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Everyone knows China’s tactics. The only reason why they can’t beat China is that they lack a Lu Wenbin.

On March 26, although the game was held late, the traffic around the Olympic Sports Center has been banned since early.
Several fans got up early in the morning, had breakfast, and then set off for the Olympic Sports Center. If they don’t go early, they may not find a place even outside the stadium.
The qualification of the national team in the Top Ten Competition is a great test for the security, food and transportation of Tianjin Olympic Sports Center.
By noon, the stadium outside the Olympic Sports Center was already packed.
Fans, police, media reporters, food stalls and selling jerseys will occupy the square and road outside the Olympic Sports Center.
Far from the start of the game, some fans waved the five-star red flag and sang loudly to vent their excitement.
Several fans should have Lu Wenbin in their eyes, and they are not worried about winning or not.
They are here to celebrate China’s qualifying for the second World Cup preliminaries and the World Cup finals.
Moreover, it is absolutely impossible for China to go out without scoring a goal this time.
Lu Wenbin’s set-pieces, including Italian ball, penalty kick and corner kick, are enough for China to score several goals in three group matches.
CCTV reporters interviewed several fans from other provinces randomly and asked them if they thought China could beat the leading fans who had qualified a few days ago today. They looked at the reporter like fools.
"This also asks whether there are China opponents in Asia. If there is Lu Wenbin, there is no team in Asia that is our opponent. We have come all the way from other provinces to Tianjin and have no tickets to watch the live broadcast of the square on the big screen. It is not a victory but a qualification for the World Cup qualifiers."
Not only he and his companions, but also his words represent the thoughts of the vast majority of fans.
If I didn’t think Lu Wenbin would lead the China team to beat many fans from other provinces who had qualified a few days ago, I wouldn’t be so crazy to catch up with Tianjin.
Just like in the first six rounds of preliminaries, there were not so many people, not even one tenth.
At 17:3 p.m., check-in begins two hours before the stadium. Fans without tickets can envy watching those with tickets check in.
They can watch the big screen live broadcast outside.
Good weather and no rain, otherwise it will be even more depressing.
Because it is the home game, the conditions of the China team are naturally much more convenient than those of the visiting team. Before arriving at the stadium, they began to warm up one hour ago.
When China entered the stadium to warm up, some fans had already entered the stadium.
When they saw Lu Wenbin and other China players appear on the court, many people couldn’t help it. The big China team sang, cheered and cheered, and they didn’t know if they could shout it when the game came.
Four minutes before the start of the game, the visiting team arrived on Sunday and began to warm up.
Looking at the warm-up day team, Lu Wenbin remembered that the director of the Asian Cup suddenly gave birth to an interest in doing it again.
So Lu Wenbin asked his teammates to help put warm-up football on the forbidden zone line one by one.
Seeing this, everyone knows that Lu Wenbin is going to perform the performance of hitting the post in succession again.
The fans were so excited that even the players on the warm-up day were greatly affected.
After the ten ball departments were set, Lu Wenbin began to kick to the goal one by one.
桑拿会所Sure enough, Lu Wenbin shot ten balls in a row and hit ten posts, but there was no goal, but there was no one without a door frame.
Everyone knows that Lu Wenbin did it on purpose.
This is not to mention that after the performance, Lu Wenbin hit the goalpost, and then he made five corner shots from one side of the two corner areas.
Five times on each side, a total of ten angle shots on both sides were not guarded by the goalkeeper. Lu Wenbin scored ten shots, and the goalkeeper eiji kawashima turned pale and his players were dumbfounded.
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This is simply not leaving an opponent alive.
Even the corner kick can be Lu Wenbin’s shot opportunity, which really makes people wonder how to defend it.
Lu Wenbin gave the Japanese team a big psychological blow for his technical performance before the game started.
Today’s game is a must for all China players and coaches, including Lu Wenbin.
Chapter 631 Opening Ma Wei
About 2 minutes before the start of the game, the warm-up players from both sides left the dressing room to change the head coach and began to arrange the final tactics or speeches.
