There will be about fifteen thousand foot soldiers in Henan, so I want to divide three battalions. I called the roll in the hall. Brother Jianshou, the first battalion, Boping, you take the second battalion … Uncle Huang, please take the third battalion. I motioned to Huang Dong sitting in the corner and added, Let’s rank all the soldiers at all levels in turn. Do you have any opinions? Of course, the status and treatment of infantry is slightly lower than that of cavalry.

Huang Dong and Cheng Wu suddenly jumped out of the corner if they woke up in two or three steps. Dare to do your best!
Solid … Although HuangFuGu dequeue together, but after bending down to worship, it has been slow to say solid …
Brother Jianshou, don’t have psychological pressure. You have worked in two thousand stone areas. It is not difficult to train thousands of infantry in this area. I encouraged him with a smile.
He lifted his body slightly and said, My father … my father …
I looked at him in silence for a few seconds and sank, It’s my thoughtlessness. Well, brother, if you want to go to Yuzhou suspection.i’ll send Chen to escort you.
I absolutely don’t mean it! Huangfugu was frightened and bowed sharply.
If you are sure to stay, then help me bring some soldiers, Jianshou man. I tapped the case and smiled. You are worried that uncle things may not be so bad.
Yes, he added, Thank you for your letter.
约茶Mr. Yanfang was anxious to get angry just now, so let’s say two words of business. I glanced at Wang Lie, whose face was reddish. Mr. Yan is right. The situation is not so good now. I just wanted to have Shandong counties and countries there, and they came directly to denounce me as’ insane’ and ask for a thief … I held out two fingers to clip up the white silk. But this is all superficial except writing dozens of county governors.
The audience nodded seriously.
Yuan Shao is now dealing with Lu Bu, and I’m afraid Lu Bu won’t be able to support it for too long … and it won’t take too long for us to prepare. I got down to business. Although we have only 20,000 soldiers on our side who have been recruited by the counties themselves, the time is too short, the armor is too short, and there is a serious lack of war experience without training, and Yuan Cao’s allied army has been planning for a long time. Not only are the soldiers wellfed, the treasuries are full of soldiers, the advisers are like a cloud, and the talents are abundant
I think the most important thing to deal with them is … I looked around the hall and everyone slowly said two words Leave!
16 weak stuttering engineer
Gong is a good idea. Jia Xu held it before throwing it at me. But can you tell me how to implement it?
My face tightened and my muscles immediately collapsed. I can’t put it on any more. … then tell me.
First of all, we must understand the personality characteristics of both sides. He pretended to stroke Hu. You have had contact with Yuan Shao and Cao Cao. Why don’t you tell me?
Oh, I replied slightly. Yuan Shao, some aristocratic brothers attach importance to vanity. It seems that coachable is openminded and generous. Otherwise, he is sometimes softeared and sometimes stubborn. It is said that he prefers young Yuan Shang. Maybe we can start with his three sons?
Jia Xu didn’t suggest to me that he squinted at me to continue Where is Cao Cao?
Cao Cao? I rubbed my hands. This person is relatively complicated, with both civil and military skills. Compared with Yuan Shao, it should be said that his abilities in all aspects are slightly better. He is generous, resourceful and decisive, and so on. Generally, he is suspicious and suspicious, but he often makes decisions repeatedly when necessary, and he is ruthless and does not think about the second person! I finally added, He is very lewd! Especially a young wife!
Master learned from? Wang Lie, who is in charge of moral education, questioned me with a straight face.
I waved my hand. Don’t care about these details, Mr. Wen and you?
The public has always had its own vision and is generally very accurate. Jia Xu finally affirmed me Xu will continue to send people to Hebei two States to make some preparations.
What should Sir do? I asked
Get detailed information first, then create some accidents, then fan the flames, and finally sit on the mountain and watch the tiger. He shrugged. You may not be successful in training here, but you can’t stop.
I nodded. Of course I know.
Besides … we can’t just sit back and watch them beg us, can we? He added
Oh, I smiled and turned to Wang Lie. Then please bother Mr. Yanfang to consider an article.
Wang Lie asked intently, Please give me a direction?
Well, I rubbed my hands. It’s not too much about them, but we can scold Yuan Shao and Cao Cao … Oh, we might as well preach our policy of recruiting talents.
I’ll show the master the first draft when I know it. He nodded and took it, which seems to me to be quite brainy.
Thank you, Mr. Hard Work. I encouraged him, and then I couldn’t help complaining thoughtfully. What, except Hua Xin, I haven’t even seen a talented person who took the initiative to go to Wenwu?
Cheng Yu shrugged his shoulders. Maybe they are still on their way.
Jia Xu motioned for me to see the first Han Ji and Wei Ji and asked with a smile, How much do you want?
Well, I didn’t say anything. I left my pie mouth and was about to announce the meeting, but I remembered one thing. By the way, Mr. Wenhe, after searching for information, can you give me a copy of the information of Yuan Shao and Cao Cao’s main subordinates?
This is natural Jia Xu nodded.
Then the meeting is over. I took the lead in getting up with a stroke.
Everyone bowed down and excused themselves.
I went to the side wall map and looked at the vast sky, a little lost in thought.
Jizhou is also very close to Luoyang.
Master? Cheng Wuyin came from one side.
You haven’t left yet? I turned to look at him and asked, Is there anything else?
It’s … there’s something about the master’s brother. He was a little embarrassed.
From the younger brother? I am even more surprised by Xiao Dai?
Er, it’s Ma Jun. He was a little embarrassed.
Oh … what happened to him? I rubbed my nose.
I’ll tell you the truth. He came straight to the point. He’s physically weak, and he hasn’t practiced martial arts since he was a child, and … he also stutters a little … and his comrades are just soso … maybe he’s not suitable for joining the army.
I Zheng and then rub the thinking will be transferred to Ma Jun where appropriate.
If it’s offensive, please forgive me, Cheng Wu probably saw me say nothing and quickly added.