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100,000 blue rats and beetles sneaked into the monster forest and soon found the source. It was Sir Fengyun, the strongest vampire in the vampire family, who didn’t like to suck blood but liked to play with dead bodies. But how could he be killed in the innermost monster forest?

I already have a plan in my heart. Although I am not as good at analyzing my mind as a soldier, I have my special skills and quick wits!
"How many angel Polly wings are left in the dance?"
Tianwu asked Xixi by SMS at this moment and replied, "The total number is about 30,000. If it is not to support the mountain battle, there may be more. The battle lost more than 5,000."
"That’s enough. I just need 10 thousand angel Polly, and give me 10 thousand species troops composed of hunters and martial arts masters. I’m going to assassinate the other leader."
Tianwu heard that I was going to ask anxiously, "Escape, are you going to go by yourself? What if something happens to you? "
"Who else can go here except me? The soldiers have gone to the back to suppress Goblin’s disease, but they haven’t recovered. Wu Bing and Qing Yu, you know that Qing Yu hasn’t woken up yet. How can Wu Bing be in the mood to go and have a single fighting capacity? Who else can be worse than me? "
"You haven’t even played with me."
"Dance you really want to play a game with me? I can’t even escape. I’m second, and you’re first, okay? Ha ha … "
Although I smile happily on the surface, I know that the front is not optimistic. Although it sounds a lot, those flying monsters are not rivals once they meet the mountain peaks. Fortunately, I have Cain’s dark chess, but I have already spent half of my money just now. I believe it is a special setting problem here.
After talking about the general situation, I took the ten thousand commandos and rushed to the place where Blue Mouse and Beetle found each other’s leader, Sir Fengyun.
Lu heard that the left and right sides of the assault and the iron man were in a bitter struggle. Fortunately, the troops behind them desperately supported and cut down the passing trees, otherwise it would not be a zombie monster opponent all over the road.
In the sky, I saw at a glance a piece of flat land behind the monster forest. Sir Fengyun was sitting gracefully drinking a cup of something to drink. It’s really not the same thing to see him like that.
10,000 raid teams with angel Polly’s wings made the umbrella card skill [camouflage] suddenly all the troops melted into the sky and jumped at Sir Fengyun, but I became the dragon queen, but I couldn’t be invisible, so my second main offensive force was ready to deliver a fatal blow to Sir Fengyun.
There are a lot of monsters popping up around Sir Fengyun, many of which I can’t recognize. These are all low-level vampires in the vampire family. There are about 5 thousand vampires who seem to have found us. I don’t hesitate to order the body to attack.
Tear off layers of camouflage. Hundreds of martial arts masters in the first row [Asura Bahuang Boxing] form huge layers of boxing shadows. As soon as they meet each other, vampires will be knocked down by one army, and a large one will melt into blood fog. The second row of hunters will cover the place where Sir Fengyun is located, shooting 5,000 pieces of equipment, and the hunters will shoot more than 30,000 silver arrows in an instant. This is specially prepared for dealing with vampires.
桑拿会所I didn’t expect that the martial arts masters and hunters would cooperate so well, and Sir Fengyun didn’t expect that most of his hands would be destroyed as soon as he arrived. It’s not surprising that Sir Fengyun was careless that the martial arts masters’ fighting capacity was killed with one blow, but they didn’t fight together with so many martial arts masters for so long. There are 5,000 martial arts masters [Asura overlord boxing], which is even the strongest top BOSS, except for skill epidemic.
However, it takes two minutes to make the second time after the first [Asura overlord boxing], so I ordered half of the martial arts masters to beat each other in chaos as soon as they met, but I didn’t expect that the hunters would be destroyed without the support of the arrow rain.
"Brothers, the opportunity is coming!"
Although Sir Fengyun has a strong ability, his body is not very strong. Now he is suffering for a while, and he is now hit by thousands of people around me. I calculate Sir Fengyun’s life value in my heart and see that it has dropped to the level I imagined. When I opened my mouth and screamed, I rolled up from behind Sir Fengyun. Sir Fengyun’s body ran through Sir Fengyun and looked at me for a moment. What seemed to be white? My body turned into golden light and disappeared little by little.
With the death of Sir Fengyun, the zombies in the monster forest stopped moving at the same time and fell softly, then angrily retaliated against the players and stepped into ashes.
