All right, that’s all I want to say. Heaven and Q will play, and coach Xiao will play some Q team videos later. In the first game, we must win the beautiful game. Chen Ranxin let go of the file and said, Avenue.

They should be a immediately.
Then there are some videos. When some important clips are played, Lin Qi will choose to pause, and then point to the screen video and say, It needs to be noted here that they like to swim together, and their skills are also very good. At that time, they must have a good view in this position.
This sentence is addressed to Fat, who said, Don’t worry, Fat, I am a man who has practiced the magical powers of the eye!
What is the magical power of the Eye of Heaven? Xingyu Lin asked with a full face of doubt.
Is to do more, what is the eye magic, this all don’t know, play a ball ll fat big eyes glanced at Xingyu Lin, then explained.
Xingyu Lin almost spit out one mouthful blood. He gave a thumbsup and said, Well, you win!
Lin Qi stared: Listen to me carefully, these are all very important.
They immediately became serious for a few minutes, while Fat gently touched Lin Tian and whispered, How do I feel like I’m in class …
I’ll tell you that I’ve always felt this way … Lin Tian touched the bar with some funny expressions.
Great minds think alike!
At this time, Huang Yingying hammered Lin Tianli, jiao said: Stop that now, have a good meeting, the game is coming, why are you not nervous at all …
Don’t be nervous, I’ll kill the blasting field. Lin Tian showed off in an ostentatious manner. Then he rolled his eyes and whispered in Huang Yingying’s ear, Did you sleep well last night?
Huang Yingying was stunned, and then the color was slightly red, with a bit of shame, thinking: Is this a simple question or is there something in it?
Actually, Huang Yingying didn’t sleep very well yesterday. As usual, she always ran to Lin Tianshen’s bed, and she was already familiar with Lin Tianshen’s faint masculinity and powerful arms on her white neck.
But if the answer is not good, that bastard Lin Tian is estimated to show off in an ostentatious manner again.
See Huang Yingying thief didn’t answer, Lin day eyes across a few silk teasing, eyes are a little obscene.
After being looked at by such wretched eyes for a while, Huang Yingying looked even more ruddy. She said, How did you sleep?
桑拿会所Not so good Lin day seriously.
Hearing these three words, Huang Yingying felt sweet and thought, Sure enough, I can’t do it without you?
But then Lin Tian said, Fat is too big to sleep and snore … if only I could sleep alone.
Huang Yingying looked stiff and said, You deserve it, miss. You can sleep well.
So I envy you very much. Lin Tianxiao said, then blinked. He didn’t mean that in his heart, but he deliberately said a few words like that, provoking the topic, but he didn’t say it deeply. Lin Tian was like this.
Huang Yingying this xiao ni where will be rivals? I can feel ashamed secretly, but I feel that I have been molested, but I can’t go back.
After all, the girl is too thinskinned, and Lin Tian, who is thickskinned like a wall, can’t compare with ordinary people.
Lin Tian smiled, but said solemnly, I didn’t get used to sleeping last night.
Say that finish this sentence, Lin day again that kind of indecent expression.
Huang Yingying was stupefied, his face flushed and he thought, Is he implying something to me? But when she looked again, she found that Lin Tian talked to Fat again, and she didn’t know what to talk about again. Lin Tianxiao was always very happy.
This guy … Huang Yingying stamped his foot and stopped going to see Lin Tian.
The meeting lasted for a long time, followed by team training. Lin Qi packed her things and said to Chen Jiaojiao, Senior, you haven’t eaten either, have you? Let’s get something to eat in our building.
Chen Jiaojiao looked gentle and nodded. For others, Chen Jiaojiao was as cold as ice, but for Lin Qi, she showed a gentle expression and looked very beautiful.
Lin Tian and others stayed in the conference room.
There are many computers in the conference room, and several people brought the mouse, keyboard and other things to play a training match.
They have an appointment with a team in Group E for training.
I know your personal ability is very strong, but the game pays more attention to teamwork. Today, the main thing is to let you blend in with us and play with us, Meng Fan said to the fat mouth
Fat nodded: I am white.
That’s good, in fact, you and Lin Tian are our Z team newcomers. Now, the team has not cooperated well, and there is no focus, but you and Lin Tian are very strong. If you can, the team style will be the core of the road. Meng Fan said.
Lin Tianhe and Pang were both stunned. Then Lin Tiankou said, I used to be my core, but as a result, you have been stocking me.
Didn’t I help you too? Meng Fan said with a smile
That’s not help … Muttered Lin Tian, and the child’s temper showed.
Huang Yingying touched Lin Tian’s head: Don’t do this.
That’s it. Lin Tian grimaced.
Huang Yingying was amused by his touch, and then said, All right, all right, whatever. By the way, let me have dinner with you after training tonight.