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He gave Ye Xiangyuan a message to hurry back to Qinyuan.

This happened to agree with us, and Ye Xiangyuan agreed after it was difficult.
Sister-in-law can sit in a wheelchair, but she is in good spirits.
I know that she is ready to fight, and her desire to avenge her eldest brother has never been extinguished, but now it is even stronger.
That night we went back to Qinyuan.
Only when I got back did I know that Teng Jun was holding a banquet.
The guests in the hall are like clouds, clothes, incense and temples.
Section 16
I don’t even know anyone.
Ye Xiangyuan light sweep past and look back.
I think he knows it.
I saw Li Qingqing and Li Yuyan in the crowd.
Two people are surrounded by many women.
Li Qingqing looked disdainful like a mighty queen.
Ye Xiangyuan gave out the antidote, and she was the most distinguished woman in the imperial city circle again.
Li Yu’s smile is like a flower, and her side is not inferior.
She didn’t hurt as badly as her sister-in-law, but she seems to be in good condition. At this time, wearing an off-the-shoulder black V-neck dress is also a face of pride and brilliance, which is very eye-catching
I held Xiao Jin and looked down at my dress.
Wearing the most ordinary T-shirt and jeans is like going to the wrong place.
This reminds me of the same situation when Ye Xiangyuan took Xiao Jin’s birthday party. I was like a local girl who came out of a corner.
I don’t know who said, "Ye Ershao is back!"
Everyone looked at the door quietly and neatly.
These guests should have attended the original wedding banquet, even if they didn’t, they must have heard the big jokes made at that time.
A wedding turned into an engagement party for Ye Xiangyuan and Li Yuyan.
I guess they don’t know what the final result is, do they?
Otherwise, why do you keep staring at me and Li Yuyan?
Well, I’m still calm and my face is as normal as Ye Xiangyuan’s side.
Sister-in-law said, "Go in."
Ye Xiangyuan took my arms, Xiaojin, and I pushed my sister-in-law step by step into the brightly lit hall.
Li Yuyan was the first to greet her. She lifted up her countenance and looked at Ye Xiangyuan with a smile. "Today is my aunt’s birthday, Ayuan. You came back just in time."
It’s Li Qingqing’s birthday?
I’m surprised
Ye Li chose Li Qingqing’s birthday to let us go home. What does he mean?
夜网论坛I took a look at Ye Xiangyuan.
Did he know?
Li Yuyan smiled and took Ye Xiangyuan’s arm. "My aunt said that the engagement party ended in a hurry, and she will reissue it for us today."
I frown.
Reissue the engagement party?