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Whether it can be successful or not, the first thing is to lead the red line. Today’s dinner is not the best opportunity. All directors, distant relatives and cousins of Lian Gang University have brought their adopted daughters. It is not that the younger they are, the more opportunities they have. Maybe Gao Zhiyuan likes being young.

Gao Zhiyuan doesn’t know that all these people have such ideas, but even if Gao Zhiyuan knows, he won’t explain how those people are fooling around, which is their business, and he is not controlled by others.
After listening to Gao Zhiyuan’s words, everyone looked at each other, but no one left. Some people looked at Liu Furong and Liu Hena and gloated. Some people were glad that he didn’t have a stupid daughter like Liu Hena. Gao Zhiyuan said that no matter how unwilling he was, he couldn’t show it in front of Gao Zhiyuan.
What is it that Gao Zhiyuan has a girlfriend? Girlfriends are not wives, and wives can divorce. Girlfriends can also break up. If Gao Zhiyuan has no name and no share, then what is it? Are there still few cases in which mistresses drive away the main office and successfully straighten up?
After looking around for a circle, Gao Zhiyuan said, "If everyone doesn’t leave, then I’ll assume that everyone has understood me, and I know what to do after I intend to know, right? Is it wrong for me to understand this?"
After a quiet moment, I don’t know who took the lead in saying "no", and then such sounds came and went, and the meeting became a little noisy.
At this time, if it weren’t for stupidity, they wouldn’t openly talk to Gao Zhiyuan, and even if they had opinions, they wouldn’t come out on the spot. The most stupid person is a gun and a knife. They are all operatives, and nothing can be solved until private.
Just now, Liu Hena angered Gao Zhiyuan, who was not only ridiculed by Gao Zhiyuan, but also lost his face and benefited Fu Qianfan. Gao Zhiyuan now protects Fu Qianfan more tightly.
If there is no Liu Hena, this is Gao Zhiyuan. Just introducing these people may not necessarily bring Fu Qianfan back now. Even if there are people who don’t give up, they dare not make minor moves again.
Liu Furong stared at Liu Hena hard. If there were not so many people watching him, he just wanted to slap him. How could he have raised such a brainless daughter?
In order to create opportunities for Liu Hena, Liu Furong tried his best to put Liu Hena in the secret room. This is how many girls dreamed of asking him for this opportunity, and how many favors were paid for it.
Come to Liu Hena, you have enough advantages to get rid of his opponent. Not only do you work with Gao Zhiyuan every day, but you can always attract Gao Zhiyuan’s attention. Besides, he is a father who gives her a strong backing. With such excellent conditions, you can’t find another one except Liu Hena.
Liu Furong once said that Gao Zhiyuan would not be a problem. Liu Hena’s conditions and his strong help were simply the right time, the right place and the right people. It was not a hope of victory.
Today, former Liu Furong and Liu Hena should get along well with Gao Zhiyuan in the distance. Even if they are not lovers, it is an opportunity for them to get acquainted with Gao Zhiyuan. Today, Liu Furong specially made opportunities for Liu Hena.
By the way, let his competitors have a good look at the difference between them and his Liu Furong, and let these people give up their idea of climbing high and reaching far before it is too late.
One more watch
177 teaching prescription
However, it was not until just now that Liu Furong discovered that Liu Hena Gen and Gao Zhiyuan didn’t talk about anything. Not only did they not earn money now, but they were even more humiliated.
Usually Liu Furong asks how Liu Hena gets along with Gao Zhiyuan. Liu Hena is either evasive or good, so Liu Furong is really good.
Although Liu Hena often contacted Gao Zhiyuan through work opportunities after she got into the secret room, Gao Zhiyuan never spoke to her. She talked to Gao Zhiyuan in less than ten sentences, and she didn’t have a chance to talk about Biejia and Shen Bijun from the side, even trying to get close to Gao Zhiyuan for an excuse.
Liu Hena, who has never had a girlfriend, thinks that she still has a chance. Her father is still a shareholder of Yuansheng. What is she afraid of? Gao Zhiyuan ignores her, and Gao Zhiyuan is different from others. This is just Gao Zhiyuan’s character. Who is Gao Zhiyuan looking for? If Gao Zhiyuan notices her with such good conditions, there is no reason not to choose her.
Her good wishes were completely broken when Gao Zhiyuan introduced Fu Qianfan. How could Liu Hena stand losing face and be scolded by Liu Furong? She just wanted justice. She was already so sad and lost. Liu Furong not only didn’t support her, but also blamed her blindly. What is this?
