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"There is a lack of security around without a mobile phone."

The hospital environment is relatively quiet, Song Qingcheng lives in a single ward, and there is no mobile phone network. She doesn’t know what happened to the news that she matched her kidney to save her brother.
"Want to know the news follow-up?" Yutingchuan asked her
Song Qingcheng expressed his concern that "I’m afraid that the news of kidney donation comes out because of the developed network information."
After she gave birth, Yu Sister-in-law temporarily moved into Yunxi Road Garden. In the past two days, Yu Sister-in-law and Aunt Gong were busy cleaning the villa and taking care of her, but they didn’t have time to pay attention to the current affairs news newspaper. The two news reports to Song Qingcheng were "Song Moumou" on the social platform. Aunt Gong and Yu Sister-in-law were too old to know how to go online and naturally wouldn’t pay attention to those reports.
So she asked Aunt Gong, and they couldn’t ask why.
Yutingchuan has been sitting in the bedside chair, holding the whole Song Dynasty with his right hand stretched out, and slowly clenching his thigh is tender and sweet, and told her that "some reporters in the building don’t have to be nervous or ignore them later."
Song Qingcheng nodded and looked deep into the man’s eyes. "Things are big, right?"
After hesitating for a few seconds, I finally asked my doubts.
Considering that there are other people in the ward, Song Qingcheng’s voice is low. "Have I been in prison before?"
Yu Tingchuan did not deny that looking at her eyes was gentle. "Will you be afraid?"
The whole song dynasty shook its head and truthfully said, "I would be afraid before I did it." Say that finish this sentence and hold his big hand "but not now."
The words fell on those bright eyes and looked at him with dependence. "Because I know that no matter what happens, you will be by my side, and I am a mother now, and I should not escape when I encounter problems, so I should set a good example for my children."
At nine o’clock this afternoon, many children were sent out of the observation room.
Outside the inpatient department, there are many reporters squatting in the shade of the scorching sun.
A reporter sharp-eyed saw a man coming out of the inpatient department shouting’ Is it Yu Tingchuan?’ Immediately, all reporters held a long gun and a short gun.
Yutingchuan has been holding Song Qingcheng’s hand and protecting her with the other hand to avoid her being collided by reporters. The girl in Yutingchuan’s arms is wearing sunglasses and a sky blue shirt and white pants. She should be afraid of the flash and slightly lower her head.
A reporter took pictures of Yu Tingchuan and Song Qingcheng with clenched hands.
When the nanny came out with the baby basket, bodyguards and hospital guards came to drive away the reporters who came around a little.
Media reporters can’t offend, which is a common truth in entertainment and business circles. If you offend a reporter today, she/he will blacken you upside down. Some fake materials can come true, and it will be difficult for an individual to wash away the black history.
Yu Tingchuan had previously told Xu Dong to avoid physical conflicts between bodyguards and journalists.
A bold reporter tried to avoid the bodyguard’s block and pushed forward with a microphone. He asked, "Mr. Yu is now online, and your wife’s news is endless. Just now, Weibo, who claimed to be a prisoner at the same time as your wife Yu Rao’s second prison, made a statement. She said that your wife had been seriously injured in a fight in prison, which proved her statement and she also took a photo."
Then the reporter hurriedly took out his mobile phone. "The fifth Mr. Yu on the left in the third row in this photo, please see if he is your wife?"
Yu Tingchuan never raised his hand in front of those cameras without gaffes to stop people from coming over. Xu Dong answered, "It’s not surprising that you have a problem with the photo synthesis with advanced technology. I can tell you that my wife was harassed by future generations when she was young, and she accidentally hurt someone. She has paid the price for her own fault. Please seek truth from facts and don’t be influenced by false statements on the Internet."
The reporter took the opportunity to ask again, "Mr. Yu must have read the article in Yangjiang Daily yesterday. Is it true that you defended your wife and spent a lot of money to buy TV programs and videos?" Is your wife really unwilling to save her dying brother? "
"My wife just gave birth on September 6, and now you have seen it with your own eyes."
Yu Tingchuan’s opening voice is still calm and plain. "The charity dinner was held on the evening of the 5th. My wife was pregnant and gave birth prematurely next month. No, I’ll elaborate on the reasons. If you think about it, you can say nothing about your father. My wife and daughter will not discuss her mother in public."
