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But it doesn’t rule out the possibility, and I was anxious at once

The teacher stopped Pan Dong and the bodyguard from letting them in, saying that they were afraid of scaring the children and had to wait at the door.
I feel strange, but I don’t have much to say when I think that this is a military compound kindergarten.
Pandong insisted on following me, and finally the teacher agreed to let him enter the door alone.
The teacher took us to the classroom.
I didn’t expect that there was no Xiao Jin in it, but a group of policemen were waiting for me!
Chapter 17 interrogation room
The teacher took us to the back and ran away.
I looked at Pan Dong.
Pan Dongchong nodded at me, meaning that he would find someone to track down the teacher.
The first policeman walked straight up to me. "Is the timing right? We have received a report that you are suspected of an attempted murder. Now please come back to the police station with us. We need evidence to investigate. "
Pan Dong blocked me and frowned. "Please show me your certificates."
The first policeman looked at it, but he took out the police card very peacefully.
Pan Dong narrowed his eyes and made a sign at me with one hand behind his back.
I ran to the door at once.
Pan Dong instantly pulled out his gun.
It’s a pity that the other side is also very fast. Before Pan Dong comes, someone will block me up.
The swift and violent posture is not like ordinary policemen, but rather like well-trained bodyguards or special forces like Pan Dong.
I am busy saying, "Since I am a people’s policeman, of course I will cooperate, but he is a personnel, you can let him go."
Say that finish blunt pan dong made a wink.
Panton look not to there did not move.
My heart was in a hurry and said to him, "You help me take Xiaojin home and tell Ayuan."
喝茶约茶Strictly speaking, he just held a gun against the police. The police are good for catching him.
However, if he is a soldier, it is estimated that these people can’t help him.
The problem is that the other party’s origin is not coming here to catch him. I want to know that Pan Dong must be an enemy or a friend. I can’t let him be in danger. I might as well let him go back and inform Ye Xiangyuan first.
Besides, there is Xiao Jin. I don’t know if Xiao Jin has been kidnapped.
Pandong, the most important thing is to ensure Xiao Jin’s safety.
Pan Dong finally turned away.
Okay, those cops didn’t stop it
I am relieved.
I can see that these people are after me.
I’m not afraid if they don’t start work on Xiao Jin.
I was handcuffed by them and taken to the parking lot.
The police car drove straight ahead and finally stopped at the gate of the public security bureau.
It seems that they are indeed policemen, but I have not let my guard down because of this.
What murder case must be someone who deliberately arrested me in this name.
Sure enough, in the interrogation room, I saw Li Yuyan and Wen Lu, who looked respectful behind her.
Wen Lu raised his eyebrows and smiled at me when he saw me. I don’t know how arrogant he was.
It suddenly dawned on me that this scene today was made by Li Yuyan.
She’s still in a wheelchair with a patient.
But compared with the eldest sister-in-law, she was still hurt too lightly.
She looks good, especially when she sees me, she has a condescending face with a restrained smile. "I won’t let you go this time if I didn’t kill you."
When she opens her mouth, it is a strong threat, which shows how much she hates me.
There are all her people here, and of course I won’t be stupid enough to stimulate her, so I quietly tried not to talk.
She squinted Gherardini way "you are not very arrogant at ordinary times? How come you’re so timid now that you dare not say a word to me? "
I’m still silent
She leaned back lazily and motioned for Wen Lu to "show her something."
Wen Lu hurriedly took out a document and handed it to me.
Li Yu flue "sign this confession and I will let you go."
My cursory scan turned out to be a murder certificate that slandered me.
Murder is punishable by death!
How can I countersign such evidence?
Even if I don’t want to offend her at this moment, she can’t leave me alone, so I sneer at "Do you think I’m stupid?"
Li Yu smoke Yin Yin smile "you and I eyes is not a fool! I tell you that you have to sign this thing if you don’t sign it! "
I narrowed my eyes. "Do you know that your aunt is still in a coma now? That’s worse than death. I can’t eat, I can’t speak, I can’t even keep my eyes open, and I’m getting thinner every day … "
"Shut up! Bitch, shut up! " Li Yu smoke flustered and violently cough up almost from the nostrils roared "give me a good beating! Hit her and plead guilty! "
Wen Lu said, "Sister Li can hold her finger and let her press her handprint."