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Leng Jing Yan was busy and got together in the past. When I saw the pictures in the video, both faces were pale.

In the picture, a strange man in a black suit walks to the door of the hotel suite and knocks a few times, so he comes to open the door. He is wearing a hotel robe and his collar is still very open, and his makeup is exquisite. At first glance, he is also specially dressed up.
Then the camera zoomed out and saw that the two seemed to be talking all the time. Finally, the picture was frozen and the door was closed. It was self-evident.
The man is about 1.75 meters tall, although his face is mosaic, but from his height, he can clearly tell that he is not Han Shu, while Leng Yuqiu’s face is very clear and can be recognized at a glance.
"This video was taken back from the police when I went to the police station for bail last night," Han Zhengming said.
It means that the police will arrest people because of this evidence.
"…" Cold words and Xu Meizu suddenly didn’t know what to say. Last night, they all believed that it was impossible for this adopted daughter to do something so outrageous as aiding friends, but now even the video has this kind of thing, which is somewhat uncertain …
"Cold old lady used to be a big teacher Leng Yuqiu is now a big high flyers. You should know how serious the consequences will be if a female college student falls on the charge of aiding foreign relations, right? Plus this video, if it is really exposed by the police, Leng Yuqiu’s generation should be destroyed and your cold family will definitely not be able to get rid of it. "
"…" Xu Meizu eyes a fiercely "what do you mean?"
Didn’t she threaten him last night? How now it’s the other way around …
"I don’t want to investigate whether Leng Yuqiu has made aid, but please take care of Leng Yuqiu from today and let her stop harassing my son in D city or I will hand this video over to the police again."
Xu Meizu, with a pale face, Han Zheng Ming continued to say, "Old Lady Yu Leng, what you told me in your words last night is also a formal expression of my attitude today."
"Yes, it’s true that the biological mother of Xiaoxiao’s son is Gao Zhiqiu. Although she once had a husband and wife relationship with Shijun, it was more than twenty years ago after all. Who can live in this world without a past? Besides, they have been divorced for less than two years, and Leng Shijun and my daughter are officially divorced today. That is to say, your cold family has no in-laws with our Korean family. Leng Shijun has been married to several women. That’s your cold family’s business. It’s not like our Korean family. It’s Yu Jinchuan’s wife and Xiaoxiao ‘er is Yu Jinchuan’s own daughter. She and my son are now happily married and both are five years old. We can’t push our daughter-in-law and grandson out because of the so-called’ external image’. "
桑拿按摩  title=With these words, Zhong Yuhong has come from the floor, holding a face of ignorance and vacant wan wan.
"I’m done here. Please be kind to the old lady." See that Xu Meizu’s face has turned white. Han Zhengming no longer said much in the past, and picked up the granddaughter and walked toward the outside.
"…" Xu Meizu first one leng and then quickly chased after the past "Wan Wan, you can’t take Wan Wan away …"
Han Zhengming walked fast, and the three quickly left and walked into the ladder.
Xu Meizu wore slippers and ran to the door of the house. I don’t know if she was in a hurry. Her foot slipped. "Ouch!" One person had "slammed" and fell on the concrete floor.
She felt a terrible pain in the coccyx and looked up at the ladder door.
Building a line of four people quickly got into the car and roared off.
Zhong Yuhong looked back. "Honey, will it be okay if we just take Wan Wan away?"
"What can I do for you? The court decision is here." Han Zhengming held his granddaughter with a so-called face.
He’s already there. If Xu Meizu is really crazy, he won’t have anything to be polite if he doesn’t even want his adopted daughter’s honor and reputation.
He was very angry when he got the message last night, and even had an impulse to go home and ask if it was true. What are you keeping from them?
But after waiting for the bus for a long time, I don’t know what happened, but he suddenly figured it out
Section 341
Because no matter how angry he is, it won’t change anything. It’s been more than 20 years since the marriage more than 20 years ago. Now Han Shao and Xiao Xiaoer have also got married, and the attitude that Han Shao chose to hide is obvious, that is, he doesn’t want it.
Obviously, I just don’t want this kind of thing to affect his and Xiaoxiao’s life now.
He thought about it and gave Xu Meizu a message, promising to help bail Leng Yuqiu out, but she had to keep her mouth shut about it.
Xu Meizu agreed.
