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I recalled the corners of my mouth, and for the first time, I felt that Wenlu was much more stupid than I expected.

This is a cloud city, and it’s an expensive place to gather.
She is complaining that Li Yuyan is crazy. It is estimated that she will reach Li Yuyan in less than half an hour, and then she will wait for Li Yuyan to retaliate.
Li Yuyan is not a broad-minded person. What she likes best is that she must pay for it.
I looked at Wen Lu and said, "I’m sorry you asked me not to do it."
Gu Changyu looked around and pulled my hand and whispered, "Let the bodyguards handle it. Let’s go to eat. Besides private meals, there is also a sweet shop next to it. The food in it is delicious. My favorite is Yang Zhi Ganlu. I order it every time I come …"
I smiled and, uh-huh.
Just as the ladder came, we were about to walk in.
Wen Lu suddenly pushed through the bodyguard and pulled my clothes from behind. "Ding Shishi, do you really have the heart to see me bullied by Li Yuyan? Maybe I will die … No wonder Ning Qi said that you are vicious and you really have no heart! "
I looked back at her coldly. "Wenlu, we have great hatred. Do you think I will help you?"
Panton made a sign to let the bodyguard drag her away.
夜网论坛Section 149
Wen Lu frantically broke free from their shackles, knelt in front of me and hugged my feet and burst into tears. "You must save me today … or I will kill you … anyway, I might as well die happily because I was tortured by Li Yu’s smoke …"
I frown.
I was about to say something, but suddenly Li Yuyan sounded sarcastic in the distance. "You didn’t ask her. She’s in danger now. Didn’t you hear that Ye Xiangyuan was in my father’s hand recently?"
It really came quickly.
I looked up at the past.
Li Yu smoke was surrounded by approaching step by step.
Chapter 157 Wen Lu must be dead.
Finally, Li Yuyan stopped at Wenlu and stepped on Wenlu’s back. "Even if you betray me, is it too long to slander me behind my back?"
Wen Lu screams
Li Yuyan’s face was bloodthirsty, but he didn’t see the slightest sympathy and stepped on it more vigorously. "Once you estimated that our Li family was finished and hurried to Ye Xiangyuan. Now our Li family is powerful, and you came back to admit your mistake and ignore you. You came to Ye Family again, and even if you didn’t uproot you, you would be worthy of you."
Wen Lu still screams, and besides, he can’t even argue with himself.
I looked at Li Yuyan.
She has become more arrogant since she left Thorn, and the whole person looks more gloomy.
I didn’t mean to provoke her to say "Let’s go" to Gu Changyu.
Gu Changyu nodded.
I heard taunts in the crowd.
Someone sarcastically said, "Oh, I didn’t expect Mrs. Ye Jiaer to be so guilty that she ran away when she saw Miss Li."
Everyone can hear the meaning in the tone of yin and yang.
Recently, the Li family plunged Ye Xiangyuan into the limelight for a while. These people pointed fingers and laughed at me for being timid.
And I’m Ye Xiangyuan’s wife. I ran away when I saw Li Yu’s smoke. This doesn’t just prove that Ye Xiangyuan is really defeated by the Li family.
I swept around the crowd and smiled.
Anyway, what Ye Xiangyuan said is to let these people relax their vigilance.
Just let them mock as much as they want.
There is always a loss and a win in the struggle between the two forces. After a long time, they will know that Ye Xiangyuan is powerful.
I pulled Gu Changyu into the ladder.
Li Yuyan told her hand to hold the ladder. She stared at me and said, "Stop!"
Gu Changyu and I both looked at her.
Li Yuyan sneered, "How can you leave before the show starts?"
I frowned.
According to what I know about her, I guess she will have another moth.
I wanted to get rid of this trouble quickly, so I winked at Pan Dong.
But Li Yu smoke moves faster. She kicks Wenlu’s ass and Wenlu is directly kicked into the ladder.
Gu Changyu was so scared that she squeezed my finger tightly.
I thought about Li Yuyan, who was determined not to let me go, and thought that Pan Dong would definitely protect me and Gu Changyu ‘an.
So I took Gu Changyu by the hand and walked out of the ladder.
Li Yuyan smiled proudly at me and said, "Drag Wenlu to the railing for me."
I have a guess in my mind and I’m not sure.
For a second, Li Yu tied Wen Lu rope with his hand, then cut her wrist and threw her outside the railing.
The whole process takes only half a minute in one go.
This is a height of more than ten meters on the fifth floor
Wen Lu was hanged and screamed half a time, which instantly resounded through the whole shopping mall.
There were some splashes of glass in her wrist, which was shocking.
I guess the picture is similar.
Cruel and bloody
Many people around are turning pale, and no one dares to be quiet.
Li Yuyan pulled the rope for a while, and the speed of loosening was from slow to fast. The road sound was high and low, and it was broken and sharp.
Occasionally I see her eyes, which are full of fear and hatred.
It’s like saying that she hates me and Li Yuyan, and hates this bullying world even more.
I can’t bear to look at it any more. Don’t look away silently.
But I’m not going to save her either.
A person like Wen Lu is not worthy of sympathy, whether she is stupid and vicious or double-dealing.
I inadvertently swept Gu Changyu but saw her silently staring at Wenlu.
From the initial fear to the present calm, she could not say calm, but she was not affected at all.
I can’t help being dazed.
Then I thought that she was born, maybe she had long been used to it, so the scene was calmer than me.
Wen Lu screamed for a while and then completely fainted and was hung outside the railing.
Her wrist wound was not bandaged, and the blood kept flowing.
I don’t know if she is still alive.