Brother Chen’s reaction is not very surprised,Lin Tianfu, who listened to their conversation behind, exclaimed,He really wanted to run over and pull Duan Junjian and say,I did this job!

“Be a martial arts teacher?”
“This sounds good,Not at one hundred middle-grade Qi Gathering Pills。”
“Since Tianwu Dojo is a place for martial arts,,There should be a lot of cheats and combat skills,I can also learn the knowledge of cultivation systematically。”
Chen Xiu is really moved,But he knows his identity is fake,Duan Junjian’s invitation may not be so sincere。
“Don’t rush to reject him,Wait for me to reach Baiyun City,Take a look at how the cultivation ecology of the big city of the Great Zhou Kingdom is talking about。”
Chen Xiu smiled:“Duan Brothers,This is a big deal,Let me think about it for a few days。”
“Not urgent,It’s still a few days away from Baiyun City,Brother Chen can consider slowly;If still can’t decide,In Baiyun City, there is also a branch venue of our Tianwu Daochang,But Brother Chen can visit our temple before making a decision。”
“So good。”
The conversation between the two ended in a friendly atmosphere,Let go,The team is moving forward。
In the carriage,Duan Junjian is waving a few splashes of ink,After a while, Chen Xiu’s appearance was already on paper,Handed it to Jinfeng and said:“Jin Lao immediately sent people back to Qingmu County,Check his background!”
Don’t look at Duan Junjian’s really bad skills,Dan Qing is really good,Chen Xiu’s charm is drawn vividly on paper with just a few strokes。
“Little Lord,You are afraid of him lying?”
“How can I believe in people so easily!”
Duan Junjian sneered:“I saw Chen Xiu was not injured just now,It’s not time to turn face,It’s just a donkey。We can deal with him after finding out his foundation!”
“understood,I’ll let someone send the portrait back。”