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Li Yuyan was put together by her family and Ye Xiangyuan.

I also said that I didn’t feel anything, and I was worried that she would come back to get back at us.
I thought about it and asked, "I made a deal with her and she asked me to divorce you before she saved you …"
Ye Xiangyuan evokes the corners of the mouth. "I am not responsible for her illness now. She and I have never met and have never heard of what she has walked for me. She is Miss Li’s family, not her father’s confidant, and she is not following those families in Li’s family. Her opinions have no influence on her father’s decision."
I was suspicious. "Didn’t she get any credit?"
Ye Xiangyuan smiled faintly. "What does she calculate? Of course, your husband and I can only get away with it when I have big things to do."
I stared at him in silence.
He winked at me.
My heart beat like a drum and I forgot to laugh at his cheek.
He smiled and said, "I’m not afraid of Li Yuyan and I shouldn’t bother you for the time being."
I saw that his tone became more and more suspicious. Did he hold Li Yu’s cigarette again?
Listening to him, he continued, "And she didn’t lose anything. On the contrary, she took the opportunity to leave Thorn. Even if she is lucky, I have already greeted Changning and deliberately tried to recapture Thorn. She will definitely converge for a while."
I nodded. Since he said so, I must believe it.
Although I still think that people like Li Yuyan should not stop.
But now is not that time to discus such matters.
I’m judo. "I’m in a hurry when I haven’t heard from you …"
He put his hands around my waist and bowed his head and kissed my face. "I’m sorry … I always make you scared."
I shook my head and lifted my face from his arms. "I’m relieved if you’re all right, but you’ll still find a chance to give me some news later or I won’t sleep."
Thorn, I don’t think I could even eat if I didn’t have South-South to accompany me and distract me in those days.
He smiled and pecked at my lips. "Well … it’s all settled this time. Don’t worry … but I’ll explain the details later."
I, uh, have no objection
I’m surprised to be back with him now.
I whispered, "I didn’t have a chance to see you again …"
He scraped the tip of my nose. "Fool, I told you in the hospital that day that I wanted you to stay with me all the time."
I hugged his neck and smiled shyly.
He snorted and lifted my face and pretended to be angry. "I told you to wait for me, but you went to suffer … How do you think I should punish you?"
I looked away in embarrassment and stammered, "You … you can punish me as much as you want …"
He hasn’t been for a long time
I couldn’t help secretly looking up at him.
He kept looking at me with a hint of secrecy and a hint of meaning.
桑拿Somehow, I remembered his punishment and my cheeks suddenly burned.
He tilted his lip corner and spit out the hot air in his ear. He deliberately whispered, "We should go."
I suddenly jumped up from his leg and covered my ears and didn’t dare to look at him.
Not surprisingly, I heard a deep laugh from him again.
After that, I was led by him to the plane, and I found several cars waiting for us, which must be full of bodyguards.
Ye Wen opened the door for us and cheerfully called me "Ding Jie"
I think his smile is quite meaningful, and I remember that I was just alone in the cabin, and my face is even hotter.
After about half an hour, I found that the car was actually going to Qinyuan.
Ye Xiangyuan seemed to see my doubts and explained, "I guess I have to live there during this period."
I don’t have a problem with it.
Although now I really don’t want to see Teng Jun, the eldest sister-in-law and Xiao Jin are also in the military compound.
But I don’t think I can influence his decision.
The car quickly drove into Qinyuan Avenue and was checked several times before arriving at Yeli Villa.
I don’t think it’s right. "… everything is clear before."
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t pick up the words, but hooked his lips.
The more confused I am.
While the car had stopped, he took the lead in opening the door and went out.
I quickly followed the car and saw Li Qingqing holding his chest in his hands and staring at us coldly in the middle of the courtyard.
Before we agreed, she directly told the guards, "This is Ye’s house, not a place where cats and dogs can enter casually, so get out of here quickly."
I frowned at her condescending momentum and saw that her arrogance was even more arrogant than before.
Actually, I was surprised that she had been released, and it seems that she has become the hostess of the Ye family, and the guards have to listen to her.
Chapter 151 Your husband and niece
I remember Teng Jun, where Li Qingqing always kept a low profile.
It is estimated that Teng Ju can’t come forward to receive guests before she takes over.
Ye Xiangyuan eyebrows light pick in situ did not move.
Li Qingqing seems to have learned not to confront him directly this time, but turned to the guards and said, "Are you deaf? Don’t you hear me? Get them out of here! Ye Jia is not a place where bastards like them can come!"
Son of a bitch obviously scolded Ye Xiangyuan.
I was so anxious and angry that I was going to argue with her.
Ye Xiangyuan stretched out his hand and gently took hold of me and whispered, "Never mind let her scold."
I don’t know that I should detect his tone of silence.
But he has never shown weakness in front of anyone, and he has always been that kind of attitude.