When he went to the police station to bail Leng Yuqiu out, he went home and talked to his son immediately.
The so-called video was not taken back from some policeman, but was given to him by Han Shu.
"Grandpa, where are we going?" Wan wan raised his little face and asked with curiosity.
"Wan Wan Grandpa and Grandma will take you back to D City to find your mother, ok?" Zhong Yuhong touched her granddaughter’s hair and said kindly.
After Wan Wan came to D city, Han Minzhi was going to the hospital for surgery, and Leng Yuqiu went to harass Han Shao Leng Shijun again and again, so she had to send her daughter back to A city. I didn’t expect this time …
Wan Wan blinked his eyes. "What about Dad?"
"Your father he …" Zhong Yuhong trembles.
"Dad will come to see Wan Wan and then live with his mother and grandparents in D city, okay?" Han Zhengming coaxed
Wan Wan wrinkled his little eyebrows, although not too white, but he thought that he could come to see her with his mother, and immediately nodded, "Good!"
D city airport on the other side
Leng Shijun and Leng Yuqiu just came from the taxi when they received a call from home.
"Shijun, where are you now? Come back quickly!" Lengjingyan hurriedly said
Leng Shijun froze. "What’s the matter?"
"The Han family just came home and said that the court ruled that you and Minzhi had divorced, so you took Wan Wan away from your mother and chased them. I just fell at the door and broke her bones. I just sent her to the hospital for surgery."
Leng Shijun "…"
Wu Hua fu Rui yuan Jing Zhai
"Eldest brother heard that real estate stocks have been slippery recently." On the first floor, Han Han took a sip of coffee in front of him with one hand.
Behind the desk, Jing Muchen leaned back and sneered, "When did fashion start to care about the real estate industry?"
"Eldest brother, you said that I didn’t care about you. I’ll help you one day if something goes wrong with Jingyang, right?" Han’s smirk is mainly Jing Muchen’s face is paralyzed like an iceberg all the year round. To tell the truth, he always wants to make a joke.
Jingmuchen coldly saw him at a glance and put the line of sight back in front of cool thin "are you full or idle? The horse is going to celebrate the New Year, so let’s go home with our wife and children. "
Han Dong put a glass of "Big Brother, I really have something else to come to see you today"
After that, he walked to the next chair and sat down with his black eyes shining. "Eldest brother, I plan to reissue the wedding with my wife in the new year. How do you want a beautiful flower girl to lend me your jiujiu? Just take the red carpet with Xiaobai for a while. How do you make golden couple an absolute kill …"
"no!" Jing Muchen refused.
Let his precious daughter make flower girl for him and go with his little fox? It’s uncomfortable to think about that picture
"Eldest brother, don’t lie. You see our brothers have your existing daughter, and the key is jiujiu. She also likes my son very much. We parents should support children’s preferences …"
JingMuChen impatiently interrupted him "stop! I’ll pretend you didn’t say you can go. "
"I don’t!" With a firm face, Han Shu almost cheated and said, "I won’t leave if you don’t promise me today."
Jingmuchen "…"
A minute later, the door was opened with a thud, and Jing Muchen came out with a black face and glanced at the living room. "Where did jiujiu go?"
Su Ruo got up from the sofa late and her face was full of incomprehension. "She went to her parents’ house with Yanyan to play. What happened to her husband?"
"Eldest brother" Han Shu chased out from behind. "If you don’t promise me, you’ll talk to your sister-in-law."
"…" Su Ruo blinked at night. "What about me? What do you want to see me for?"
"Sister-in-law!" Han Shu immediately leaned over. "Well, after the Chinese New Year, I want to make up the wedding with my wife, and I want to find jiujiu to be our flower girl, but eldest brother just won’t allow you to say that he is too much?"
Su Re took a late look at her husband and complained, "You’re really a bitch. Ignore him. It’s a good thing that you and Xiaoxiao are going to make up the wedding. Don’t worry, I will definitely take jiujiu to be a flower girl together, right?"
"Great, eldest sister-in-law, I knew you loved me the most." Han Wei picked his eyebrows at Jing Muchen.
"…" Su Re night shake off a goose bumps.
When I picked it up, Li Hanzhen sat on the sofa and talked with Su Re over coffee all night.
Jing Muchen accidentally came out of the room and couldn’t help asking, "Why don’t you go?"