For the China team, there is nothing to say about tactics. It is always 4231 defensive counterattack, and several new starters, such as Lei Wu, need to pay attention to it.
In this game, the starting goalkeepers of China team are Ceng Cheng defenders Rong Hao, Zhao Peng, Wang Qiang, Zhang Linpeng midfielder Zhao Xuri, Wang Yongpo avant-garde Deng Zhuoxiang, and Hao Junmin’s front waist Lu Wenbin single striker Wu Lei.
Lei Wu squeezed Gao Lin into the starting striker of the national team precisely because of the Olympic achievements and performance.
When the former China team lost the game, they always found various reasons, such as heavy pressure at home, unaccustomed away from home, slippery turf, bad weather, the referee taking care of the opponent, bad luck and so on.
Now this team is not allowed to make those excuses because all the pressure is on Lu Wenbin.
Lu Wenbin, the captain and core of the China team, is the one who bears the most responsibility.
Gao Hongbo told everyone that there is nothing to win in this national note competition, especially Lu Wenbin, who must bear the burden of leading the China team to win.
Lu Wenbin held his head high and didn’t refuse.
Outside the stadium broadcast began to introduce the names of the players of both sides.
There was silence when the Japanese team players were introduced, and hundreds of Japanese fans applauded in the corner.
When the players of China team were introduced, it was thunderous, especially when Lu Wenbin, No.6, was read.
At this time, Lu Wenbin is the flag of China football.
At 19: 02, the appearance ceremony began, and the players from both sides took the caddies into the stadium and then played the national anthem, shook hands, took photos and picked sides.
The referee organized the team leader Lu Wenbin to win the kick-off ceremony in China.
After the final encouragement, everyone shouted "win" and then spread out. Lu Wenbin and Lei Wu went to the middle circle to prepare for the kick-off
On March 26th, 2013, at 19:3 in the evening, with the whistle of the referee, the seventh round of China’s home game in Group B of the Asian World Cup qualifier in Brazil officially began.
At the same time, the other match is the Iraqi round of Australia vs Oman.
At the beginning of the game, the CCTV commentator habitually addressed the audience in front of the camera and then introduced the starting lineup of both players.
As a result, before reading two names, the commentator suddenly found it wrong.
"Wait, Lu Wenbin didn’t return after the kick-off, but took the ball to the Japanese team and passed the first player at half-time."
On the court, Lu Wenbin didn’t go backwards after seeing Lei Wu kick off the ball in the middle circle, but suddenly slammed his body and speed forward, and a simple trip passed the Japanese team striker Ryoichi Maeda and killed the Japanese team in the forbidden area.
Lu Wenbin wants to kick off and beat Japan off guard, unlike when he scored the fastest goal in the history of the Champions League against Lyon.
Lu Wenbin’s forward insertion with the ball really caught the Japanese team off guard.
Because Lu Wenbin really hasn’t played the opening game of the stadium for a long time, everyone has forgotten it.
Defensive ability is normal. Ryoichi Maeda was passed by a face-to-face, not to mention that the midfielder Kagawa Shinji was easily passed by Lu Wenbin with a fake bicycle. Makoto Hasebe, who has a lower back, paid attention and prepared for interception
Lu Wenbin and Makoto Hasebe slowed down the speed, and then Makoto Hasebe and Maya Yoshida and Yasuyuki Konno, who were quick to make up the defense outside the forbidden area, finally made their way to the forbidden area.
Not far from Lei Wu, he ran in the back row and shouted "Captain here"
Lu Wenbin heard the ball move in the direction of Wu Lei’s forward insertion, which led Maya Yoshida to move a small step to Lei Wu.
It was this small step that made Lu Wenbin seize the opportunity to shoot.
Lu Wenbin knocked the ball into the gap between Maya Yoshida and Yasuyuki Konno, then took a step forward and lifted his right leg, which was a volley.