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Jun Qian, the "fire-eating mouse", looked at the big mouse in front of him through the law. The mouse’s fur was shiny and shiny, and it was red as fire and blood. Although his eyes were few, he was rare and obscene. It was really good

"You haven’t heard the name of our clan." The leader of the fire rat failed and looked at Jun Qian. "It seems that our fire rat clan has also declined."
"You haven’t flourished, have you?" Jun Qian smiled at it. "What you say should be attributed to the Orcs. But it’s the site of the Ling clan. Besides, it’s the tomb of the King of God. You must have taken refuge in the Ling clan so highly." He paused and said, "If you hadn’t been treated unfairly among the beasts, would you have to take refuge?"
Wen Yanjun laughed wildly and agreed, "Besides, I think your ethnic group should be purer and stronger, and there are more red components in its coat color than those bred by female practitioners. Besides, even without female practitioners, your family would not be extinct so early, and you will insist."
"You are wrong," said the leader of the fire mouse. "Actually, if there is no female practitioner, our family should all be extinct. None of them are pure in blood and have cubs born from female practitioners to live in such a harsh environment; And I’m not as pure as you think, but purer than other people and have an innate advantage. "
"Ancestor" Jun Qian’s look changed slightly
Qin Xiao has received the consciousness and looked at the red rat curiously.
This big mouse knows it is very big from a distance, but I didn’t expect it to be so big. It is as big as a young Terran born more than a month ago. Its fur is shiny and shiny, but it is not bright red, but it makes people feel very warm, and it also exudes warmth, which is not as disgusting as ordinary mice.
"Do you like it?" Jun asked with a smile.
Chapter one thousand nine Fire zi oil rat 3
Qin Xiao shook his head lightly. "I already have a lot of spirit beasts, so I’d better keep them for your humble brother."
Fire zi rat leader a listen to the words of these two people have to allocate him as their own things difficult to feel uncomfortable, but among the three people, there is a crazy gentleman who didn’t make moves. He has seen some means. If two people have the heart, they can put it out straight.
"I can’t beat you, but you can do whatever you want, but please leave our people alone," said the leader of the fire mouse
Reading in sections 449
"We have been loyal to the God Burn for generations. There is nothing in this corridor, and it is difficult to reproduce. Even the dead predecessors have food difficulties. Those blood vessels are thin and they are all ethnic meals. They have struggled to survive. Please let them go."
It’s so honest that you’re a little indecisive
"What can I do with you?" Jun Qian snorted. "I just want to ask if you are interested in leaving here with me. I want you to have some places to learn from in the future."
"This matter also needs to be discussed by my people." The fire mouse bowed its head slightly and looked quite smooth
Indeed, it led the people to one side to form a large group, and for a long time they did not discuss a result. After all, there are too many individuals in this ethnic group. If you want to listen to the opinions of no member, I am afraid you need several special statistical summary officials.
Time limit can finally be determined by several layers of the ethnic group, and its members can respect the level indication.
I can’t help it. They have no advantage in talent.
桑拿网"It seems that you have discussed a result." Jun laughed at the leader of the fire mouse.
Fire zi rat leader didn’t speak.
Jun Kuang said, "You’re smart enough to know that we’re not easy to mess with, and then we’ll turn the tables. This determination doesn’t mean that you can be so decisive and make me sit up and take notice." He leaked a little coercion. "Now you’re white. What do I say you’re smart?"
"You really are an untouchable person," said the fire mouse. "But you misunderstood one thing. Our ethnic group was not assigned to this place by the Ling family, but took the opportunity to blend in. The place you wanted to trample on earlier was the cemetery of our ancestors, and there was a place where we could go."
"I also said that you are guarding the door." Jun Qian sneered at the fact that his little affection for this ethnic group was almost worn away.
"If this door could get through, we would have left long ago," said the fire mouse leader. "If you have any exchange, please say so."
Junkuang knows that they have compromised and left here. "We will take your whole ethnic group out and you will be his spirit beast." Junkuang pointed to Junqian.
"Isn’t it our family?" The fire mouse leader was surprised.
"You are negotiating with us yourself." Before Jun Qian opened his mouth, Jun Kuang said, "You personally want the whole ethnic group, and this ethnic group doesn’t have to have you as the head of the clan, does it?" After a pause, he said, "But if you want to make waves in the spiritual world, that’s still it."
When I heard that Junkuang did admit that the patriarch was to be exchanged, the whole group of fire rats became agitated, especially when the patriarch could be exchanged, many individuals in the whole group began to show surprise without suppressing their voices.
It can be seen that have it both ways, the leader of the group, still has high expectations and knows how to measure the strength of his opponent. It is not to say that there is no but it is very measured
"We are not so stupid," the leader of the fire mouse bowed. "This condition is already very good for us losers."
Jun smiled modestly and viciously. "If you know it, follow me and take you to eat spicy food. I can never lose you." He thought about it and asked again and again, "Are you afraid of cats?"
"Cat" fire zi mouse leader looked at Jun Qian puzzled.
"Cats are natural enemies of mice and like to catch mice." Jun Qian explained, "Of course, I don’t mean that I have a cat, but I have a little tiger at home."
"It’s just a matter of avoiding the point," said the fire mouse leader brightly
"Then I’m not as good as his spiritual knowledge as her." Jun Qian pointed to Jun Kuang and pointed to Qin Xiao. "So are you still willing to be my spirit beast?"