Liu Hena was so wronged that she wanted to cry, but she didn’t want to cry in front of everyone, and if she did, Liu Furong wouldn’t let her go. Now Liu Furong is staring at her tightly and won’t even let her talk.
"Zhiyuan, it was my teaching party that made Hena rude. I will educate her well later. She is a little girl who doesn’t know the weight. She has been working with you for so long and has not learned anything from you. If you have a chance to give her a good advice, just"
Liu Furong always calls Gao Zhiyuan by his first name. First, he thinks that Gao Zhiyuan is a junior and should not raise his seniority. Second, he thinks that Gao Zhiyuan is a "Yuansheng" shareholder and a nephew of his. The most important thing is that Liu Furong thinks that Gao Zhiyuan is the most suitable name for his son-in-law.
Today, even if Liu Hena is offended by Gao Zhiyuan, it is reasonable to say that there is no chance with Gao Zhiyuan, but Liu Furong doesn’t think so. Liu Hena’s noise is not necessarily less harmful, so it successfully attracted Gao Zhiyuan’s attention. When Gao Zhiyuan and Fu Qianfan split up, didn’t Liu Hena have another chance?
Liu Furong just said that it was a mistake on the surface, but it was a secret opportunity for Liu Hena to wake up Gao Zhiyuan and Liu Hena. He always hinted at it so clearly that the audience couldn’t understand it. There were a few people who despised it but didn’t show it.
"She just knew that you were surprised when you talked about your girlfriend. Don’t mind that you are so suddenly open, let alone Hena. Even we old people can’t sit still."
桑拿会所"Now that we all know and understand, there will be no more questions. You can rest assured that Miss Fu will be polite to you."
Liu Furong smiled and looked at Gao Zhiyuan and others. When it comes to thick-skinned Liu Furong, no one dares to recognize the second. Just now, those people who have the face can’t say it. Liu Furong not only made the words very reasonable, but also climbed the friendship with Gao Zhiyuan and even paved the way for his daughter.
Who else can compete with Liu Furong with such a face and such a genius? Suddenly, an operator has caught them off guard, and now they have seen Liu Furong badly. It seems that Gao Zhiyuan’s big ship is not reliable.
For Liu Furong, he didn’t express his opinion in a remote way, but he listened coldly to all this. He didn’t care what Liu Furong was up to, but if he found something bad for Fu Qianfan, he would still deal with him and never show mercy.
Now, whether Liu Furong really apologizes or not, anyway, he wants to say what he said just now. If they haven’t listened to Bai’s insistence on finding something unpleasant, there’s nothing he can do.
Gao Zhiyuan felt that it was a mistake to bring Fu Qianfan to this dinner today, which made Fu Qianfan feel wronged and affected their mood. It seems that there is no need for him to continue this meal.
Although Gao Zhiyuan thinks so, he still wants to see Fu Qianfan’s meaning. If Fu Qianfan also wants to leave, so much the better. He doesn’t want to stay.
Gao Zhiyuan looked at Fu Qianfan and didn’t speak, but his eyes expressed his intention. Fu Qianfan immediately understood what Gao Zhiyuan said just now and others responded. Fu Qianfan knew that she was not so popular here. She can be so rude. Now she certainly won’t even stay.
After watching and listening to so much, Fu Qianfan seems to have a little understanding of Liu Hena’s hostility to her, so she came and may not be the only one in Liu Hena.
However, it is because of this that she can’t leave and can’t compromise. Gao Zhiyuan generously admitted her identity, and she should also go to Gao Zhiyuan’s world with dignity.
Fu Qianfan knows that from this moment on, it means that many things will change. She has to adapt to more different environments, see more different people and learn more things.
If this is the price she must pay with Gao Zhiyuan, then she also regrets to accept that no matter how difficult it is, it is no match for being separated from Gao Zhiyuan. What can be considered as such a few things? Isn’t there Gao Zhiyuan around her? Gao Zhiyuan is absolutely wrong and makes her feel wronged.
Fu Qianfan pressed the palm of Gao Zhiyuan’s hand and then gently shook his head with Gao Zhiyuan. Gao Zhiyuan also understood Fu Qianfan’s meaning, but he still didn’t approve of her eyes with a little love. Fu Qianfan nodded with Gao Zhiyuan again. She was determined that Gao Zhiyuan insisted for a while and sighed patiently.
