What do you think Li Tianji has other attempts to Li Qingya? Chu Yun listened to Xu’s analysis and carefully thought about it. Is this guy really like elegant marrying his son?

It shouldn’t be that Li Tianqi, a mercenary, can’t give up the opportunity to make profits because of selfish desires.
Chu Yun didn’t want to wonder, What is that?
Xu Gela wry smile way it is because I don’t know that I am worried.
ChuYunYan this kind of thing he can’t relative to Li Qingya, after all, he is an outsider friends also can help a range.
Xu Gelan was silent for a moment. Chu Yun, do you know that Li Tianqi is ready to tear his face since he dares to take away Elegant today?
What are you going to do with this matter? Maybe it’s also a good idea to arrange elegant to go abroad to avoid one. Chu Yun suggested.
Going abroad will also be found to be a stranger and elegant, not to mention finding a person. Xu Yan looked at Chu Yun straight. So I have a better place to choose. This place is absolutely safe.
Uh, where?
Your home
As soon as Xu Gelan spoke, he put Chu Yun to death in Chu Yun and said with a wry smile, My sister Xu, are you kidding me?
There is no problem now. The legal guardian of Li Tianqi’s elegance wants to take it away. I will call the police, but it will be different if you protect it. With you, Li Tianqi will take it away.
Chu Yun for a moment wry smile.
Just staying at home with that girl has made him very uneasy, and now he wants to add another girl.
Xu Gelan stretched out his hand and held Chu Yun seriously and said, Chu Yun, to tell the truth, I can’t trust others to help me without you, otherwise I’m really worried about Li Tianqi’s elegance.
Chu Yun can nod. Well, it’s no problem to live in, and there is indeed a room. I don’t know if Elegant wants to.
Xu Kelu detected that Yun agreed with a sly smile and said, You can rest assured that he will definitely agree and be happy.
Chu Yun saw Xu Gelan smiling at the corners of his mouth, and somehow a cold seemed to have been calculated in the middle. When he thought about it carefully, he felt that Xu Gelan’s move was sometimes naiju.
Well, it’s finally my student. Just do me a favor. Chu Yun thought for a moment and prepared for bed. Tonight, Xu Yan drank a lot of wine and he was a little sleepy.
Chu Yungang was about to undress when suddenly he felt that the coccygeal vertebra behind him turned out to be a little bit like a needle prick.
If an ordinary person has a little pain somewhere, he may ignore it directly, but Chu Yun is different.
Chu Yun’s practice of full of blood, full of body and overflowing with qi yesterday has passed the fairy robbery and achieved the perfection of breathing. After that, he can be said that the master is one of the highest figures in ancient Chinese martial arts.
Such an ancient martial master has reached an incredible level for his own body manipulation, and his perception is even more amazing.
Just now, those who stung Chu Yun immediately made a judgment in his heart. Someone peeked at him from behind, and just now, that little sting was caused by the peeping eye inadvertently sweeping behind Chu Yun, which made him alert and made his body make a warning.
Chu Yun took off half his clothes and put them in his mouth with a sigh. He deliberately took out his mobile phone and said to himself with some headaches, What can I do if I live in my house?
Chu Yun took out his mobile phone and slowly walked to the window to open it. It seemed that he was browsing something, but in fact he quickly sent a short message to Xu Wei.
Be careful not to come to my room and hide with elegance.
ChuYunFa text messages suddenly turned around and there was a wall and a table behind him, and no one was lurking Chu Yun slightly one leng murmured, Do I feel wrong?
The whole room is only a dozen square meters in total. How can you hide someone? Even if you hide someone, how can you hide it from Chu Yun’s perception?
Eh, maybe I’m too cautious. Chu Yun smiled at himself and was about to go back to the bed when suddenly a very strong palpitation surged out, which made Chu Yun’s scalp numb and his hair stand up suddenly in just a moment.
Danger danger
Brain crazy warning, a sense of life and death spread, and the tip of my heart seemed to have asked about blood.
Chu Yun was angry with a horizontal palm knife to protect the key left foot, and the whole body shaft suddenly turned over.
At the moment when he turned around again, Chu Yuncai saw a man with eyes left wrapped in night clothes holding two knives painted black and attacking Chu Yun’s chest.
Chu Yun binge drinking in the face of the knife also don’t dodge, but faster speed a palm across the past.
The dagger was slightly touched by Chu Yun’s clothes, and the man in black was blown out of the window with a palm of Chu Yun’s hand, and an old stuffy hum body was rubbed against the windowsill to leave some broken marks.
Chu Yun didn’t think much of following and jumped directly from the window.
