ended up watching TV, he still enjoyed it … Lengli felt that he must have a serious sadistic tendency to cough and cough.
Eye Han Mo Bai still didn’t have much reaction but said, "There is one thing that needs your help to clarify."
"What is it?" Cold and curious
After all, it’s hard to get a genius to ask for help.
Han Mobai said, "Want to know?"
"Yes, say something quickly?" Cold urge
"If you want to know, you will know when you come back …" Say that finish, Han Mobai hangs up directly.
Sometimes the phrase "curiosity kills the cat" is quite accurate, especially to let someone go.
Han Qi and Yu Xiaozheng, a wedding photography club in the city center, are taking photos under the guidance of photographers.
It’s already very hot in July, except when they first came here early in the morning, they took a few photos outdoors, and the rest were taken in the room.
At this time, Han Shao was wearing a black and dark gold flower, while Gao Xiaoxiao was wearing a lake-green high-split cheongsam hairstyle, which was also made into the style of the Republic of China. She also wore a Han Jia bracelet. At first glance, the perfect score of handsome men and beautiful women was really like Jin Yan and Leng Qingqiu in the drama "Golden Powder Family"
Just took a few photos. Yan Bo came in in a hurry with Han Shu’s mobile phone and shouted, "Han always has something for you."
"Just say I’m busy." Han Shao impatiently waved his hand and rarely took his wife out to take beautiful wedding photos. I really didn’t want to be bothered by work at all.
Fortunately, Han Mo Bai Gang has won several orders with his excellent ability not long after he entered the company, which is why the company is in awe of this small boss and dare not slack off.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t feel at ease and give everything to his son …
Yan Bo Nai walked silently to the other end and said politely, "Hello, we are always busy in Korea. Look …"
"Give him the message" The man in the receiver is low, cold and full of oppression.
It’s already cold in the studio. Yan Bo felt cold in his back when listening to the sound at the moment. He continued, "Our manager Han really has something very important to do now. Do you think I can convey it to you?"
"…" The words first paused for a while and then "Tell him I’m Jing Muchen"
"Jing mu …" Yan Gang Po said two words to an abrupt end immediately.
It was Jing Muchen!
桑拿会所Such a big shot, naturally, dare not offend him. Holding the microphone, he once again went to Korea’s side to "Korea’s total Korea’s total …"
Han Shu looked impatient and turned his head. "What’s the matter?"
"Manager Han" Yan Bo is sad. "It seems that manager Jingyang Tuanjing called and has something very important to find you."
"Big Brother calling?" Yu Xiao frowned and urged, "Since my husband is the eldest brother, there must be something for you. You should go and answer it. I’ll have a rest by the way."
After taking photos for a long time, my face was stiff with laughter. I don’t want to talk about matching someone’s height of one meter and five meters. She is wearing high heels with a height of one meter … It is really necessary to have a rest.
Han Han nodded and held Yu Xiao to one side and sat on the sofa. This just took the mobile phone slowly.
Real … If he can, he really doesn’t want to answer this. Because he doesn’t guess, he knows that Jing Muchen hardly takes the initiative to find him, and there will be no good thing, mostly with his little daughter-in-law.
Sure enough, I just shouted "Big Brother" at the other end of the words and roared up. "How did you discipline your son for so many years? Or is there no tube at all? How many times have I told you not to come near my house, jiujiu? You’re ignoring my words, aren’t you? Also, when my daughter was under ten years old, she dared to abduct and be a boyfriend and girlfriend, and she went camping, which was simply a lust for sex! How did you promise me before you said it yourself? ……”
After listening to it for a while, Han Han immediately took the microphone away until he touched Jing Muchen and finished speaking, and then he got it back again. "Oh, what did you say just now? I didn’t hear you say it again."
Jingmuchen gas directly puma 1 national scold.
Yu Xiao looked at the appearance and her husband couldn’t help smiling over his mouth.
It may be because Han Shao’s character is cynical and he always likes Jing Muchen, but Han Shao still likes to stimulate Jing Muchen and likes to pluck the hair from the tiger’s mouth from time to time because he has chosen Jing Anjiu as his daughter-in-law …
Maybe this means "love each other and kill each other"?
"Big Brother, I really didn’t lie to you. The studio is closed and the tone is turned on. This signal is really bad." Han Shao suddenly said, "Big Brother, you haven’t been to the studio for a long time, right?"
Jingmuchen was too lazy to care about it and said directly, "You remember that from today on, you are not allowed to come to jiujiu again. Once you find out, I will only ask you."
"Eldest brother, I also want to watch, but I can’t." Han Shu sighed. "He has moved out. It’s really hard to manage when he’s old, so I have the heart."
"I don’t care about these. Anyway, if I want him to find jiujiu again, I will only ask you," said Jing Muchen.
"Eldest brother, you can’t do this. Your jiujiu likes my little white …"