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I touched some wet hair and touched my face, deliberately touching his chest and playing coquetry softly. "Fortunately, she spilled a cup of coffee and was slapped by her."

Li Yuyan seems to be very surprised. I will tell on the spot. It is estimated that my tone is disgusting to ruthlessly gouge me out.
But in the face of Ye Xiangyuan, she became very docile and stammered to explain, "Ayuan, I didn’t …"
Ye Xiangyuan gave me a cold glance at her in my arms.
Li Yuyan suddenly pursed her mouth with tears in her eyes. "You believe me, I really didn’t touch her … she was so irritating that she said you couldn’t bear to part with her … Ayuan, please tell him now that you like me and you will drive her away!"
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t answer. She didn’t give her a look. I walked out directly.
Li Yu smoke unwilling to chase to stop his way "Ye Xiangyuan! You are my fiance! "
Ye Xiangyuan put my head on his chest and wouldn’t let me talk to her.
I heard his voice cold. "Miss Li, I never liked your engagement party. It was a joke. I denied it, and I hope you can forget it."
Li Yu smoke sounds very excited "you lie! You like me! Why else would you look for her! Everyone says that she looks like me, and that you found a body double because my family didn’t agree! How can you treat me like this! "
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t.
I can’t see his expression, so I don’t know what he is thinking at this time.
Li Yuyan suddenly screamed, "Ah Yuan, you are quick to say that you like me! Get her out of here! Or I’ll shoot her! "
I couldn’t feel the muzzle, but after hearing what she said, I looked up involuntarily.
I saw her face twisted and pointed a gun at my chest.
Ye Xiangyuan is still not out.
I snuggled closer to his arms.
约茶Li Yuyan seems to be more angry, and his eyes are particularly red, like he is going to emit fire and stare at me.
I think she would have pulled the trigger if there were no leaves going to the far field.
Ye Xiangyuan looked at her lightly.
She raised her hand. "You must be angry that day. I didn’t expect Grandpa Ye to suddenly announce his engagement … I wanted to discuss it with you …"
Ye Xiangyuan abrupt a smile.
When everyone didn’t react, he had an extra gun in his hand.
Then he shot Li Yuyan in the arm.
Li Yuyan’s gun should fall to the ground.
Ye Xiangyuan took the opportunity to kick away.
Li Yu smoke screams resounded through the coffee shop.
The surprise was that all the guests in the store were calm and no one panicked.
I’m feeling weird. Those people gathered around Li Yuyan.
They are all very tall.
I just noticed that they are all men and should be Li Yuyan’s bodyguards.
Fortunately, Ye Xiangyuan also brought many people.
Ye Wen is clever and immediately let bodyguards stop Li Yu’s smoker.
I was half-held by Ye Xiangyuan and walked out.
Behind Li Yu smoke roars "Ye Xiangyuan, you dare to shoot me! You shot me with a bitch! I will definitely tell Grandpa Ye what happened! "
Ye Xiangyuan turned back and casually said, "You have something to say."
Then he took me to open the door and left.
Outside, there are busy streets and passers-by are in a hurry.
They don’t know what’s going on in this cafe.
There is a long row of black cars parked on the street outside the store. Ye Xiang and I are far away from the front car.
Car start
I silently lift up your face and look at Ye Xiangyuan.
He hugged me and pressed my head against his chest. "Are you scared?"
I shook my head in his arms and whispered, "Send me abroad as soon as possible."
Section 79
He raise my face and stared at me.
I smiled at him.
I performed this scene today in the way he wanted.
He and Li Yuyan broke off their engagement and paved the way. He should be satisfied.
I didn’t stop Nannan from calling Lu Xun.
Lu Xun is close to Ye Xiangyuan. I guess Lu Xun won’t hide Ye Xiangyuan. I deliberately let Ye Xiangyuan know my whereabouts. Tell him that I have made a decision.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
I’m sure he’ll understand me.
He did come.
The only surprise is that he will shoot Li Yuyan and completely tear her face.
When he was five years old, he seduced Li Yuyan, and Li Yuyan really liked him. Not long ago, they were engaged.
Although it’s ridiculous to say whether it was a wedding banquet or an engagement banquet, it also proves that Ye Xiangyuan’s plan was successful.
But today it fell short.
I’m a little confused about his mind.
Yu Liyu smoke leaves far away over there. I started work on her. She is estimated to be mad.
I don’t know what she will do when she comes.
And how will the Li family react?
What would Ye Xiangyuan do? Have you already figured out your coping strategies?
I secretly thought that Ye Xiangyuan suddenly stretched out his hand and touched my head.
He kissed me on the forehead in a gentle tone. "I’ll arrange it tomorrow."
I didn’t speak again. I looked at the street view frame by frame outside the window with his shoulder, and I felt that there had never been peace in my heart.
No matter how much wind and rain there is, it is Ye Xiangyuan’s business.