Just as Francis felt that his brain was chaotic, he was cut and roared, flying over his head and flying towards the death soldier. At the same time, some pieces of meat flew from the beginning, and the old soldier made a clever move and found himself able to move again.
Looking back at Francis, I realized that Bridget had thrown a big sword with both hands and solved the problem by herself. Taking this opportunity, Francis held up his left hand and inserted the shield, which was three meters high and nearly two meters wide, into the passage.
After all this, Francis managed to get up his strength and finally finished his consumption. The old soldier immediately slammed into the floor and completely passed out.
Oh, we can still die together! Bridget gave a sad smile and held Yang Long in her arms. After throwing a big sword in the passage, the girl also exhausted her physical strength and lost all her resistance.
Gently touching Yang Long’s handsome face, Bridget ignored it and quickly jumped into the undead. She looked at her heart and her face seemed to be constant, and her heart was peaceful and peaceful without any fear or timidity.
There was a huge roar, and suddenly the warning sounded. At the same time, Bridget’s head jumped back and forth. Two thieves in leather armor with inscriptions will kill the undead. Miss, I finally found you!
Mechanical looked up to talk to the thief Bridget silly leng after a while fiercely hold arms Yang Long tears stream down to people’s ears almost nerve repeatedly chanting bin we are not dead! Bin us
On the other side, another strong battle is about to break out in the cave of time.
NO23 Bronze Dragon Roars
If there is no external invasion, every second here can be changed every year, and every second can be changed every year. For this reason, most members of the Bronze Dragon Corps are still in the juvenile and juvenile stages, but they can change their bodies and have humanoid bodies.
The number of adult dragons in Azeroth Five Se Dragon Corps is only one ten thousandth of the total population. Each of these powerful dragons has experienced nearly ten thousand years of natural growth before it finally grows into an adult dragon with great power.
However, the bronze dragons in the cave of time only occupy a small part of its population, because there are less than ten adult dragons in the present world, and most of them have their own missions and work hard to maintain the present world in the past and future.
Claudom is one of the few adult dragons in this world. An adult bronze dragon is only two thousand years old. Claudom has been able to skillfully use the secret technique of time to travel through various times to complete the bronze dragon king and give them an early order.
Maybe it was the longlost bronze dragon king except Claudom who knew that this young and powerful warrior had strayed into a strange place while traveling. He had a very interesting life under the pseudonym Claude.
It is precisely because of this strange experience that Claudom actually doesn’t agree with the socalled fate that the bronze dragon controls the fate of other creatures, but the ridiculous reality that he knows his own fate makes Claudom very unwilling.
It is for this reason that he will find an excuse to violate the bronze dragon king and arrange a good way for him to take over the surveillance that belongs to Crodomy. In the future, he knows that there is no invasion of the time cave, and he has to experience it himself, which is not in the future, to change his uncertain fate.
However, Claudom doesn’t know that sometimes changing fate is actually in the fate link. Since it starts in the river of fate, how can we struggle to escape the influence of the river of fate, even until the plaything disappears?
Just when the three Bridgets were rescued by reinforcements, Claudom, the bronze dragon of Time Cave, had been quietly watching the time chain for a long time, but strangely, what happened in Lordaeron did not show up in the time chain.
It looks very relaxed. In fact, Claudom is always on the alert. He leans against the corner of the cave. Apart from occasionally raising his eyes and glancing at the light band, he gently hums a strange tune. His hands are gently patting the sword body with his hands across his knees.
Oh, what a chat! Claudom looked up at the tens of thousands of light bands that were constantly fluttering, and there was a sense of remembrance in his eyes. It seemed that he remembered something long ago. What kind of fate would it be if I were not a bronze dragon but a human professional?
While hating the fate brought by the bronze dragon identity, on the other hand, I am proud of monitoring the fate of others by myself. This is the true portrayal of Claudom’s heart, and this is also the idea shared by most bronze dragons. Some bronze dragons, such as Claudom, are very happy with their fate, and only in it can they stop caring about the fog of their own destiny.
Just as Claudom rediscovered his identity and was distressed, a flickering chaotic black hole suddenly appeared on the ground of the cave. A strong orc warrior with a height of more than three meters stepped out with a huge axe with two hands.
