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That is to say, if Lu Wenbin shares in that English club, it will cut off all the league clubs in Europe.

Lu Wenbin can join this club for the rest of his life because Lu Wenbin’s personal strength is too abnormal.
After Ji Lu Wenbin chose which club, he was tied to this club for the rest of his career.
After getting a reply, Lu Wenbin and Mendes will have a score in their hearts.
At first, Lu Wenbin’s small club was of little value and fame. Lu Wenbin asked Mendes to turn around and join his big club to get shares, but they were rejected one after another.
How can the owners of those big clubs be willing to give up their shares?
And Lu Wenbin asked for a lot of shares.
It is natural for Lu Wenbin to seek greater benefits by himself because he can play in a club later, and it is indeed a bit much to ask for shares.
Otherwise, it is better not to get a salary and bonus.
Football is not a very profitable business, but Lu Wenbin has the abnormal strength to keep the team winning the championship.
Of course, some clubs are willing to sell their shares to introduce Lu Wenbin, but their share is very small.
The owners of these giant clubs don’t regard Lu Wenbin as a human being at heart, but as a yellow man and wage earner from Asia.
Lu Wenbin has a strong ability. It is enough for them to attract high prices to help them win the championship and make a name for themselves. If they want to be partners on an equal footing with Lu Wenbin and Lu Wenbin wants to be a major shareholder, these people will quit.
The common ideal of these clubs is to let Lu Wenbin work for them, win the championship, make money and then give Lu Wenbin some salary bonuses.
It’s a bit difficult.
At this moment, Real Madrid replied that they accepted the latest offer of 1.5 billion euros from Paris Saint-Germain, and Lu Wenbin could talk about personal treatment with Paris Saint-Germain.
If the talks are over, they will turn to the talks and give Lu Wenbin a second club.
Non-liquidated damages transfer depends on which offer the club accepts before the player can talk about the treatment with which club.
桑拿会所Thinking that you need to get the triple crown in five major leagues, why don’t you put it off for a year and go to Paris Saint-Germain to finish painting the Ligue 1 vice?
Then choose a Premier League club to become a shareholder, and the boss will turn the team into a super giant.
After making up his mind, Lu Wenbin asked Mendes to talk about treatment with Paris Saint-Germain.
Ligue 1 is the weakest among the five major leagues, and Paris Saint-Germain is not a giant without the outbreak of the Champions League.
Therefore, Mendes pretended to look down on each other’s posture and seemed a little dissatisfied, so he turned his head and walked to scare Paris Saint-Germain.
Everyone doesn’t know that Lu Wenbin wants to win the triple crown in five major leagues. Everyone knows that now Lu Wenbin chooses not only Paris Saint-Germain, but at least Manchester City and Chelsea in the Premier League will not be short of money.
So if you want to win the Champions League and be promoted to the giants, Paris Saint-Germain will be eaten by Mendes.
Mendes wanted to sign a one-year short-term contract according to Lu Wenbin’s intention, so-called low salary, but of course this was rejected by Paris.
If you sign a one-year contract, Paris’s 1.5 billion euros transfer will be a waste of money and you won’t get a penny back.
This is life or death.
At last, everyone reached an intention to sign a three-year contract with a penalty of 300 million euros.
However, in which of the three seasons Lu Wenbin helped Paris Saint-Germain win Ligue 1, the French Cup and the Champions League, Lu Wenbin was free to leave without paying liquidated damages.
Mendes’ offer for Lu Wenbin is too harsh, so the Champions League alone is not enough. It must be a triple crown.
Lu Wenbin is free to leave before winning the Triple Crown for Greater Paris, unless the contract expires or his club moves out to take Lu Wenbin away.
At the same time, because Lu Wenbin may play for one year, he will run away freely, and the transfer of 1.5 billion euros in Greater Paris will be wasted.
Therefore, Lu Wenbin’s salary is not high, with an annual salary of 250,000 euros.
Lu Wenbin’s achievements today, even if he goes to the Premier League, are more than that. What’s more, his annual salary is the least famous in the five major leagues.
That is to say, Lu Wenbin needs to brush the triple crown of Ligue 1 and can leave Lu Wenbin freely without paying liquidated damages for one year before accepting such a low annual salary.
All that remains is to discuss the specific details, avoid legal loopholes and wait for the formal transfer in the summer transfer period.
In the Premier League, the problem can be slowly ground.
Lu Wenbin and Mendes dragged the small club at the beginning and tried their best to take a stake in the giant club, hoping to occupy the position of major shareholder or important shareholder.
However, at present, there is no hope that everyone will be reluctant to reduce their share.
Lu Wenbin can make two preparations. If those big clubs really don’t want to accept him as a shareholder, they can find another club to join.
With this idea, Lu Wenbin already doesn’t want others to make wedding clothes.
He can buy the financial resources of the small club that started with Lu Wenbin directly.