Even amateur players may blow a world wave in the game.

Lu Wenbin still hasn’t been strictly guarded by Baotou Steel No.1 Middle School after more than 2 minutes in the football field and a goal can’t be said.
They regard Lu Wenbin as an ordinary high school forward player with faster speed and better dribbling.
So it’s not surprising that they were once again attacked by Lu Wenbin. Xiaoyan Duzai is looking for kuuně, a cool network.
In the fourth minute, Lu Wenbin got another good chance. He quickly counterattacked and forced the opposing defender to panic. A foul in the restricted area was awarded a penalty by the referee.
Lu Wenbin easily scored this penalty and scored twice. Meijiang Middle School 2 was ahead of Baotou Steel No.1 Middle School in Mongolia.
Shortly after Lu Wenbin scored the penalty, the referee blew the whistle at the end of the half-game, and Meijiang Middle School entered the halftime with a score of 2.
According to Zhang Hai’s plan, as long as you can qualify for the group stage, you don’t need to win every game
If you want to get a two-goal lead, you can consider changing people and retaining the physical strength of the main players in the next game.
Anyway, there are 25 people on the senior high school league list, and there are 5 substitution places in each game.
Even if we drop a few places at halftime, there is still room for manoeuvre.
So after the 15-minute intermission, Meijiang Middle School took the lead in substitution adjustment. You Ming, Han Dapeng and a central defender were replaced, leaving Nie Yingkun and Lu Wenbin as the main offensive players in the frontcourt.
After the start of the half-time game, I saw that Meijiang Middle School changed three substitutes at halftime, and the players in Baotou Steel No.1 Middle School were furious and attacked to a greater extent at halftime, trying to score early to teach the arrogant Meijiang Middle School a lesson.
Perhaps it is Meijiang Middle School’s shrinking defensive attitude that gives them the impression that Meijiang Middle School has been weak.
Let them dare to continue to attack without paying attention to prevent Lu Wenbin from fighting back.
So they wantonly attacked and gave Lu Wenbin more opportunities.
In the 59th minute, Baotou Steel’s No.1 middle school shot was saved by the goalkeeper Yu Yuanhang. Meijiang Middle School defender Bigfoot cleared the ball and fell near the middle circle.
Lu Wenbin and an opposing midfielder jumped up for the header. With better physique and bounce, Lu Wenbin occupied a favorable position and headed the ball to Ding Lixin, a midfielder on the substitute field.
Then Lu Wenbin landed and immediately turned and rushed to Baotou Steel No.1 Middle School.
Ding Lixin didn’t dare to take the ball wave with Lu Wenbin’s speed and breakthrough level.
Therefore, after receiving the ball, he gave the ball to Nie Yingkun, who pulled the ball to the side, without waiting for the other player to steal it.
Nie Yingkun took two steps forward and saw Lu Wenbin running through the ball and running into the gear, and then he was a straight plug.
This foot Nie Yingkun had a high water straight plug.
Lu Wenbin caught the ball behind the last central defender of the other team and then turned to the penalty area to face the goalkeeper directly.
Another single knife
As a last resort, the goalkeeper of Baotou Steel No.1 Middle School can attack and minimize Lu Wenbin’s shooting angle.
However, as soon as he moved Lu Wenbin, he decisively shot 1414. No one interfered with the shooting. Lu Wenbin shot the ball and went straight to the right corner.
Chapter 62 Tracking observation
Seeing Lu Wenbin shooting halfway, the goalkeeper had to temporarily change his center of gravity and pounce on the right.
But when his finger was still a long way from the ball path, the ball stuck to the turf and went into the corner of the goal.
Lu Wenbin scored a hat trick and helped Meijiang Middle School 3 lead Baotou Steel No.1 Middle School in Mongolia.
It was not until then that the players in Baotou Steel No.1 Middle School were startled to find out where Meijiang Middle School was a weak team.
The score is 3. It’s a one-sided game to get the score. Okay.
And Lu Wenbin, who performed a hat trick, finally caught everyone’s eye.
Even those bystanders, Tianjin No.9 Middle School teachers and students, who just laughed at the opening of Meijiang Middle School, cowered and defended, gave their hands.
After this goal, Lu Wenbin finally enjoyed the treatment he deserved. He was followed by the back waist of Baotou Steel No.1 Middle School for close attention.
桑拿But it’s too late.