————–reading recommendation: to worship the true self of the romantic empire.
Chapter 14 Alternative Battlefield (11)
Tianwu was happy to hear that the monster forest had been destroyed. However, the situation behind it worried Tianwu. The 300,000 troops actually couldn’t stop Goblin’s steam. Goblin attacked a series of Qigong cannons, and the players couldn’t get organized. The flying axe made the players stop and the only thing that could stop the funny artists and Leng Yan dancers from being killed in a few minutes.
The only way to stop the enemy now is to keep retreating, sacrificing thousands of people every step, but even this can’t stop Goblin’s footsteps.
The soldiers in the army are worried about what is behind Goblin, and there is no assassination figure yet. Is there any obstacle in the road?
It is true that the assassination of troops was blocked, but the obstacle was not a magic object, but a team of well-dressed black knights and lords lined up the only way to assassinate
"What do you mean?"
A dark knight Lord who looks like a leader came out and said, "You can’t make a detour here."
"But there is a road in this mountain that doesn’t pass through here. Where has it been? We are in a hurry, no matter what your reasons are, you should make way. "
The dark knight Lord ignored the assassination and looked at it coldly. Then he waved a pike with a strange shape and pointed it at the assassination and said, "Kill!" "
"Boom!" Qi Qi stepped out of the first step. The mountain road was shocked and assassinated, and people were also frightened. However, players still like to rush forward to assassinate the danger. This time, they brought the elite with the strongest fighting capacity. They belong to the special reserve force, and a group of PK players loved it. When they heard that the opposite players were so arrogant, they immediately started to fight with each other regardless of the assassination order.
Dark fire doesn’t manage itself and doesn’t talk. It kills for more than an hour. I’m anxious to assassinate. I’ve been preparing for three hours. I’ve been on the road for an hour. What should I do if there’s not enough left?
Fortunately, the players were crazy, PK, and the dark knight lords were forced to open a way to assassinate and lead the elite to rush through this battle. Although the losses of both sides were not great, they were dragged on.
Take the lead in the dark knight Lord, take off his helmet, and his golden hair is scattered, which makes people feel moved and looks absolutely not reminiscent of the cold temperament just now.
"Hehe, it seems that the elegant guild guy still has something to do. Do you have equipment?"
"Miss, it’s already installed, and you can talk with Lianji over there at any time."
"So I can meet my father. What’s the order?"
Come to a hidden place on the mountain road, a three-dimensional screen stands on the mountain wall, but it is not a fairyland. I have shown it to all players. It is reassuring to see a middle-aged man in the screen, but his sharp eyes are unnatural.
"Haoer did a good job and set up a communication platform so quickly."
"Adoptive father where simple! Father, what shall we do next? "
"I’ll go to the virus knight later. You can lead this army to help me grab the core things of life test. I believe that my son is no problem."
"Of course, I am eager to finish it!"
"Not the kui is a good call for a new generation of elite in my family. I’ll see you show me later. This is a live broadcast of Cheng."
"It’s adoptive father!"
When the assassination arrived, I saw that the soldiers were almost defeated by the beaten army. The assassination decided not to attack easily. From one side to the side of the steam goblin, I jumped at the steam goblin in an instant. The most effective attack method for the steam goblin floating about two or three meters was that two knights threw a martial arts master to a [Asura Overlord Boxing] base to solve a problem. Unfortunately, there were dozens of martial arts masters left, only relying on the cross assassin to touch the steam goblin machine to manipulate the face and attack and kill the soldiers. Unfortunately, our troops have also found the assassination action.
Behind the soldiers, an army of about 100,000 troops led the troops, and it was an evening and a harp.
"Eldest brother, I’m at the right time."
The soldier was surprised and asked, "When did my little sister become smart?"
Next to Xixi, she laughed, "Which is that you love your sister Cong or Tianwu? I’m worried that you have something here and ask us to support you."
"Support that front?"
"I didn’t know that when I came out, my elegant brother led a team to assassinate Sir Fengyun, the leader of the monster forest."
"What?" On hearing this, Lin Bing shouted, "How can we let him take risks? He is the most important part of the life test. Without him, even if there are tens of millions of us, we will not have anything to do, or we will do so many things for nothing."
Xixi wondered and asked, "What’s so serious about the soldiers?"