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Jiang Mengyi and Gao Zhenning both have long hair, especially Gao Zhenning, who has been afraid to fight back because she has been taking care of hiding. It’s worse to be beaten by Jiang Mengyi, and her face is red and swollen, not to mention that there are two long blood marks on her cheeks. Where is the elegance on weekdays?

Now she also dare to bury her face in tears and still don’t know what happened …
Jiang Mengyi gasped for a while and then listened to Gao Zhenning crying and pointing at her, yelling, "Say Ye Xiao is not your daughter. Don’t tell us anything!"
Gao Zhenning one leng sobbed choked and said, "You … you went to Ye Xiao? All know? "
"You deliberately don’t say if you just want to see us make a fool of ourselves. My husband is hurt by you. Now he has a stroke. It’s all hurt by you and Ye Xiao …" She said that if she hadn’t been pulled by Gu to the north, she would have rushed over again.
A cold sneer sounded next to Gu Liqing got said, "If it weren’t for you stealing wild men outside and going to have an abortion, would my grandfather be fainted by you?" It’s quite a big thing to shirk responsibility. "
"…" Gao Zhenning looked surprised at Jiang Mengyi stealing wild men?
Jiang Mengyi suddenly glared at Gu Liqing. "I didn’t. It’s all Ye Xiao’s nonsense!"
Gu Liqing "Hehe"-"Is it nonsense or should I go to the first floor of obstetrics and gynecology with you now?"
"You …" At this time of Jiang Mengyi’s remorse was invited. If I had known this, why didn’t I find a private hospital to do it? So as not to be seen!
"If you had been a little nicer to Ye Xiao five years ago and let your brother-in-law marry Ye Xiao, would our family be like this now?" Gu Liqing added, "Compared with Time Pu, real Ye Xiao is the real Zhang Zhu Yu’s granddaughter. Who dares to offend if the name goes out? I’m afraid my brother-in-law regrets it now, right? I didn’t even care about my wife just now. Poor little aunt must be crying at home now? "
Jiang Mengyi’s face suddenly turned red and white. Some things she knew were one thing, but it was another to be said so. Although she did have some regrets in her heart, she hated Ye Xiao more.
She wanted to think, grabbed Gu’s sleeve to the north and advised, "Call Guangpu to the north and ask her how she is now. Don’t really what happened."
Gu sat there frowning in the north, and his thin lips almost became a straight line. There was no reaction when he heard this.
"North!" See gu to the north so Jiang Mengyi nasty "you don’t really regret it? Even if Ye Xiao is the granddaughter of Yu’s family, but … she is already married to Han Shu. Go north and count mom, please stop going the extra mile. "
Gu listened to Jiang Mengyi’s words to the north and suddenly gave a wry smile. The bitter heart stopped spreading.
As soon as the old lady in the box finished speaking, the whole room fell into a dead silence.
After a while, the old lady Yu spoke again and said, "It’s my fault that my wife Jinchuan and Zhiqiu are both victims. They didn’t want you, especially Jinchuan. He hasn’t been married for so many years and has no children of his own. You are his only own flesh and blood. Just be grandma and ask you to give them a chance to compensate, okay? If you still have grievances in your heart, blame me. Anyway, my old woman is a big age and it won’t be a few years … "
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao felt that his eardrums were buzzing, but he didn’t know it was so good in his head.
She looked at Mrs. Yu’s words behind her mouth, and almost didn’t listen to her. The only thing she remembered was that when Master Yu changed the dna identification, she was recognized by Yu’s family as an illegitimate daughter with unknown father when she was born, and then Gao Zhiqiu lost her to worship the city and let her grandmother and Gao Zhenning raise herself …
No wonder Gao Zhiqiu refused to come back abroad for so many years, and no wonder he couldn’t tell the reason. So that’s it …
Looking at Gao Xiaoxiao’s slouches, Han Shu was so distressed that she didn’t walk over and held her in her arms and said, "Grandma Yu, let’s just do this today. I’ll take her back and rest."
Korea’s old lady is busy nodding at Sun’s wife’s pale face, and she is also distressed. Why are there so many dog blood things one after another? I’m really worried that she will bear it.
"Oh, no, don’t go yet." Mrs. Yu is in a hurry. Now that it’s all said, she still hopes to solve the problem at once
But I can’t help it. I just finished my words and left directly with Gao Xiaoxiao. Yu Han’s family immediately followed the mighty left.
It may be that others dare not stop Gao Xiaoxiao’s emotions from getting out of control.
Yang Xiyu worried about the old lady and said, "Mom, the lobby manager just came to ask if you want to open a seat …"
"What seats are there? I’m not in the mood. My grandchildren are gone!" The old lady Yu yelled and looked back to see Gao Zhiqiu and Yu Jinchuan’s skull ache again.
☆, 227 angry with me?
What a sin! Old lady Yu said while rubbing her temple, "Just say that I am not feeling well, so I won’t go to the building. You two are in charge of entertaining."
