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Section 624

Chang Huan-yan felt that he was very strange when he was about to take his mobile phone and depressed, but he took her hand and said, "It’s almost noon, grandma. They should go home soon. Call Aunt Wu."
"…" Chang Huanyan looked at him with a pout and said, "Are you trying to kick me out?"
Yu Yu "…"
"Can you at least kiss goodbye before you go?" Chang Huan Yan added
What should I do after discovering that Yu will blush? She seems to like flirting with him more and more … Ahem.
Yu Yu looked at her for a few seconds and then put her face together. She kissed her lips.
"all right"
"This is too perfunctory!" Chang Huanyan deliberately issued a protest.
"…" Yu Yu picked up his eyebrows and his thin lips, and suddenly picked up a smile-like low voice with some banter and said, "What is not perfunctory?"
Chang Huan Yan blinked for a second, and when Yu met her, she would speak amazingly again, but the whole person jumped at him directly.
Yu Yu "…"
Soft and fragrant body sticks to his body, but be careful not to crush him. The left hand is slightly cold, holding his resolute face with both hands and sticking his thin mouth to his thin lips and gnawing at it.
Yu Yu’s smile at the fundus soon changed from passive to active, hooked her lips and entangled, and raised her hand and gently stroked her soft waist.
The two of them just sat on the sofa and kissed like two cross-necked mandarin ducks.
It was not until I couldn’t breathe a little that Chang Huanyan gasped and left him slightly. She looked at the manly face in front of her. She felt that she was evil influence. How could she think that he was getting more and more handsome?
Does this mean that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
She pursed her lips and said in an overbearing tone, "Get better soon. You dare not make too much effort to kiss a’ sick beauty’ every day."
Yu Yu "…"
Not long after I went home with Aunt Wu, Yu’s family came back from the villa in a mighty way. Because both Yan Huan and Yu Yu didn’t go there, they also brought a lot of specialties, some food and gadgets.
I kissed the two children in my arms for a while, and after lunch, I often laughed and didn’t rest. I immediately went to the hospital with the Yu family.
Yang Xi looked at her positively and smiled with satisfaction at the corners of her mouth.
It seems that it’s still necessary for young couples to get along alone. It’s just a day without seeing their feelings.
For the next two days, it was the weekend, and I often went nowhere. I stayed in the hospital with Yu Yu until Monday morning …
Chang Huanyan carries a fruit bowl with cantaloupes, apples and strawberries in it …
Sitting on the sofa, she kept putting toothpicks into Yu Yu’s mouth.
After a few bites, Yu Yu looked at her and said casually, "Where are you going to dress up so beautifully?"
Chang Huanyan "…"
Actually, she didn’t dress up very much either, but since it was Monday at 1 o’clock and she had to go to the magazine to sign up for a Dojo, she tied a flower bud and put on lipstick to look refreshing and neat.
She put a toothpick and deliberately said "date"
Someone will be surprised, jealous and angry. Who knows …
品茶Yu Yu smiled lightly. "With me?"
Chang Huanyan looked at his face and smiled. His heart was as sweet as spring flowers. "Shame on you! Who is dating you? I am going to the magazine to report! "
Yu Yu didn’t speak but still looked at her expression with a light smile … somewhat spoiled.
Chang Huanyan got up and picked up his bag and coat when he looked at his eyes. He kissed his thin lips. "I have to go and come back to dinner with you at noon. Remember to cover for me when my parents ask questions."
Yu Yu nodded in principle and promised "good"
It was already 9: 04 when I arrived at the company. After waiting for a few minutes, Qiao Jinyu came.
Help her to be a worker after busy, not to mention holding a rag to help her clean her desk …
Even the girl in the personnel department smiled naively. "Jin Yu, are you two so close?"
"Of course, we were best friends at this time before we were happy!" Qiao Jinyu smiles.
Just sit quietly Bai Jinlan came out from the office, and everyone got up and walked to the meeting room very tacitly.
Chang Huan Yan went there with Qiao Jinyu. She just wanted to sit in the nearest position, but she pulled her to the opposite side.
"Huanyan, I’m telling you, this row is our group A position, and opposite it is group B. We can’t sit around," Qiao Jinyu said.
"…" Chang Huan Yan saw the corners of her mouth twitching slightly across the eye.
Well, even the meeting seats are so divided, it’s really hard for her not to be nervous
When Xiao Ran closed the meeting room, she carefully observed that Bai Jinlan was sitting in the first place. The left hand position was group A, and the right hand position was group B. It was interesting that group A was all women and group B was all men, and they were all very young.
After a brief opening, Bai Jinlan said, "We are called here today because we have a new colleague who has officially joined the job. Please introduce yourself."
"Good" Chang Huanyan got up and introduced herself briefly.
Who knows that after the finish, a group of several people applauded sparsely, and the men across the street had different expressions, but no one applauded.