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It was only two o’clock in the afternoon when Han Shu looked at it. "Do you want to play any other projects, Xiaobai?"

Section 192
Gao Xiaobai picked up a paper towel, wiped her mouth and shook her head coldly. "It’s boring to stop playing, Mom and Dad. Let’s go home, too."
Han Shan+Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Going back from the playground, Gao Xiaobai still couldn’t resist the fatigue of playing and fell asleep in the back of his chair.
Han Shu took one look in the rearview mirror and dropped the stereo to slow down the car.
Without music, plus the speed is very stable, Gao Xiaoxiao is also a little sleepy, and when the bus stops suddenly, he gets home. Who knows, it is the door of the community.
"What’s the matter?" Gao Xiaoxiao looked at him with a puzzled face.
"You go back to sleep and I’ll go to the supermarket to do some shopping." Han Shu untied Ann and got on the bus with her wallet.
Gao Xiaoxiao yawned and waited for the good car.
In a short time, Han Shao came back with a supermarket bag. From a distance, there seemed to be quite a lot of things.
He opened the door and put the bag into Gao Xiaoxiao’s arms and sat in.
Gao Xiaoxiao was curious to open the bag for a second, and his face was directly flushed.
She didn’t expect him to buy a whole bag of condoms.
And there is more than one card.
The supermarket is not big, and she is almost sure that he should have let the salesman sell all the goods to him.
Han Yan’s eyes and tail wind up to her blushing face, and the corners of her mouth are crooked. "It’s definitely enough to make do with going back to the net and ordering another box."
Order a case …
Gao Xiaoxiao don’t look out the window and pretend not to hear.
On the other side, Jing Muchen was driving two little guys home when there was such a conversation.
Jing Muchen "jiujiu, did you know Uncle Han before?"
Very casual tone
Jing Anjiu "Yes, Xiaobai is my classmate"
Jing Muchen: "Why didn’t you hear it before?"
Jing Saixixi: "Dad, he is my sister. He likes that Gao Xiaobai, but now he has changed his name and is called Han Mo Bai."
Jingmuchen "…"
I see
Gao Xiao after returning home
After home, Gao Xiaoxiao took the children’s building to take a nap. Han Shu took off his coat, sat on the sofa in the living room and took out his mobile phone.
First, I looked at the photos taken in the playground in the afternoon, and then I chose two particularly good ones to open the "ambush" WeChat group and sent them directly.
In one picture, Gao Xiaoxiao, Gao Xiaobai and Jing ‘an Jiu are all sitting on a merry-go-round. Yu Jingyanxi is blocked by Gao Xiaoxiao because of his angle.
The other is a picture of Gao Xiaobai and Jing Anjiu sitting in a restaurant and eating together. Jing Anjiu is holding a small spoon in his hand. Gao Xiaobai is holding chopsticks and they are sitting very close to golden couple.
So the group of people in the group exploded as soon as they saw the photo.
Guan Yan, "What do you mean by these photos?"
Yan Nansheng: "Did the two families go out to play together?"
Guan Yan, "Sister-in-law is pregnant and I haven’t seen her eldest brother."
Qi Chenghao: "So Ah Shu and Big Brother are getting married soon?"
Han Shu typed two words at the right time and sent them out "hehe"
Feng Chen’ an "Big Brother’s little princess is given by the second brother’s family?"
Guan Yan "But Xiao Bai and jiujiu really match, just don’t know what will happen when they grow up."
Lu Ziheng said, "The little gray wolf is really suitable for being silly and sweet."
Han Shu’s mouth touched up and typed a few words and sent them out. "Lu San, your skin is itchy, isn’t it?"
Lu Ziheng "…"
Han Shao also wants to say a few more words. Suddenly, the phone rang. It’s Han Zhai dialect.
He picked his eyebrows and answered "hello" in his ear.
"Ah Shu is my grandmother," said Mrs. Han with a smile in her voice. The first question was, "How are you going to eat tonight?"
Han Dong "…"
Gao Xiaobai ran into Su Ruo in the hospital with a fever. Chapter 76 of the old "My wife hurts you before marriage" is written ~ Interested parents can go to see one ~
Today’s chapter is very relaxed ~ I wish you a happy weekend ~ and remember to vote for the monthly ticket at the end of the month!
☆, 14 Han Shu said big brother is narrow-minded! Childish! Bad temper!
桑拿会所He pinched his forehead. "Can grandma ask how to eat without calling?"
"Ha ha" Korean old lady smiled two times "Aunt Lian is going to burn Xiaobai’s favorite food in the evening. kung pao chicken came home to eat with Xiaoxiao and Xiaobai."
"…" Han Shu also smiled two times. "If you have to study in class every day, you won’t have to toss and turn. I will personally give them a kung pao chicken in the evening."
"You? Is it ok? " Korea’s old lady’s tone is full of doubt.
"…" Han Yan curled his lips. "I’ll take a photo for you and send it later!"
Korea’s old lady "…"
After hanging up, Han Shu opened WeChat and looked at the same people in the group. She even joined a Yu Yuting and didn’t see anyone’s name appear.
Yan Nansheng: "It’s not enough for you to pair up one by one, but also let the children pair up. Can you not be so exciting?"
Feng Chen ‘an: "If we go like this again, this group will become a couple and a couple. We can’t stay alone."
Yan Nansheng "I want to quit the group!"
Feng Chen’ an "I also want to quit the group!"
Yu Yuting’s "Walk slowly and don’t send"
Feng Chen’ an "lies in the trough!"