I just read a comment. Many people say that the king of heaven is exaggerating and there is no arry team. At this time, the beach road

It doesn’t make sense. It’s actually quite good for the king to fight, and we saw that the king’s own eskill broke the demon Ji’s reaction, that is, what can you ask of him if the king has it? Herring immediately said
A forest day is not enough, arry, but there’s no way for the other side to have an assassin and a single line of forest days. How can arry kill the demon Ji alone?
It is still possible in the later period, but how could Lin Tian kill the demon Ji alone at that time?
Unless the opposite is an idiot
But the opposite side is obviously not an idiot, and the level of vegetarian food is very high, so it won’t give any opportunities.
Moreover, the development of Lin Tian can’t be said to be too good, and it’s actually quite remarkable that many heads can be beaten like that before.
It can be said that Lin Tian did his best.
That set is really a bit difficult. Team A has too strong suppression ability.
The name of the King of Heaven is too high. Many viewers are rushing for this name, but they don’t know how the name of the King of Heaven came from. They just think that the King of Heaven is very powerful, but they don’t know that the opponent is also very strong. The King of Heaven can beat the opponent with a quick hand, but the game is not 11. Zhou Shiyun said
Several people chatted for a while and played a game, then they saw that the players on both sides had done well.
After a good set of things, let’s not talk about it. The horse will bring us the second race. Both sides are already ready and have entered the banp interface, said herring at this time
The two sides changed places.
The Z team is on the red side and the A team is on the blue side.
Team a is the first team to ban, and the first team didn’t even think about ban directly, Devon.
In the face of Z team, no team wants to put a hero, that is, Dreven.
Lin Tian saw that the hero was forced to give a wry smile by ban. There was nothing he could do.
The first hand of Z team ban is still a card.
You can give the other hero card, but you won’t give the vegetarian card. It’s really powerful and a weak hero on the opposite line, but vegetarian dishes can be oppressive.
Z team ban dropped the card, and it felt as expected that the two cards were not released. The herring was somewhat complicated
The hero will think of China when he has been to the card
At that time, other heroes did not say that the national card was really powerful, which caused problems for many people, such as the North American team and even the South Korean team, which was also very quick to ban the card.
Now, speaking of this hero herring again, I can’t think of which country’s players play particularly well at the moment.
On the contrary, those North American French kings and South Korean French kings play very well, and their new generation of players will also play very well
However, Dan, a national star, is not so partial to this hero, and occasionally it is also a team.
Wellknown retired players talked about this hero in the live broadcast.
It’s the favorite hero of the older generation of professional players, but no one plays here.
桑拿会所  title=This has to be said to be a pity
Let’s look at the A team ban people. Zhou Shiyun did not find the herring unusual.
Although Zhou Shiyun is also very good at playing, it is not from the earliest, that is to say, there is no such plot.
The herring immediately recovered. Team A’s secondhand ban dropped the virtual hiding beast, and it was still one of the two powerful wild players, one ban, one blue one.
It seems that Team A wants to take the spider and let’s take a look at Team Z … Sure enough, Team Z didn’t play according to the routine, but Team Z dropped the revenge spear. At that time, Team Z passed this routine, regardless of whether the metal and the captain ban an opponent first.
Yes, I still remember that game.
Z team banp is very interesting to do every time, and it can also take advantage of some things. Look at team A’s skill as a choice.
ban lost the captain, so it seems that both sides have one in each ban. This black technology is best not to be released in BO5 because this hero is out of control.
But this kind of hero often carries special abilities.
Sure enough, the Z team ban dropped the metal. The metal in China is weakened, but it can also be that Kindred is very powerful.
Now there is no Kindred. Otherwise, the purple side might even deliberately keep one hand on the spider and the virtual hiding beast, but they are still very strong. When the time comes, the three wild players will be very strong, and the purple side will not suffer so much.
Team A got the spider first hand, a hero. Team A really loves spiders and is very keen on them.
When choosing the virtual hiding beast and the spider, they will take the spider directly and will not consider the virtual hiding beast.
The Z team took Chandeleus and AC Jin Kesi as a second hand.
Team a takes people faster, and directly takes out Shan Jianji and AC ice on the second and third floors after a meal!
Snow pea, the hero, has already had a chance after redoing.
It turns out that although the ice is not bad, it is mainly because one of her legs is short and the other is injury.
It turns out that in addition to the big move, the ice is a damage skill Q, slowing down and consuming blue E skill vision.
Some preice attack methods depend on a single alignment period.
Now, the ice Q skill is also an output skill, and the arrow rain has a high damage.
Yes, it has been weakened, but it is still very strong. Naturally, I don’t have to say much about my vision, but I can still get one at no cost.
Generally speaking, a change in skills has given Bing Bing a chance.
However, the ice was still chopped at the back. Now it can’t be said that it is too strong, but because of the big move and the extra Q skills now, the ice can shine in the competition.
Of course, it is still at some point.
Seeing each other take out the ice Z team was a little unexpected, but fortunately, the Z team auxiliary hasn’t chosen yet. Seeing each other as an ice fat, Morgana immediately came to the scene and took out the widow while playing wild.
Morgana, a hero, is a great trick to speed up the epidemic of ice.
The heroes of Team A’s last two hands are Zhongda Casadin and auxiliary Nami.
Anyway, if the other party is blue, you must take out the bill early.
And the Z team immediately chose the last hand, which is a single hand.
Single robbery in Meng Fan!