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"But …" He smiled and said, "It’s not convenient to take off your jeans tonight."

A pair of "Long En mighty" tone.
Jing’ an Jiu is flat, and he doesn’t know what to say. He can lock his tight body with his eyes closed and try to ignore the noise he made.
Han Mobai looked at the thin blanket, and she trembled slightly, and the corners of her mouth smiled more strongly, and then … she threw the jeans out of the thin blanket.
"Well," he lay flat again and sighed "what a relief."
Jing Anjiu "…"
Still with your eyes closed
Pretend to sleep, pretend to sleep at the head office, right
Fortunately, Han Mo didn’t do anything after taking off his pants for nothing.
Jing Anjiu also secretly relieved and then … maintained that posture and fell asleep in a daze.
When the sky in the east was slightly white, although it was very high last night, many people in the camp had got up because of their youthful energy. There were photos taken by the bridge and they were ready to go to the scenic spot to watch the scenery and chat.
It’s a little loud
Tent Jing ‘an Jiu frowned and gradually woke up from the chaos.
First she yawned, then she tried to stretch, only to find that she couldn’t move, as if she were trapped by someone.
As soon as I opened my eyes, there was a white chest in front of me. Her face was half-faced, and his arm was resting on the back of her head.
Her hands were still around his waist, and she was held tightly in her arms by his two arms, and they formed a face-to-face hug posture.
Yu’s legs are also closely intertwined with him. Because there is no drowsiness in the knee, she can clearly feel the … Mao Mao stabbing feeling in his calf.
It belongs to a man. Legs feel different from their own smoothness.
Jing Anjiu realized this and felt that his scalp was going to explode. His first thought was whether he secretly took advantage of himself in the middle of the night.
Smelly rascal!
Section 74
Jing ‘an Jiu gnashed her teeth and secretly raised her head only to find that Han Mobai was still asleep with her eyes closed.
She was so shy that she could put him around her arm and then take back her hands and legs. Who knows …
The waist suddenly came across a big hand. Jing Anjiu exclaimed that a whole person had been caught back in his arms again.
The tip of the nose hit his chest. It hurts!
Jing’ an grinned and reached out and pushed his mouth desperately and shouted, "What do you want!"
"jiujiu" Han Mobai hugged her slender waist and said with a smile, "My arm is sore. Are you leaving now when you wake up?"
"What do you mean?" Jing’ anjiu looked at him in surprise.
"In the middle of the night, you kept shouting’ Great White’ and’ Great White’ … and then you came and hugged me," Han Mobai explained.
Jing Anjiu thought that her big bed was full of toys and her face quickly burst into red.
It’s true that when she goes to bed at night, she’s used to holding things to fall asleep. Her favorite is the simple and fat one because she thinks it’s the most comfortable to hold … It also has a "white" word.
"Do you take advantage of me by wearing so little?" Korean ink white added
"Uh …" Jing Anjiu’s embarrassment depends on his arms and limbs being stiff, and his mind is a little dull and he can’t make a move. "That … I … I’ll get up now."
"But no, anyway, I’m your boyfriend. It’s all right to take advantage of it." Han Mo said with a white arm around her waist.
品茶Jing’ an Jiuhao Koo blinks.
So is she thanking him for his generosity now?
Before she thought of Bai Han Mo Bai, she suddenly said, "I’ll just take it back."
"ah? ….. Well, "JingAn nine didn’t react at all, and the whole person was suddenly pushed down, followed by Han Mobai, who pressed her down and kissed her lip unceremoniously.
Compared with last night’s two kisses, his kiss was more overbearing this time, holding her in one hand and fixing her waist and thin lips with the other hand, rubbing her lips tightly and sucking the kiss, and it didn’t take long to pick up her teeth and attack strongly.
Shy uvula was pestered by him and tried to avoid it in circles, but he followed her conveniently and swept a corner of her mouth, forcing her to retreat. Finally, she was able to collapse and bite her uvula again, sucking and kissing.
He pressed her whole body until the kiss was over, but some of them missed her and refused to leave. Her lips were all pecked at her mouth and her waist was rubbed back and forth. Because pajamas were two pieces, her white skin was exposed when she gently rubbed her waist.
Very thin and slippery …
Han Mobai first paused and then took his hand back.
Although there are aspirations, after all, neither of them is an adult yet, especially since she knows nothing …
Han Mo grinned at the corners of her mouth and finally propped herself up to lie next to her. Then she put her arms around her and asked softly, "Are you scared by me?"
Jing’ an Jiu’s face flushed and he gasped for air with his small mouth in his arms. He still couldn’t get back to God in that deep kiss just now.
Finally breathing smoothly looked up and saw Han Mobai looking at his dark eyes as if they had been dyed with light, and there was a kind of unspeakable pleasure in her brow.
Big hands again and again, she patted her back gently, just like when she saw her mother putting her sister to bed before.
"Good" Han Mobai took a deep breath to loosen her "It’s more than seven o’clock, get up and have dinner"
Then he opened the thin blanket and took the pants, so he went over, opened the door and climbed out.
Jing’ an Jiutou didn’t dare to lift it until the tent door was pulled by him again. Then he slowly sat up and took the clothes and changed it.
But soon she suddenly stopped again.
How does Xiao Bai know that it’s already seven o’clock?
Him! Gang! Only! Pretend! Sleep!
Han Mobai put on his pants and opened the outside door and went out.
The soft land smells the fresh air of the mountains in the morning and looks at the sparkling lake in the distance. There seems to be a smell of food in the air, and the whole person is physically and mentally comfortable.
He really didn’t bring anything this time, including his mobile phone and wallet, and all of them were thrown into the car outside the scenic spot.
The purpose is naturally not to be disturbed, to get along well with his little girl, to determine each other’s minds and to determine their love.
Obviously, his goal has been achieved now, and the next step is to get the consent of the future father-in-law
After breakfast, everyone is ready to return.