As soon as I jumped out of the window, I saw the black man fall to the ground and posted it in the corner. Chu Yun followed him to the corner only to find that the black man disappeared again.
Iga stealth flow you are a ninja, Chu Yun face a sudden change gives birth to anger.
ChuYunYin echoed around and no one responded to Chu Yun’s face slightly heavy, remembering that ChuTianYi had told ChuYun about JiaHe stealth ninja.
Japan’s ghost martial arts have also made achievements and developed. Today, there are two schools of ninja kendo that are still prosperous.
Chutianyi lived to be a hundred years old, and he also had several fights with Japanese ninjas. Now there are two factions that still retain the two schools of Kaga and Iga.
The Iga ninja is famous for his personal combat effectiveness and mastery of all kinds of killing instruments. In Japan, there was once a ninja who assassinated hundreds of troops and said:
Chapter 214 Iga stealth flow
While that kaga ninja emphasize the killing ability of many ninja.
Chu Yun, if you meet a ninja, don’t slack off at all and don’t have the mentality of playing fair with the ninja. If you want to compete with the ninja enemy, the first thing you need to do is to kill him by any means.
At that time, Chu Yun was young and wondered why Chutianyi lifted her clothes and pointed to a scar on her heart and smiled. This was a wound left by a female ninja with a royal heart. Do you know how dangerous ninjas are now?
Chu Yun was surprised for a moment and asked, What is imperial flow? Does it mean attacking people’s hearts?
Cough doesn’t mean desire, er, you don’t care about this. It’s always a genre.
Memories stop here.
Invisibility is fluent, the blind area of human vision in the surrounding environment is avoided, and breathing, heartbeat and body temperature are reduced as much as possible to achieve the purpose of stealth in a narrow sense, and a fatal blow is launched at the moment when the opponent is most relaxed.
In many TV dramas, there will be a scene where one person hides behind another person, and one person keeps turning around but always finds that there is a person behind him. This is the socalled blind spot of vision.
And the man hiding is the socalled narrow stealth, and he wants to disappear from people’s eyes.
But this is only for ordinary people, and it is impossible for fierce fighters to sneak near the roots behind them.
The perception of powerful fighters is extremely exaggerated. For example, Chu Yun is now in a state where it is impossible to hide from his perception even if someone is close to him.
This kind of perception is so magical that it can be described as a sixth sense hunch. It is almost impossible to avoid many things with keen perception. Ordinary people will also have it, and it will be more exaggerated to have it if they want to practice martial arts successfully.
But even if Chu Yun’s strong perception is still able to tell where the black dress person is hiding, he can make sure that the ninja is not far away by vaguely murderous look.
夜网论坛Chu Yun walked slowly on the lawn, but it was not too far from the house, because he was worried that the ninja would suddenly abandon him and go to find trouble with Xu and others.
Lawn Chu Yun smiled faintly. You may be behind me or in the corner on my left or in the room in front of me, but what harm can it do to me if you hide?
Chu Yun’s face hung with a little sarcastic smile. You will attack me after all, but once you attack, even if you cut me a few centimeters, I can still react instantly to knock you down just like just now.
No one answered Chu Yun, but he still talked to himself as if he were talking to the gas.
Do you know what I was able to accurately find you and fight back just now? Chu Yun stopped looking around and closed his eyes very slowly.
Because of your murderous look, your murderous look has been exposed, no matter how good you hide it, you still exposed the murderous look at the moment you attacked. For fighters of my level, I want you to be exposed except for a trace of murderous look, which is more than you want to look me in the eye. I can detect it.
So when you attack, it seems to me that someone is beating gongs and drums in my ear and telling me that someone wants me to be the killer behind my back. It’s really noisy. Your assassination is really a failure. I wonder if you can really kill people with your assassination.
So murderous, don’t say I’m alert. Even if I sleep here, I can instantly wake up when you come over and kill me. Is this the socalled ninja?
Chu Yun’s faint words were revealed, his eyes closed and his face smiled faintly, as if he were walking in the forest instead of a dangerous assassin.
A little sting appeared in the abdomen, and Chu Yun suddenly opened his eyes and smiled, I got you.
Squatting in front of Chu Yun, the ninja’s eyes flashed a little wrist and flipped the black knife with horror and flew to Chu Yun’s chest. Chu Yun reached out to find out the bayonet and Feikai, and a claw agent just hit the ninja and didn’t keep it.
The ninja slipped along Chu Yun’s crotch and stayed with Chu Yun turning his head to look at the ninja and I don’t know where it disappeared.
Chu Yun smiled slightly. I told you that’s all you can do. Even if I close my eyes, you can’t kill me because you can’t converge on your murderous look. If you want to start work, your murderous look will spread involuntarily.