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I nodded again.

This time, the soldiers asked first, "You said the Snow Queen is our mother?"
I nodded for the third time.
Wu Bing shook his head and glanced at Chris again and asked, "Elegant brother, I think you should introduce the Princess Pupil Hall to us again."
约茶I coughed twice. "Of course, did I say this myself or did you introduce yourself?"
Chris: Oh, no, it should be said that Chris and Pupil got up together. Kristin spoke first. "I’m Chris and Pupil, which can be said to be one body and two souls, and I can transform my body like this." Chris said that her body suddenly glowed, and it didn’t take a second to show that there was another kind of beauty in front of everyone, perseverance and strength, which was completely different from Chris’s weakness and gentleness, and my four brothers and sisters cried out in unison. Rain sighed, "I’m still the most beautiful sister in the world. I didn’t expect Princess Pupil to have
Wu Bing realized that he had stayed for a long time and looked at me awkwardly. I said, "The so-called reason is that when I first saw the pupil, my reaction was more intense than yours!"
Accompanied by everyone laughing happily!
※※※※※※※※※ I said goodbye to the Snow Queen (later called the Snow Queen, because the music has already crossed the boundary) and returned to Feiyang Liancheng with all my brothers. We have been away for more than a month, and I don’t know what Liancheng is like now.
The truth always likes to make people feel surprised. When I returned to Liancheng, I found Liancheng was a little run down. I felt that my sister and I were in a dark fire here. How could this happen here?
I hurried to the Chamber with everyone and found that there was no one here. What’s the matter? I sent a message to Dark Fire and found out that he didn’t do it. None of these people did it. It’s nothing, but I found that my sister didn’t do it either. This is no ordinary problem, because I know that my sister, like me, entered the hibernating warehouse and couldn’t leave casually. Then she must have something very important and urgent to leave, so she didn’t inform the Snow Queen, and I’m sure it happened in reality, otherwise my sister wouldn’t suddenly leave.
I told everyone my analysis results, and everyone thought it was possible and very possible. What should I do? Am I following the line, too But we brothers don’t know how to fix our thoughts in the game at the beginning. It’s not that we can return to reality by taking off our game helmets in reality. Maybe we are completely separated from our bodies now.
I’m worried. I’m trying to find my sister’s hand. After all, it’s impossible for everyone in the game to leave, right? One by one, because I am the president, I can directly call up the guild list, and I can also directly find out that someone is offline, but there are too many millions of people, and it is impossible for me to look at this list one by one, and this list doesn’t have the search function like the general information software. This is the most depressing place. How long does it take me to look at 100 people in one second? 1 second = 166 minutes = 27 hours. It’s a pity that I can’t read ten in a second, which is 27 hours. When I finish reading it, it’s dark. I still send it to those powerful family members in the old way, but the result still makes me feel that they are not online, and as soon as the information is sent out, just tell me that they are not online in a second.
Waiting is a hard job, and the six of us have to reorganize payon Liancheng. If we are lucky, it should be my sister. It hasn’t been long since they left, because no one has come to attack the city at this time. If it is not easy to attack the city at this time, it is not easy to lead a loose sand, such as fighting with others.
Lin Bing personally went to each squad leader, and the rules of disease were used to sort out payon’s anti-armed forces and manage Liancheng’s real soldiers. Now I think it is his own guild, but the Lin Bing guild was almost established by one person, and the people inside are experienced people. Even if Lin Bing doesn’t, he can handle everything. I am really inferior to Lin Bing.
In this issue, I took Chris to the palace, Tok Darcy, surprised, angry, surprised, and hesitated until finally Nai acquiesced that his daughter and another woman who also liked me made the same physical reality. In this issue, Jasmine’s mouth almost fell off, which was the most attractive thing. Usually, this guy was calm, but this was the first time to see her shocked.
After about half a day, everything returned to normal, but the information I sorted out made me frown, because the number of members in my guild was actually reduced by half. They were not the line, but they wanted to know that members had to deduct money when they retired, and these half of them had to withdraw money at the same time. On the other hand, the experience of Fei Yang Liancheng almost collapsed. Although they got one billion, where did almost no one come to Fei Yang Liancheng’s iron man businessman go?
Chapter ii betrayal
Chris clung to my hand and tried to pull me back, but I didn’t want to see something I never imagined being auctioned in front of the Iron Man auction. This is a dark fire assassin suit’ blood bath’, and since it is auctioned here, it can prove that the dark fire was defeated and robbed, and it was sold under certain conditions. It’s nothing, but I also saw another auction thing, my sister’s staff, which was specially made by the Iron Man for her sister, and it was worthless and had no auction value. But now the auction is the same, plus Fei Yang Liancheng. I don’t hesitate to admit that the Iron Man betrayed us.