At Yujinchuan, Yang Xi guessed that the old lady Yu should have something to say and nodded her head, so she went out with Yudongchen and took the door thoughtfully.
Lounge suddenly left the old lady Yu Jinchuan and Gao Zhiqiu.
The old lady Yu took a sip of the table cup by sitting in a soft chair on crutches.
Because it was left too long, the tea was already cold.
She frowned or swallowed the water and put the cup back again. At the same time, the sound also sounded in the box. "Since Xiaoxiao is our Yu family child, it must be recognized by you two …"
She sighed and said, "I don’t want to say anything more about Xiao Xiaoer and Xiao Baimian. Pick a day and get the certificate as soon as possible."
Gao Zhiqiu blurted out with a shock in his mind, "I won’t get married."
Yu Jinchuan hasn’t spoken yet. Old lady Yu Taiyuan just eased up and her expression immediately became severe. She looked at her with sharp eyes and said, "Don’t get married? Do you two still want Xiao Xiaoer to continue to be an illegitimate daughter? "
Gao Zhiqiu looked up with tears floating in her eyes and said to the old lady Yu’s slightly fickle eyes, "Just now, the Korean family have all heard the truth, and Xiao Xiaoer has a father and a mother. She is not an illegitimate daughter."
Old lady Yu smiled disdainfully. "You think it’s too simple, Jinchuan. If you suddenly recognize Xiaoxiao, won’t people outside you have other ideas?"
It was only when she saw the dna identification that she understood everything.
桑拿网It is estimated that what former Yu Jinchuan wants to tell her is to marry Gao Zhiqiu.
Although the old lady Yu doesn’t like Gao Zhiqiu much … There are still some gaps in her heart, but she can recognize the child.
It is not so important for Jinchuan to recognize his own child.
Didn’t you also say that after marriage, they will live in Qiushuiju, so that she will be out of sight and out of mind.
Gao Zhiqiu looked at the old lady Yu and insisted that "I will never get married."
This time, the old lady Yu directly chose to see that "things were really wrong for our Yu family more than 20 years ago, and now Xiao Er has grown so big, married Ah Shu’s wife and gave birth to Xiao Bai Jinchuan. After so many years of hard work, it is considered that he finally found his own flesh and blood that has been lost for many years, and I can’t deny it."
"Don’t worry, I don’t like you much. The marriage I promised you was purely to give Xiaoxiao a stable family. In the past 20 years, Jinchuan didn’t know it, but you didn’t return home for so many years. You also gave birth to a vivian with other men abroad. I also heard about Xiaoxiao’s family before. She had a very hard life with her grandmother since childhood and gave birth to a child at a young age without studying in college. The thought of this makes me feel uncomfortable …"
Old lady Yu didn’t say anything. Looking at Gao Zhiqiu’s sad eyes also eased. "Forget it, I don’t want to. After all, this incident was caused by my wife. If it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t have gotten into that situation at the beginning, and Xiao Er wouldn’t have suffered like that. Now, let’s think about how to get the children to accept you and then make up for those 20 years."
After saying these words, the old lady Yu was exhausted before.
"That’s all I can say. You two should communicate and negotiate."
Say that finish hand brushed brushed beckoned them to leave.
On the other hand, the Han family didn’t trust the driver to follow the Han car back to Xiangxiyuan.
After entering the villa, Han Shan went downstairs with Gao Xiaoxiao. First, she went to the bathroom and took a towel and dipped it in warm water. When she came out, she was going to wipe her face.
Gao Xiaoxiao is somewhat resistant to pushing him to "wear makeup on his face."
"Just wipe your face," Han said, holding a hot towel on her little face in one hand. She wiped her cold little face to avoid her eyes and wiped it gently and carefully.
The two faces are very close. Gao Xiaoxiao looks at the close proximity. Zhang Jun’s face is elegant, white and elegant. She blinks her eyelashes gently and feels that her breathing is cool and smells good.
"Did you help him with that appraisal?" Gao Xiaoxiao suddenly spoke.
"…" Han Shu didn’t speak until she wiped her little face clean and threw the towel at her, then said "hmm".
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
"Are you angry with me?" Han Shu’s hands holding her cheek without powder attached to her white porcelain face became more delicate and smooth, and her fingers felt great.
Gao Xiaoxiao sighed and shook his head gently.
Even if he doesn’t help, the truth is still there. Sooner or later, Yu Jinchuan’s character will also be exposed.
Han Shan slightly hooked his thin lip and said, "Whether you know your relatives or not is all so-called. Anyway, when you married me three years ago, the identity information was that the orphan had Gao Zhenning, and there was not much difference between the mother and the mother. When I found out what happened in those years, as Grandma Yu said, your parents were victims, and they were not happy for more than 20 years. So why not give them an explanation? Do you want to recognize … "
"I don’t want them" Gao Xiaoxiao suddenly interrupted him.
Ding interrupted him.