Gao Zhiyuan’s expression Fu Qianfan knew that Gao Zhiyuan agreed. She was very happy that Gao Zhiyuan would respect her opinion on such occasions. What is there to be afraid of if Gao Zhiyuan believes her so much?
Others have been paying attention to Gao Zhiyuan and Fu Qianfan. Although they are not arrogant, they see Gao Zhiyuan and Fu Qianfan’s every move.
End of two shifts
Isn’t that a capital perfect?
Gao Zhiyuan didn’t talk to Fu Qianfan, but it was surprising that his eyes came and went like that. Gao Zhiyuan seemed to be very fond of Fu Qianfan and didn’t mind showing his attitude in front of so many people. Gao Zhiyuan had never seen those expressions just now, just like hitting a ghost.
Since Fu Qianfan decided to stay for this meal or continue to eat, Gao Zhiyuan was in a good mood without Liu Hena’s interference, and those people relaxed a lot.
Gao Zhiyuan has been giving Fu Qianfan food and didn’t care about others. Those people kept whispering and didn’t affect Gao Zhiyuan’s appetite at all.
Fu Qianfan, though still a little self-conscious, also knows that even if she tells Gao Zhiyuan that she won’t give her food any more, Gao Zhiyuan won’t listen, so let Gao Zhiyuan do it. There is such a man everywhere, and she still has nothing to ask for.
Five-star hotels are just different. Fu Qianfan thinks this dish is really delicious, not only delicious, but also very similar in color, smell and taste.
She hasn’t seen so many dishes on the dining table, and the reason is that she hasn’t seen, seen or known what it is, and she doesn’t know what it is. It’s amazing.
Fu Qianfan couldn’t help but feel crooked in her heart. Now she and Gao Zhiyuan are like emperors and queens in ancient times. Others are ministers and their families, and then they sit around and enjoy various dishes cooked by the chef.
Because it was so delicious and satisfying, Fu Qianfan couldn’t stop eating and nodded from time to time. Gao Zhiyuan saw Fu Qianfan eating so well that he didn’t seem to be affected at all, so his mood was also driven up with a smile and he gave Fu Qianfan some new dishes to try.
Those shareholders and directors saw Gao Zhiyuan’s mood so shocked that they made other ideas. It’s rare that Gao Zhiyuan is so happy now. Should they also take the initiative to say a few words to Gao Zhiyuan? If he accidentally makes Gao Zhiyuan happy, isn’t that a perfect capitalization?
At ordinary times, they all hide from Gao Zhiyuan. Isn’t it just that they are afraid of sticking Gao Zhiyuan’s cold face? Now it’s not every day that such an excellent opportunity exists. Today is the first time.
A bunch of people who are eager to move are the first to come over. They usually talk the most and know the situation best. Ye Shaohui also came with her daughter Ye Yingying today, but she didn’t come to introduce Gao Zhiyuan, so she let Liu Hena stir it up.
"Miss Gao Zongfu" Ye Shaohui shouted with a smile next to Gao Zhiyuan. Although he felt that Gao Zhiyuan should be in a good mood, he did not dare to do too much. He wanted to try Gao Zhiyuan’s attitude first.
Fu Qianfan turned to Gao Zhiyuan or followed him. It’s hard to sit down for a meal with Fu Qianfan. He hasn’t eaten much and was disturbed by others. Gao Zhiyuan’s face changed as soon as Ye Shaohui followed the dark call. But now that I’m here, I can also stand on my head.
Fu Qianfan nodded at Ye Shaohui because he didn’t know what to call Ye Shaohui. Fu Qianfan looked at Gao Zhiyuan. Although he didn’t want to, he reluctantly said, "This is Ye Understand."
"Hello Ye Dong" Fu Qianfan greeted Ye Shaohui formally and saw Gao Zhiyuan willing to introduce him voluntarily. Ye Shaohui felt that hope was coming again.
"Mr. Gao has worked hard this year. I have a glass of wine to celebrate our" Yuansheng "and to congratulate Mr. Gao on the beauty of Miss Fu."
"I wish Miss Gao Zong and Fu love each other and it is best to get married early, so it is not only a happy event for our shareholders and directors, but also a" prosperous "happy event for us."
Ye Shaohui was so sincere and passionate that Fu Qianfan felt very embarrassed when he heard it. Why did this Ye Dong say such a thing in front of so many people?