After all, it is impossible for either the country or the army to let Lu Jiuzheng have an accident. It takes millions to train a special soldier. What’s more, Lu Jiuzheng can fight alone and command the top talents. That root is not measurable by money.

A special soldier sacrificed millions of dollars, but if he wants money, he can still find someone else to replace him from the army, but a talent like Lu Jiuzheng is a substitute.
Lu Jiuzheng is the commander behind the scenes, except for some Sclass troops that he has to be. The troops will also minimize his danger, thus protecting Lu Jiuzheng’s safe house. Lu Jiuzheng really rarely makes his own army. Even if he tidied up the troops in those years, he did it himself, but most of the time it was Yang Hang, a security officer.
At the moment, I watched Liu Jiuzheng, an onion from Liuli Station, step in, picked up the onion in my big hand and tore it off. After peeling the skin of the sticky soil a few times, a pungent smell filled me.
But this is not spicy enough for Liu Jiuzheng to peel clean onions aside and look at the potatoes in the basket. Liu Jiuzheng picked up a kitchen knife and peeled them off with howls.
Uncle can’t see that you still have the potential to cook at home. Tao Mo jokingly smiled and deliberately looked at Uncle Liu Jiuzheng’s cold and hard expression. Although he did it, he definitely didn’t like it.
Jun Yuan Kitchen cold mouth Liu Jiuzheng doesn’t like to do such trivial things, but looking at Tao Mo’s naughty expression of wild cats stealing fish or methodically peeling potatoes, it is estimated that Master Lu will definitely be surprised if he sees this scene.
It’s really feudal and oldfashioned male chauvinism! Tao Mo disapproves of cutting the kitchen knife with a hum. No wonder we women are born to work, do laundry and cook, and take care of children? Uncle, it’s no wonder that you can’t find a girlfriend. If you are a good woman with this oldfashioned thinking, you should retreat three feet.
Although Lu Jiuzheng is not going to find a girlfriend, he has no intention of letting a strange woman into his life, but Lu Jiuzheng thought about it and said, It doesn’t work.
Economic status determines family status. Now, how many women are looked down upon by men because of economic independence? Tao Mo took a glance at Liu Jiuzheng, who was paralyzed with a grim face, and laughed out without knowing what to think. But uncle, you will never lose the red flag at home, and you should find a gentle and virtuous, innocent girl, your wife.
Lu Jiuzheng inexplicably sounded. Two years ago, Master Lu went back to Lujialu and invited an old friend and granddaughter to come home for dinner. It was indeed a gentle and virtuous lady, and her long and delicate speech was also gentle and soft.
However, when Lu Jiuzheng left the hospital, the tree didn’t know when he climbed a snake. Then Lu Jiuzheng grabbed the snake seven inches with his bare hands, and then a dagger broke the snake’s head, and when it rolled to the girl’s sandals, his eyes finally fainted. Later, it was said that he was scared and had nightmares for a week.
Section 33
Inappropriate Lu Jiuzheng can be sure that a timid girl is definitely not suitable for himself. Of course, he can’t stand a girl who is scared by a snakehead
That uncle, you are waiting for a generation to be single! Tao Mo didn’t good the spirit to quench the sentence, put the shredded winter bamboo shoots on the disc and think of my generation. I’m going to find an honest ordinary man to marry and then go out for a holiday every day. It’s true that it’s plain.
Generation status makes Tao Mo doomed to be unable to get married casually, but orphan childhood makes Tao Mohsin long for a warm family, but the status of follower determines that Tao Mo, even if she gets married, her other half will be entangled in family interests behind those aristocratic men, which makes Tao Mo discouraged.
I didn’t expect to be reborn to the original owner. This ordinary identity made Tao Mo like to live without being burdened with retinue.
Lu Jiuzheng’s potato peeling hand paused, and her ears echoed with Tao Mo’s soft but expectant voice. Lu Jiuzheng could hide the weight from Tao Mo’s soft words. She was really looking forward to such a dull and warm family life.
From the moment of his birth, Lu Jiuzheng’s world has drawn a distance from dullness. He can’t be dull. Commander Lu Jiuzheng’s life is full of death, blood and peace, which is the opposite.
Uncle, do you feel that I am ambitious? I didn’t notice that Lu Jiuzheng was silent, Tao Mo laughed at himself, bowed his head and continued to cut vegetables. Because he had never had an ordinary and warm life, he was so eager for a complete family, an honest but considerate husband, a lovely and lively bear child with his own blood. That is a complete family.
At noon when dinner was ready, I felt that the atmosphere was not right, and Cao Cao came back. Somehow I felt that the atmosphere was a little wrong, but if I take a closer look, Tao Mo is still so gentle and kind, and the school is also the same for thousands of years.
Just in time for dinner Tao Mo put the last dish of fried chicken with winter bamboo shoots on the table and turned to serve rice.
I’ll just do it myself. Although I can’t understand why the school meeting is so close to Tao Mo, how can he let Tao Mo give her a meal first and enter the kitchen with a big bowl of rice? As he walked, he said, The source of the school red scorpion grass has been found out.
