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This is how the second Xiaoyan asked me to sign the property transfer for Wenlu.

Li Yu smoke is a gloomy face. "I just want to beat her! Hit it hard! This process makes me feel very cool. I just like to see her unable to get up! "
I couldn’t help staring at her.
She turned out to be more abnormal and crazy than Xiaoyan.
Xiaoyan hates me, too, but she dares to give me the medicine quietly and encourage Master Ye to start work on me.
桑拿网Li Yuyan directly used various means to shoot me if you want to, and beat me if you want to.
Also, she is Miss Li’s family and the most powerful girl in the circle now. No wonder she is so arrogant.
Li Yuyan leaned forward slightly and looked disdainful at me. "I wonder if you will threaten me with a cheap mouth."
I secretly think about it.
This is an interrogation room full of her people, and I’m sure I can’t escape.
How can I go to this fight?
Another time, she shot me directly. Why did she use such a roundabout way to deal with me this time?
This move of hers made me tremble with fear.
Section 11
Something was wrong with my intuition, so I stared at her warily and never came out again.
She raised her bar and said to the policeman in the house, "Let’s do it."
Several policemen approached me together, and the baton lights in their hands were particularly dazzling.
If I don’t respond, a few sticks will hit me together, and my body will almost numb as soon as I kneel down.
They started beating people without saying anything.
My first reaction was to see Li Yu’s smoke when I was lying prone on my head.
She smiled at me with her legs crossed, and her expression was very enjoyable.
The second stick fell again and hit me on the back this time.
When my back hurts, I feel almost broken there.
But even so, I bit my lip to keep myself from screaming.
It’s that kind of taste that is too uncomfortable. Besides the pain, I feel numb, which makes me numb all over.
I can’t get up for a long time, and I can’t even move my fingers.
Until this time, I finally understood that Li Yuyan didn’t begin at first.
She is going to keep me tormented slowly.
I feel like my head is all wood.
Li Yuyan called the police to stop. "How do you want to press the handprint on this side?"
She pointed to the paper that I had just thrown.
I was so miserable that I was dying. My eyes were misty and I looked at her and saw her red mouth open and closed.
It took me a long time to understand what she said. Of course I can’t promise.
She is not annoyed that it is cool tunnel "then continue to play"
My heart is horrified.
If I get another stick, I don’t think I can bear it
But my brain has turned a little, and I want to make a deal with her, but I opened my mouth and found that my voice was blocked by a stone and I couldn’t say a word.
Just then someone came in and said something to Li Yuyan’s ear.
I vaguely heard that Ye Er was missing.
This refreshed me.
I gritted my teeth to keep myself calm.
I must not lose consciousness at this time.
Li Yuyan seemed very excited and almost got out of the wheelchair, but she took a deep breath and turned to ask Wen Lu behind her, "Am I ugly? Do I look embarrassed without makeup today? "
Chapter 1 Ask your family
I was stuck.
It turned out that she was not excited or flustered by Ye Xiangyuan’s coming to save me, but worried about her makeup.
Is it afraid that you are not good enough before Ye Xiangyuan?
Wen Lu comforted her, "Sister Li’s plain face is also very beautiful."
Li Yu smoke frowned. "Give me some lipstick! Quick! "
In fact, her lips are red, and her pale face looks a little scary.
But Wen Luxian didn’t dare to rub lipstick on her again and threw a layer of powder on her.
I looked at her makeup on my stomach and suddenly felt some sympathy for her.
Maybe she really likes Ye Xiangyuan.
A woman who likes herself is just trying to please Ye Xiangyuan.
Of course, she is cruel and cruel, and her rudeness has made me suffer enough. I will never forgive her.