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Although he doesn’t expect his daughter to do great things, Yin Mengting’s sample is …

Yin Anran didn’t speak, but quietly listened to Yin Dongjin.
Accompanying Yin Dongjin finished the lunch, she gave a few words to let Yin Dongjin have a good nap before leaving Yin Shi.
She went to the mall after coming out of Yin’s house.
Today, she made an appointment with Qingshuang for Qingshuang’s birthday, and they made an appointment to celebrate together.
This gift is indispensable.
Later, after having a dinner together, they went to the Royal Family.
Gu Qingshuang, a former colleague of the Royal Family, bought her a birthday cake together with a group of colleagues. After singing and cutting the cake together, they dispersed to the booth, leaving her and Gu Qingshuang alone.
Come, they don’t want wine to drink, but Gu Qingshuang is coming, and they want wine.
After a few drinks, Gu Qingshuang was a little drunk and talked to Yin Anran. It was these words that made Yin Anran listen, but it was a pain in his heart that hurt Qing Shuang.
She must look at Qing Shuang Qing Shuang. She loves Xiao Xiao, right?
"Green cream, don’t drink when you are drunk."
Gu Qingshuang shook his head. "Little Dye today is my birthday. To tell you the truth, I really want him to accompany me, but … I know how extravagant I think so. He will accompany me, but he won’t come with me until he doesn’t need to accompany Miss Wen sometimes. Little Dye I envy you so much. I envy you so much."
Suddenly Gu Qingshuang’s cell phone rang and Yin Anran took it out for her and handed it to her. "Qingshuang, you answer the words."
Gu Qingshuang glanced at it and put aside the "no answer"
Yin Anran also took one look at it. It’s Bo Xiao!
"Green frost is a thin night. Are you sure you don’t answer it?" She asked.
品茶论坛Gu Qingshuang obviously didn’t want to pick up Yin Anran and ignored it, but the words rang several times and the other party seemed to be bound to hit her.
Ten calls in a row
Finally Yin Anran picked it up for her.
"Hello, Bo Xiao, this is Yin Anran."
"Is she with you?"
"Well we royal you …"
Yin Anran just said the location and hung up before he finished his sentence!
About ten minutes later, Xiao Xiao appeared in front of them.
This speed! It’s too fast!
Gu Qingshuang was slightly drunk. She looked up at the man in front of her and ignored the man with a supercilious look.
Bo Xiao’s face is calm. Did this woman just whiten him with her eyes? !
"The green frost is coming."
"Who is the thin night? What’s the matter with me when he comes? "
Where can a woman ignore her like this and drag her up? Gu Qingshuang can struggle to "let me go!"
"Bo Xiao, slow down, you will hurt the green cream." Yin Anran hurriedly got up.
Bo Xiao gave her a look. "I took her away."
Said the Gu Qingshuang tasikmalaya directly held up and strode out of the royal.
Yin An dyed a person in situ leng for a long time did not return to absolute being!
Gu Qingshuang, the birthday girl, has left her. It’s naturally meaningless to stay. She planned to go to wash her hands and left. When she got up with her bag, she found that she had left a gift for Qingshuang. She smiled and put it in her bag and turned to wash her hands.
As soon as she left the toilet to wash her hands and passed a bag, the door opened and Yin Mengting came out of the dark bag. When Yin Mengting saw Yin Anran, her face changed.
Yin Anran glanced at it lightly and said nothing and walked straight forward.
Compared with Yin Anran, Yin Mengting is not so calm!
She came to play with her friends and got a word from someone who helped her, but in that bag just now, she told that person that it was Feng Lu’s business!
Yin Anran suddenly appeared. Did she hear anything? ! If she does, then she’s …
Think of this Yin Mengting not calm!