Smell speech those reporters behave themselves.
It may be that Yu Tingchuan’s calm attitude, no guilty conscience and no avoidance gave them another guess. Is it really targeted by someone? Scandals have exploded one after another. If they were ordinary people, I am afraid they would have been unable to stop the pressure of public opinion.
Look at this Mrs. Yu again. It doesn’t look as unbearable as the internet says.
Some reporters think it may be that silence is the best weapon at this time, but every word that Mrs. Yu says now is recorded and flowed out, which is equivalent to adding a fire to those scandals
All the reporters with active minds turned to Song Qingcheng and asked "Mrs. Yu, don’t you explain yourself?" Is it true that it was not your husband Mr. Yu but your brother-in-law who sent you to the hospital on the evening of September 5? "
Malicious song city will not listen to not to come out in this sentence.
桑拿按摩Even if the reporter had been pulled aside by bodyguards, Song Qingcheng realized that the rumor outside was more serious than she thought, and all the children born in Lian Gang were arranged.
Yu Tingchuan didn’t talk nonsense to reporters again. "I understand that it’s not easy for you to work in the hospital in such a hot day, but you have to report in the news media. We should uphold the principle of seeking truth and hope that all media friends can truthfully report what they saw and heard on the Internet today. My wife and I will reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility, which is not a threat, but I don’t want to see any name on the list of lawyers’ prosecutions in the future."
This is not a threat, but it is already a warning.
A journalist with a status like Yu Tingchuan knows that it’s hard to talk about doing business, and it’s not good to make it bigger, and people will ignore you. If you ride to the top of your head, you’ll be lucky.
That kind of rumor and slander lawsuit is a dozen times, and the rich can entrust a lawyer for 50 thousand yuan in half a year. It is not a problem to sue dozens of people at the same time if they have more money.
But you are an ordinary citizen. Even if you can afford a lawyer, can you spend it with others?
Even if you can afford it, is your network as big as others?
The background of the Yu family is there until the trial, and the judge may have dinner with the plaintiff the night before. Besides, in this kind of lawsuit, the plaintiff has to find a good charge and the defendant has a very small chance of winning.
In reality, there are still a few people who are willing to break the jar and break the fame.
For a moment, the reporter holding the microphone consciously stepped back.
Song Qingcheng was escorted out of the inpatient department by Yutingchuan. Lao Zhao had parked the car and got into the car. Aunt Gong put the baby basket in again.
The baby basket was covered with gauze curtains, and the children didn’t expose those shots.
Song Qingcheng looked at the sleeping face of the child and just wanted to come out and answer the reporter’s question. The impulse was crushed by her. After Yu Tingchuan’s car, she turned to look at the outline of the man’s tough side face. "You don’t listen to their nonsense. Yu Chengye and I are no different."
Yu Tingchuan opened the car door and looked at her face with warmth in her eyes. "Those rumors don’t have to be taken seriously. Is it me? I don’t know?"
Smell speech Song Qingcheng corners of the mouth slightly curved.
On September 11th, the doorbell of a suburban house in Nancheng was rung at about 10 o’clock at night.
One of the four people squatted in front of the brain and opened the door. As soon as the door opened, I felt that I had a hard kick on my chest before I could see the other person’s sample. The whole person was kicked over!
☆, Chapter 454 Feeding the child belongs to the father’s affection.
The young man fell on his back, and his chest was dull and dull. He just looked up at the door and came in. A tall and thin young man looked at the 27-year-old man with a guy in his right hand. He didn’t know which way the immortal youth was swinging the iron bar.
The man consciously closed his eyes and clung to his head, but the iron bar swept over his head and smashed the glass partition.
Tempered glass’ Kuang’ collapsed, and the round glass shattered all over the floor.
This movement caused three other people in the room to rush out.
However, seeing the mysterious situation clearly, several people suddenly changed their faces, but they were all in their mid-twenties, and no one wanted to be the early bird when they met this kind of appearance at night.
The man sitting on the ground wants to get up and arch his back, so he is trampled heavily. The whole person lies down again and presses the glass slag next to his palm with bloody pain.
The companion finally couldn’t see the young man pointing at the door. "What do you want!"
He told others around him to "call the police immediately."