Claudom didn’t expect this to happen. At that time, he just stood in the same place and looked at the scene where Claudom was shocked by the orc warrior. The scene became very happy when both the strong men stayed in the cave at the same time.
I I āo! The orc warrior grimaced and turned into a bitter gourd face with his mouth wide open for a while before he called out the 13th order adult bronze dragon? Intelligence is not to say that there are three nineorder baby dragons!
However, compared with the shock of the orc warrior, Claudom’s consternation is even deeper. Since he is waiting here, he will be fully prepared to meet the strong enemy. Even if he can’t resist the eternal dragon, he will not be so rude as he is now.
Because in Claudom’s imagination, the appearance of adventurers may not mean that he is taken for granted or too arrogant, but that he is in the secular time of fate. These strange and powerful professionals should still be in the sealed state of body consciousness.
This orc is violating the law and fate!
品茶论坛Green adventurer? That’ll be the day! You are not Claudom was stunned by this subversive phenomenon, but the core members of the Bronze Dragon Corps are just new members, but he quickly reacted No, you are from the future? !”
Claudom has also met adventurers from the future to the past in his life for thousands of years, helping the Bronze Dragon Corps maintain historical order and stability. There are many adventurers who are extremely powerful.
Even Claudom himself met a large number of adventurers who came to help him in the process of maintaining historical order not long ago, and had a short friendship with several of them for more than ten years.
However, due to the limitation of time law, the time hole located in the central hub of the whole Azeroth timeline is attached to the Azeroth world, but it is outside the Azeroth world
Here, although time represents the earthly moment, it is at the beginning and end of the river of destiny. It is definitely not only the strong strength that can enter the adventurer’s presence that makes Claudom lose his heart.
What are you waiting for? Not yet! Claudio hit home the story. The strong orc seems to have thought of something. With a look of fear and panic, he shouted and jumped high in place and came at Claudio, a humanoid.
Wait a minute, your appearance will cause embarrassment to this world! After a quick shout, Claudom suddenly noticed something that seemed to dodge to one side. Unfortunately, after all, it was too slow to move, and a bunch of sparks suddenly burst out at the neck, and then some blood flowed slowly along the neck.
A vaguely tall figure just showed his figure five or six meters away from Claudom’s left hand, and then suddenly disappeared again, and then a deadly killing move flashed towards the bronze dragon’s left eye
Claudom was completely awake at this time when he was suddenly attacked. Although he didn’t know that the adventurer appeared, the killing of so many young dragons showed that the adventurer came with malice. In this case, he would not show mercy.
PSST instant just want to know everything Claudom ignored the burning pain in the neck, but took a deep breath gently. A powerful and cohesive force emerged from his male blood J and jīng spirit, which was not thick and swollen in all directions.
In less than a blink of an eye, Claudom chajīnged from a male blood j and ng spirit to an adult dragonshaped creature. That invisible deadly trick was hitting the dragon’s body, which was still expanding. An undead creature emerged from the air and flew backwards for some distance, and then firmly fell to the ground.
Oh, no, this is trouble! Na Ba, an undead creature, made a clear speech when he disappeared. He is also a powerful adventurer.
This adventurer will be recognized as an undead creature because he looks like a zombie, his whole body is not an inch intact, and his limbs and muscles are also swaying. Because of longterm exposure, his dark bones are not involved in muscle tendons, so he can be smoothly connected to the same white bones.
When the undead adventurer was shot away for a second, the orc warrior had already crossed a distance of tens of meters and was severely chopped in the bronze dragon body that had expanded and stretched for more than 100 meters, but was still growing and returning to its original shape.
Harsh metal friction reminds me that Long Lin, the size of a pingpong table, was finally cut into a huge dragon’s blood with a length of two meters, a width of 30 centimeters and a depth of nearly one meter after a long string of sparks broke out. Don’t splash out money to drench the orc soldier.
However, such an injury is not worth a crow Dom for an adult dragon’s body. It finally swelled to 50 meters high and 200 meters long before it stopped to shrink in the flank of the body. The orc warrior was like a stone stuck in the Long Lin axe and could not catch it. It was directly slapped out.