Also rescue Fu Ze didn’t say much to let the nurse get Ji Hanmo a dress and exchange it for Ji Hanmo to enter the intensive care room.

Early summer and autumn, eyes closed, face pale, lying quietly beside the operating table, surrounded by a circle, the doctor was lying on the other side of the operating table with a blood vessel in his arm, and the bright red blood was lost to the body in early summer and autumn.
Inflammation less pale lips without a trace of blood will soon hold on.
The doctor slapped me! Ji Hanmo said to the doctor that he rolled up his sleeves.
品茶论坛The doctor nodded and told Ji Hanmo to lie down. The nurse came over with a needle and a tube. The needle pricked the blood and slowly flowed along the tube towards the early summer and autumn body.
Inflammation less Liu Fan support slowly from the bed feet just fell to the ground a burst of dizziness, his body a soft slowly to fall.
Less inflammation! Liu Fan exclaimed and put her arms around the inflammation and put it back on the operating table. Come and see the doctor.
Liu Fan anxiously shouted to the doctor
The patient has lost too much blood and is in a coma. There is no danger to take more bloodnourishing food. The doctor quickly came over and gave a check to Yan Shao and said to Liu Fan with a sigh of relief.
Liu Fan a hanging heart finally fell to look at inflammation with a heavy sigh and pushed inflammation out of the intensive care room.
Less inflammation is also fatal. I was so poor and weak that I lost so much blood despite the opposition of doctors and nurses until I finally couldn’t hold on.
Ji Hanmo lay quietly on the operating table and looked at the early summer and autumn with concern.
How much suffering and torture does she have to go through? She has suffered enough. God, don’t torture her again.
Ji Hanmo prayed again and again in his heart that God would be lenient to early summer and autumn so that she could survive this robbery safely.
Slowly, in early summer and autumn, she realized that her body was cold and her temperature was rapidly taken away, and her stomach was sore and her arm was warm, and this warm current slowly flowed into her body and limbs along her arm.
She finally opened her eyes and looked at the overhead light. She was in a trance for a moment. Slowly, a smile and a wry smile rose from her mouth.
It seems that she has entered the emergency room again!
In early summer and autumn, I saw Ji Hanmo’s face with four eyes and a smile on his face.
In early summer and autumn, it was discovered that Ji Hanmo’s arm was inserted with a tube of blood flowing down the tube to his body. It was here that the warm current came. In early summer and autumn, her eyes were touched and guilty. She seemed to have done something wrong and troubled Ji Hanmo again. Today is his wedding.
She always gets him into trouble again and again, and owes him a favor again and again. How can this life be unclear?
The patient’s heart rate and blood pressure have risen, and the bleeding has stopped, the doctor said with surprise.
Great! There was a cheer in the emergency room.
The smile on Ji Hanmo’s face became stronger. In early summer and autumn, he finally pulled back from the ghost door again. The nurse Ji Hanmo pulled out the needle tube and Ji Hanmo jumped out of bed. The nurse reached out and held his arm. You should be careful.
I’m all right Ji Hanmo shook off the nurse’s hand and came to the front of early summer and autumn. Xiao Ning, you get better quickly Ji Hanmo whispered in his ear in early summer and autumn.
Yes, I will get better, said Ji Hanmo with tears in early summer and autumn.
I’m sorry, I can’t be here with you. The wedding is not over yet. Ji Hanmo gently kissed her forehead in early summer and autumn and turned to walk outside.
Tears shed more in early summer and autumn.
She’s really sorry about Ji Hanmo.
I’m sorry I owe you in calligraphy, but I still owe it to my peers. In early summer and autumn, I silently said that a burst of dizziness hit her and she fell into a coma again.
Ji Hanmo came out of the intensive care room and immediately threw his clothes off to Fu Ze.
how about it? How is she? Fu Ze anxiously asked Ji Hanmo.
Don’t worry, she’s all right. Ji Hanmo smiled at Fu Ze, dizzy and slightly pale. Fu Ze seems that I’m going to trouble you to send me back. The wedding banquet is not over yet. I can’t throw Long Jing alone.
Fu Ze didn’t say anything. He nodded slightly and walked outside with Jihanmo.
Fu Ze said to Ji Hanmo by car, You close your eyes and have a rest first. I’ll call you when I get there.
hmm! Ji Hanmo gently closed his eyes and leaned wearily against the car seat.
He is tired.
Long Jing of the hotel sat uneasily in the lounge with a mobile phone in his hand. Now I wonder what happened to Ji Hanmo? I don’t know what happened in early summer and autumn.
There was a knock at the door outside, and Long Jing’s face was pleasantly surprised. She immediately got up and quickly walked to the door and opened it.
Ji Hanmo, you can finally go back …
The last word lai was swallowed back by Long Jing. The outsider was Jianhui, not Jihanmo.
Ji Hanmo is really not? Jianhui looked at Long Jing’s eyes at the door and was angry.
Why should Ji Hanmo treat Long Jing like this? Can you hurt her so casually without love? Jianhui heart rises thick fire.
What can I do for you? Long Jing calm to look at Jianhui lightly asked
Long Jing, I’m sorry I apologized to you for what happened that night. I meant to hurt you. Jianhui took a deep breath and pressed his anger to Long Jing with a face of regret.
I don’t blame you Long Jing shook his head.
She really doesn’t blame Jianhui. It was her love and interests that made the choice. To be precise, she hurt Jianhui. She should say sorry.
Okay, it’s all over.
But my heart really hurts when I see Ji Hanmo doing this to you, Jianhui said bitterly to Long Jing.
Long Jing is a good woman. Why did Ji Hanmo hurt her like this?
Where did he go? Did he really leave you here alone? Jianhuiwei some excitedly asked Long Jing
Do I have to tell you where you and I are going? A cold voice came from behind Jianhui, and Ji Hanmo looked at Jianhui with a cold face.
Jianhui Huo Ran looked back at Jihanmo with pale face.
Long Jing face slowly gave me a smile.
He finally came back. He didn’t leave her alone.
The second watch has come, and the contradiction has begun to escalate. Have you saved the children in early summer and autumn? Read chapter by chapter!