Cao Cao went on to say, Although the red scorpion grass is also a Chinese herbal medicine, it must be very cautious when it is used as medicine because of its strong toxicity. The business records are complete. Yan Lixi bought some red scorpion grass three months ago.
Tao Mo’s hand Zheng involuntarily looked aside at Liu Jiuzheng.
Lu Jiuzheng looked at Tao Mo with a grim face and turned to Cao Cao. What did the police station say?
Captain Yin has started to file a case. At present, Yuan is still holding Yan Lixi as the prime suspect. Inexplicably, Cao feels a little stuffy and lowers his head to eat rice. If you really admire the school again, eating with the school is too stressful.
At present, all the evidence points to Yan Lixi. The key is that he still doesn’t know who is the enemy who set him up. He has no clue. Tao Mo frowned, killed him in love or killed him in money.
Liu Jiuzheng looked at the absence of Tao Mo and put a chopstick dish in her bowl with a deep voice and a strange chill to eat
Oh is not in high spirits. Tao Mo is almost a bit ignorant. At present, the only clue is to give it to the big aunt, the red scorpion grass scar man.
The more I feel that the atmosphere is more and more wrong, the more I can’t help but speed up eating. I didn’t even pick up the food. I directly swallowed a bowl of rice and put it up. I opened my mouth and said, I’m going back to the army.
Here, Liu Jiuzheng just nodded and fucked the wind and rushed out to start the car. He left directly and sat in the car to fuck. Only then did he feel that his breathing was much smoother. Eating at the same table with the school is really not something that ordinary people can do.
It rained harder at night, and in two days, the Chinese New Year will be celebrated. Every family was busy preparing for the Chinese New Year during the day, and by two o’clock in the morning, the whole town was quiet, rainy and dark.
You said you were Ms. Qi Yun’s cousin? Yan Lixi’s window looked at the rain curtain immersed in the darkness through the light. I’ll be right there. The address is Room 52, Honghuashan County Hotel, right?
But if you hadn’t sold your jewelry before I found out, I didn’t expect my cousin to have died. Over the years, the family has been looking for my cousin. The other male voice sounded a little anxious and seemed very excited
☆, Chapter 67 The murder scene
Yan Lixi hung up and looked down at the middle finger ring. If she hadn’t accidentally got the bag of jewelry that Ms. Qi Yun hid in the crack in the wall, she would have died.
In recent years, Yan Lixi has also made great efforts to find Qi Yun’s family. Unfortunately, perhaps he was too proud by nature, or perhaps he was too miserable by Yuan. Qi Yun did not leave any information about his family. Yan Lixi also checked a lot, but he never found any news about his family.
Now I suddenly received a message from Qi Yun’s cousin. Yan Lixi was so shocked, but the other party was equally anxious, otherwise it wouldn’t have flown from the port city overnight. Even at two o’clock in the morning, I wanted to meet myself and was eager to know about Ms. Yu Qiyun.
Opening the door, Yan Lixi walked quickly in the direction of Honghuashan County Hotel with an umbrella. This hotel was built near Honghuashan Mountain, and the town was already the best hotel. Yan Lixi walked quickly and reached the hotel gate in about fifteen minutes.
It’s estimated that it’s after two o’clock in the morning at the end of the year, and the receptionist at the front desk of the hotel is fast asleep. Yan Lixi shouted an estimate that the little girl was asleep for a long time and didn’t respond.
Yan Lixi didn’t mean much to stride towards the stairs. The corridor was quiet and the sound insulation effect was not very good. Room 52 could be heard vaguely. It is estimated that this room is occupied during the New Year.
There is still a gap in the door of room 52, and the light reveals along the crack of the door, and the sound in the vision is also louder.
Yan Lixi pushed open the door and went in. The room opened the door, and the corridor lights lit up the small living room. There was a smell of blood, and Yan Lixi’s face suddenly changed and he walked in quickly towards the living room.
I saw a pool of blood on the carpet. A middleaged man was lying in a pool of blood, twitching in his chest. A dagger blade was thrust into his body and outside the handle.
Help me … The man opened his mouth in pain, and his left hand was dripping with blood. He held the handle and his right hand reached out to Yan Lixi for help.
Who did it? Yan Lixi walked quickly past, holding the man’s halflength knife with one hand almost inserted into the heart, and blood gurgled out. Yan Lixi quickly held down the man’s left hand holding the handle with his right hand. You can’t pull it out!
桑拿会所Yes … The middleaged man groaned in pain, perhaps because of too much pain. His left hand suddenly grasped Yan Lixi’s neck nails. He left five bloody scratches on his neck, and his body suddenly twitched. The whole person fell to Yan Lixi’s body. Right … Up …
I don’t understand Yan Lixi holding a middleaged man who has lost his breath. You …
Yan Lixi was shocked to see that the middleaged man’s left cheek had a long scar and his hand was loose. The middleaged man fell off the carpet and looked pale. The fluorescent mapping of the middleaged man’s face scar was even more obvious.