"Silk pupil, don’t pull me. I want to see if some of our brothers dare to bully the door." With a swing of the hand, Chris broke free and took out the leader’s flame sword, the orc hero shield. A sultry atmosphere immediately appeared around him. People immediately found out that something was wrong and consciously flashed into the distance.
I shouted at the door, "call the iron man out!" "
More than a dozen people walked out of the auction quickly. From the appearance, almost all of them are top figures in three turns, and they should all reach LV9 level. There are sharpshooters, knight lords, holy crusaders, magical craftsmen, super-magic tutors and magical officials. At first glance, they know that this group of people is specially designed to kick the pavilion. From the perspective of professional cooperation, this is almost a standard battle queue.
The first craftsman said, "Who are you? Do you know what this place is?"? This is the exclusive merchant association of Fengyun Alliance. How dare you make trouble here? "
"I, you, the fucking alliance, you, Cong, call Iron Man to see me or I’ll smash this place."
God craftsman sneered, "What are you? You don’t know what occupation you are. Brothers, clean up this guy." Behind the God craftsman, the knight Lord left laughing and took out a sword bigger than others. I know that this is a knight Lord’s sword, but today I am not a former blue-smoked traveler. Thanks, I have a person I don’t know myself.
I sneer at the rapid rotation of the two right hands, and the leader’s flame sword is pressed by heat waves to them. At this time, they realize that something is wrong. It was far away just now, but now they clearly feel that the sword in my hand has a burst of heat waves and has prepared a fighting posture.
"Hum Yi, can I help you?"
I knew the pupil when I heard this. Of course, if I need her help, I won’t be able to see the first few people at all, but I’m eager to find someone to ask the pupil. They must be killed immediately.
"No, help me take care of Chris …" "And be careful yourself!"
Ignoring the strange eyes of the pupil, everyone exclaimed that I disappeared and reappeared in the line of sight. A sharp pain in the throat of my knight Lord caused the knight Lord to squat down with his hands over his neck. I disappeared again. At the moment, there was a super magic teacher’s side without a sword. Without a sound, a poor magic teacher exploded, and the whole person went to the magic teacher’s line. The explosion caused the team to stop thinking for a short time. This instant suddenly jumped on the god officer, although he was a lovely woman. Child, but at this moment, if I don’t kill the Death Officer and let her unite with the Crusaders of the Temple, it’s killing and killing. I’ll throw out the The Hunger Ring to keep a few people awake from glaring outside, so that the God Officer almost forgot to supplement his health. Unfortunately, this God Officer’s career is not praise, but fighting God Officer’s blood is a little more than my unique skill [flame chop]. Even if there is a little health left, The Hunger Ring can’t resist the recovery of knight lords and knights.
At this time, I heard a voice in my heart, "Idiot, can’t you be bloody?"
"What about the blood soul?"
"It was a fool." Lan Xun gave me the blood-soul method as soon as he finished speaking. I immediately woke up and remotely controlled the The Hunger ring and returned to my hand. I mused that the blood-soul hand The Hunger ring changed immediately. Gradually, The Hunger cyclized a fog of blood and red fog, and my center quickly spread away. Knight lords and the Templar Crusaders first rushed into the blood fog, and then heard two screams and saw two figures fall in the blood fog. Except for the original god officer who was not far away from me, none of them dared to break into the blood fog.
I know the blood fog very well in my heart, because the blood fog is like my hand. Just now, two people have been punched by me for hundreds of times in a row, and what super health is also finished, while the god officer is unscathed but can’t move. I slowly approached the god officer, and I want to know what happened.
Chris was in trouble when I questioned the God Officer. When the gang couldn’t get into The Hunger, they asked Chris to trouble the craftsmen, marksmen and several second-round figures who came later to surround Chris.
God craftsman said, "Tell your friends to hand us back quickly or you will have no good results."
At this time, the pupil showed her stunning appearance, and she looked at the blurred pupil roots in the eyes of all people, and they were shocked by not even fighting.
"Does this little brother know where your president Iron Man is?"
The craftsman said foolishly, "He went to Alcatraz."
And I also asked it out in the fog of blood. The god officer was scared, but what did I ask? She immediately answered, what did the Iron Man go to Alcatraz? Not only did he go to my sister, but also several big guilds went. What happened?
I bought the dark fire suit "blood bath" and my sister’s staff directly, and informed the disease about the general situation. I immediately rushed to Alcatraz with Chris. I remember that Alcatraz was just an island when I went to Syracuse for more than a month. How did everyone get there?
When I arrived at Alcatraz with questions, I found that there were more people here than Dream Rock. These people stuck to Alcatraz like soldiers, and everyone who entered needed an ID card.
Chapter III Enemies
As the saying goes, accidents always happen every second, and I see them. I never thought of a few people. Lan Fengyun and the girl who once made me sad, Zhang Xian, saw them far away. I couldn’t help looking back at them immediately. I didn’t want them to see me. Chris found out that I was wrong, but Chris never asked me, but her eyes were different.
