But … I still want to tell you that you are handsome, in my heart.

Chapter 355 Three hundred and fiftyfive Is broken
With the breeze, Chen Ran’s words are getting smaller and smaller, and his face is flushed with charm.
Lin Tian couldn’t stand it any longer, so he went and kissed him.
See Chen Ran heart didn’t respond, Lin day more excessive, reached out and put her arms around Chen Ran heart waist.
Instead of knocking out Lin Tian’s hand, Chen Ranxin shrank her charming body into Lin Tian’s arms. She mumbled, Don’t touch.
Lin Tian couldn’t help but smile.
I don’t know how I fell asleep. Both of them felt a little cold in their sleep and didn’t hold it tighter.
The next morning.
Ringing birds will wake Lin Tianhe Chen Ran heart.
Smelling the humid air, Lin Tian was very happy and washed in a river on the mountain.
Chen Ranxin also went to wash her face. She looked at Lin Tiandao and said, Don’t say anything about yesterday.
Elder sister, I didn’t do anything last night … Lin Tian hurriedly waved.
Chen Ran heart eyes a stare, the threat is obvious …
Lin day dare not say anything, good nod should be.
The sun is shining and the breeze is just right.
Go home Chen Ran heart was slightly red.
Last night, she drank a little too much, and she forgot whether she said something she shouldn’t say or did something she shouldn’t do
It is the first time to spend the night outside with a man, and Chen Ranxin feels a little ashamed at the thought.
Although she came out to work hard very early and has been honed by society, Chen Ranxin is still a very conservative person in her bones.
When Lin Tian saw Chen Ran’s blushing face, he felt even more lovely. Why did he kiss him? Don’t worry, I’m the strictest.
Chen Ranxin took a look at Lin Tian and helped Lin Tian tidy her clothes seriously. At last, she said, Who is better than Yingying?
This is the topic that Lin Tian is most afraid of hearing. He looks slightly stiff and doesn’t know how to answer.
I’m kidding. When I saw this picture of Lin Tian, Chen Ran smiled and had a variety of amorous feelings.
Lin Tian touched his nose awkwardly, but still didn’t dare to answer the words, so as to change the subject: Let’s take the car, Sister Xin, I’ll take the tent, and I’ll do the dirty work.
Chen Ran heart nodded, slowly car, Lin looked at the rising sun for a while, then closed the tent, threw it directly into the trunk, and then sat down on the copilot.
桑拿会所  title=Back to the city! Lin Tian pointed forward, which is full of enthusiasm!
But as soon as the car started, it stopped immediately.
… heart elder sister? What’s the matter? BMW 5 will also be broken? Lin day suddenly feel a little bad, his hunch is very accurate.
Chen Ranxin frowned and looked at it, then turned to Lin Tiandao: It seems that … there is no oil …
Lin Tian almost choked to death on his own saliva. He didn’t understand the car, but he watched it intently for a while and finally said, No way?
Don’t blame Lin Tian for such a big reaction.
This place is in the middle of nowhere. It took Chen Ranxin almost two or three hours to get here, and suddenly there is no oil. How can we get back?
Chen Ranxin tried to start a car again, but the car still moved a little and stopped immediately.
… I’m out of oil Chen Ran heart nai sighed, and it seems that I didn’t expect this.
Yesterday, she rushed back to S city, and there was not much oil left. She experienced some things in the afternoon, which made Chen Ran absentminded and turned out to be forgotten.
is there any other way? Lin Tian doesn’t know much about cars, but he is not mentally retarded, and he can’t run without a car …
It’s okay, I’ll send someone to tow the car. Chen Ran smiled and took out his mobile phone.
Lin, as a little Ann, but for a moment, his smile was bitter.
Because Chen Ranxin praised his mobile phone, he said to Lin Tian, It’s gone …
As the saying goes, the house leaks when it rains all night, and the ship is late and the wind blows. At this moment, Lin Tianhe and Chen Ran feel unlucky to the extreme.
Sister, I am! Lin day immediately way
His cell phone was charged yesterday, and it’s still full, but … Chen Ranxin said, I can’t remember the number, and your cell phone signal is not good. Look, there is no signal.
When Lin Tian saw it, he suddenly flew into a rage!
This is not a fire to Chen Ran, but to his mobile phone.
paralysis! I will never be a cottage again! ….. This is the last lament of Lin Tian.
Two people have no way, good car to the road.
Maybe there will be passing cars there, and there will definitely be oil.
If you go back to S city … Regardless of whether this car is still here, Chen Ranxin and Lin Tian will rest assured that they just can’t stand it when they leave.
It takes at least a whole day to get back to S city. Lin Tian can stand it, but Chen Ran’s heart is not necessarily.
Sitting by the side of the road, Lin Tian sighed: Sister Xin, do we think the car is in the way? Will your BMW 5 explode later?
See more movies. Chen Ranxin adjusted her forehead bangs and turned supercilious look directly.
It’s rare to see Lin Tianyou don’t know what to do, but Chen Ran is in a good mood.
Chatting on the side of the road while waiting for the passing car.
But this place is too far away. Where do ordinary people go here? After waiting for an afternoon, Lin Tianhe and Chen Ran didn’t see the car.
Lin Tiangang wanted to say something, but he heard a grunt
He raised his eyebrows and looked at Chen Ranxin.
Chen Ranxin’s face turned reddish: I’m hungry …
Lin Tianyi zheng, white just what is a purr, he quickly turned and found, finally found a little biscuit.
I brought it earlier and forgot to eat it. Sister Xin should take a bite first.
Chen Ranxin took over.