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She suddenly smiled bitterly. "I know that Meng Yichen, since you have so many opinions about me, you will stay with me again." !” She struggled to leave as she spoke.

"Do you want to leave? !”
"But I want to leave! I want to leave every minute! I don’t want to stay with you! "
For a second, Meng Yichen’s big palm has grasped her slender neck.
But he has no power, even though he is really angry and angry now, he can’t wait to strangle this ungrateful little woman in front of him
Yin anran looked at him, and she had no doubt that he would really do something to her.
She knew he dared.
But things didn’t go as she thought, and she was shouldered by Meng Yichen for a second.
"What are you doing? ! Let me go! "
Meng Yichen carried her and threw her directly into the back seat of the car.
Yin anran just remembered it, but he directly suppressed it. He was strong and refused. The breath lingered around her and almost overwhelmed her.
"Yin An dye you want to leave? Don’t want to stay with me? No way. Don’t forget your contract with me. "
His anger rushed to his head at the thought of the text message, the photo and what she had just seen.
When he finished, he leaned over and held her lips directly.
Try to chew without pity.
This is not a kiss, but a punishment!
He was angry with her, and so was she. She stubbornly closed her teeth and refused to give him a chance.
But how can Little Red Riding Hood fight the Wolf?
Meng Yichen hand directly pushed her clothes to force a pinch.
She spat out the closed teeth in pain, which opened his damp tongue and took the opportunity to get in.
夜网论坛Yin Anran was forced to accept his strong and punishing kiss.
When she realized that he was going to go further, her little hand clenched into a fist and kept beating him. "You … don’t …"
Her rejection of Meng Yichen sounded more like that man, and his jealousy and anger burned higher in his heart.
When he suddenly possessed her, Yin Anran pinched him unconsciously.
She was forced to accept the pain and tears came out.
He doesn’t care about her feelings, let alone whether she hurts!
After it was all over, Yin Anran was like a broken doll, with tears in her eyes.
Meng Yichen hugged her tightly and buried her face in her cervical fossa.
The car was silent.
I don’t know how long it took him to slowly raise his head, and his eyes were stung by this expression on her hole.
He smoothed her clothes, walked to the driver’s seat and the car sped out.
Yin Anran sat in the back seat and kept his original posture until the car arrived at the villa.
She was just about to leave when she came back, and the intense pain hit her and she couldn’t help but spit out.
Meng Yichen glanced at the rearview mirror and then quickly turned off the car. When he opened the back door, Yin Anran moved out bit by bit.
She is really in pain, and she feels severe pain without feeling anything.
Meng Yichen’s hand was just about to touch her when she pushed it away.
She is stubborn and doesn’t want him to touch it.
But she can’t resist him at all in this situation, or even without this situation, she can’t resist him
Before him, she seemed to be the lamb to be slaughtered forever.
Meng Yichen directly tasikmalaya carried her out.
Meng Yijie Lou met two people who came face to face. She wondered, "What happened to Brother Xiaoran?"
"Nothing," he replied faintly, and then carried people into the room and the door.
Meng Yijie was curious to look inside, but she was blocked by the heavy door. She muttered something and turned back to her room.
Meng Yichen held Yin Anran to the bed. "Don’t move, I’ll buy some medicine."
Yin An dyed delicate eyebrows and frowned. "I want to take a bath." She said that she wanted a bed.
Meng Yichen pressed her "you give me a point! Wait for me if you want to take a shower. I’ll be back soon. If I don’t see you lying in bed, I’ll tidy you up! " He threatened
Meng Yichen is really coming back soon.
He carried Yin Anran into the bathroom. He was about to reach out and take off her clothes when she stopped him. "I’ll do it myself."
Meng Yichen definitely took a look at her and walked out of the bathroom without insisting on putting the ointment.
When Yin Anran came out of the shower, the room was already lit and the bedside lamp was on.
Meng Yichen doesn’t have a room. She is almost conscious and looks at the Chaoyang platform.
The faint light let her see the tall and straight figure and faintly see a little red light and smoke.
Yin Anran pinched her lips and went to the bed to lie down.
Meng Yichen smoked one cigarette after another outside the balcony.
By the time he entered the room, the little man was already asleep.
He squatted beside her, stroking her tender cheeks with slender fingers, bit by bit from forehead to lips.
He took out his mobile phone, and the picture appeared on the screen of his mobile phone. It was a picture of her having dinner with Gu Jingyan in a restaurant and … going to an amusement park together.
Two people sitting in an amusement park coffee cup, everything looks like a close couple.
This picture stung his eyes and his heart.
"You won’t love him, will you?" He whispered softly and leaned over to kiss her lips.
Section 36
The next day, Yin Anran got up on time, and when she looked pleasing to the eye, she found a note pressed at the bottom of the alarm clock.
-have a good rest at home
Simple six words
She didn’t feel so painful because she put on the medicine yesterday. After washing, she went downstairs.
He Rui learned that Yin Anran didn’t come to work today, and his heart was not a little surprised.