"Who is that girl? Your ex-girlfriend? "
Now Chris and I have changed into another person, and those people at the door are too easy to deal with. I just [alienated] and then mixed in, while the pupil just flashed past the guard and felt a gust of wind.
"Don’t talk nonsense. Let’s find out where my sister is."
When I look closely, I find that Alcatraz has changed a lot, especially those huge buildings with plaques on their faces that say "Alliance of the Wind and Cloud". I listened to passers-by and it seems that they have some important meetings to hold, but everyone is reluctant to play tricks on me.
It took a long time for the meeting to start here, and Chris and I joined the meeting and found a remote place to sit down. It didn’t take long for the meeting to be officially held.
I saw Lan Fengyun sitting next to the * * * * stage. One of the three people turned out to be an iron man, while the other guy was wearing an army. There was another person I didn’t know, and the second row was Zhang Xian. Although the place where I sat was remote, it was not far from the * * * stage. I could see Zhang Xian clearly. She seemed to have no spirit. Sitting alone next to me, I remembered the condition of the Snow Queen and gave a wry smile. It seems that the Snow Queen knew that Zhang Xian had arrived in the fairyland.
"Welcome to the inaugural meeting of Fengyun Alliance!" The host applauded and then said, "Let’s talk first."
Just now, I didn’t know the middle-aged man who went to Taiwan. After a round of eyes scanning, Taiwanese people began to say, "People are prominent people from all over the world, as well as family businesses. Entrepreneurs let me introduce myself. My name is Locke? Darkness is … "Speaking of which, Locke paused." He is the parent of the World Dark World Dominating the Dark Society. "
Some people in the meeting don’t know what the dark society is, but I know it is a huge force that can compete with my sister’s Oriental family. I didn’t expect them to intervene in fairyland.
"Fengyun Alliance is composed of three major forces, one is my dark society, the other is the world’s top ten enterprises, Mr. Lan Fengyun, a blue company, and the other is the world’s leading businessman. His name in the game is Iron Man, and everyone should know Lops, president of Pudar enterprise? Mr. Lei "
This is an uproar. If anyone doesn’t know about Locke? Darkness is not surprising because he usually doesn’t make himself too famous, but Lops? Lei Kejia Yu Xiao’s character started a business at the age of twelve and established the’ Pudar’ enterprise at the age of ten. At the age of twenty-two, it has become one of the top ten enterprises. At the age of twenty-seven, it has been sealed by some famous magazines in the world. One of the most outstanding figures in the past hundred years, Lops, is often taught by her parents to be a successful person like Lops when she grows up.
"The purpose of Fengyun Alliance is very simple. Those who follow me will live against me!" At this time, Locke’s sharp eyes made everyone feel a sudden surprise. Just now, three forces offended the last two, and you may be ruined, but offending the dark association is definitely a death. Because the dark association has its own armed groups besides countless money, and it is also one of several large private armed organizations in the world.
"Calling everyone here today is to let everyone sign in. Of course, you don’t have to sign, but your guild believes that it will be gone in half an hour, no matter the reality or the game!"
This scared everyone again, but I began to understand why my sister would come here, but now my sister doesn’t believe that she must be facing Locke in reality, hoping that nothing would happen.
"When I give you half an hour, everyone will get a contract, and we will be friends if we sign your name. Of course, you are a friend of the commander of the World Security League, Chief White."
All these people even forgot to be shocked. How did this happen? I believe that no one can resist the strength of this alliance. To compete with the World Security Alliance is equivalent to confronting the world. Many people signed the contract without thinking about it, even without looking at what the contract is.
Locke was satisfied with the performance of all the people because he had already predicted everything and believed that no one would want to fight against the world’s first force except that damn Oriental family.
I have a headache now. This contract is the login ID standard. Even if I dress up, once I sign the contract, it will be effective. If I don’t sign it, it will be too obvious. When I have a headache, the venue will suddenly explode near the corner of the platform. The dust in this closed hall quickly fills the whole place. As soon as I see the avenue, I am ready to sneak away. Since I can’t find my sister, why do I care?
"Locke, where did you hide my parents?"
As soon as I heard this sound, my footsteps stopped. Because this sound is my sister’s leaning on the east, I immediately turned to follow the sound and touched my sister.
I heard the sound of Locke in the dust. "Little Oriental girl, how dare you appear in front of me? Aren’t you afraid of your parents’ safety?"
"To catch you that also afraid of what? The Oriental Family Hidden Dragon Special Forces have surrounded your place. Can you still line up now? "
Locke was silent at once. As I got closer and closer, I suddenly bumped into a person. I immediately wanted to draw my sword and cut it. I didn’t know that my head was short-circuited when I saw this person’s appearance.
"Is that you?" Zhang Xian reached out and touched my face gently, and I thought to myself, God, what luck! So many people have hit her, so I’m leaving now, not leaving, not leaving.