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"inaudible" huangfuda slightly raised his eyebrows.

ShuiYunJin face a black suddenly Yang "I like bastard Huangfuda"
Huangfuda corners of the mouth slightly hook proudly picked his eyebrows as jade hand to smooth a strand of scattered hair behind her ear and gently spoil her eyes.
Shuiyunjin thought about this man, who was so arrogant that he was surrounded by people. However, he ignored the thought of what the expressions of those people around him would be like. She closed her eyes and didn’t want to look up, so her reputation was destroyed.
The imperial garden was quiet for a long time before I heard Huangfu Yun’s surprise. "You, you, you really don’t care about anything. It’s indecent."
"Don’t watch" Huangfuda interrupted him.
"How can we not watch it with so many people together?" Huangfuyun felt that this scene deeply stimulated him. He was still young, okay?
桑拿论坛"A little good study saves a shame" ChuChengXuan seemed very calm and smiling.
LingXiaoYao pale eyes bottom in addition to deep and don’t see any emotion.
A little later, Huangfu Yun said a sentence that was absolutely stunning. He snorted, "The little master must be better than you."
Shuiyunjin couldn’t help laughing again. "It seems that it’s time for the seven emperors to choose a concubine."
"Someone has already missed him or asked the emperor to marry him now." ChuChengXuan booed.
"Sure enough, the lively scenery here in the imperial garden is unique." Suddenly, a low and bright sound suddenly overwhelmed this calm.
Shui Yun-jin raised an eyebrow and saw that he was talking to a middle-aged man in his early thirties. He was tall and burly in a luxurious brocade robe, but he was handsome, and his eyebrows were not angry, so he knew that he was in a high position.
His left hand side is the expression Huangfuheng. At this time, his gloomy eyes are looking at himself. On the other side, it is Jiang Yu who prayed him to change his bloodthirsty and sharp smile that day, as warm as the spring breeze, Yan Junyi and white.
Three people followed by a few HuangFuHang close to report the emperor a line of people coming towards this side vastly.
"He is the royal Wang Tianhong in charge of the northern Jin army." Huangfuda bowed her head and looked down at Shuiyunjin’s ear.
I will change Nanling country to Nanliang country, and I will change it one after another.
Wonderful is coming. So-and-so is coming:
Chapter 72 Each with her own gizzard
Shuiyunjin is the royal king of the Northern Jin Dynasty. As soon as she appeared in her mind, she said that the Northern Jin Dynasty was too seriously ill to join the DPRK for a long time. The Northern Jin Emperor was fatuous and said that all the political affairs in the DPRK were under the control of the royal king. He had a life-and-death role in the Northern Jin Dynasty. This person is definitely not a simple role. He also came to ask for marriage.
"Unexpectedly, the royal report is here. It’s a sight for sore eyes." Several people listened to ChuChengXuanYang laughed without opening their mouths.
"Chu Shi" Tianhong glanced at Chu Chengxuan and turned his attention to Huangfuda. His eyebrows were slightly dark. "I haven’t congratulated the king of the county for preparing a small gift and sending it to your house as a gift."
"Royal report welcome" Huangfudi light way
For Huangfuda, Tianhong didn’t show much emotion. I came to Changyong because I wanted to see the face of the royal brother in Beijing, Lan Wangfu, not to mention the unusual status. I thought that the old prince of Lan Wangfu was all-powerful in the battlefield, and Megatron didn’t know about it. Although he died young, he came out of the battlefield as a teenager. Although he was a little weak in this life, Lan Wangfu was in charge of Changyong, which is not to be feared.
And huangfuda, the king of the county, is the freshest and hottest, and then the dispute starts again. Wangfu is duty-bound to sit in the frontier, so this person must be huangfuda. He must pay more attention.
"I don’t know who is the charming person in the arms of the king of the county." Zhong Jiangyu Qi suddenly smiled and spoke. He picked his eyebrows and looked at Shuiyunjin with a thick smile. If he didn’t read the girl in Huangfuda’s arms correctly, it was the day when the woman in the carriage didn’t say that she looked like a light, so the courage would not be underestimated.
"My wife" Huangfuda picked her eyebrows and glanced at Jiang Yuqi.
As we all know, the whole heaven and man don’t know that Huangfuda has married. There will be no one else at this palace banquet except his wife. There is no lack of ulterior motives for Jiang Yuqi to come out.
"The princess of the county is familiar with it as if she had seen it somewhere." Jiang Yu looked at Shuiyun Park with a smile.
Shuiyunjin smiled at him, and his face was pale. He always felt that Jiang Yu’s smiling face was a bit bad, and she was not familiar with him. That smile made people feel very fake.
"I think the king looks unfamiliar."
Jiang Yu qi laughed in a low voice. "The princess of the county is very red. It must be the sun."
Shui Yunjin’s face is red, and she knows that her face is red, even her lips should be red and swollen. Jiang Yu Qi deliberately pointed out that she saw the scene just now, but it’s no big deal. "It’s hot and the king has come a long way, but I haven’t seen the wind and the sun all the way. It must be a pleasant journey."
Jiang Yu qi is smiling in a low voice, implying that he was chased by people all the way. How can he not hear it? But such a woman is really impressive. "It’s a great honor to finally see the name of the princess of the county for a long time. It’s a blessing that the king of the county can be accompanied by this beautiful woman."
"It is indeed a blessing." Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunjin’s eyes as gentle as water.
Chu Chengxuan and others all know that there are multiple Jiang Yu Qi and Tianhong in Shuiyun’s eyes, but they are still not as shocked as at the moment. What people are here at this time? They are tall, but they never thought about how important a woman is. Their identity is by no means exclusive to any woman.