Looking at the phone and computer screen every day, are you worried about blue radiation?

Looking at the phone and computer screen every day, are you worried about “blue radiation”?

Contradictions, there is an eye hazard that has entered the public’s field of vision – blue light hazard.

It also produces anti-blue light glasses, blue light doping software, anti-blue light tempered film and so on.

So what is the blue light hazard and what impact does it have on our lives?

What is the use of anti-Blu-ray glasses, and what do we need to do with our daily eye protection?

Today, Xiaobian will share with you the true colors of Blu-ray.

What is Blu-ray?

Everyone is familiar with ultraviolet radiation, which is harmful to the human body.

Ultraviolet light is the shortest wavelength and highest energy wave in the spectrum. Blu-ray is actually its neighbor, that is, electromagnetic waves with wavelengths between 400nm and 500nm. Due to the proximity of ultraviolet light, blue light has attracted people’s attention.

Is Blu-ray really scary?


You look at the sky, that is the blue light reflected in the air, and there is no problem in watching the blue sky for so many years.

The sun is already the strongest source of blue light in the natural environment. If you notice the sun, it will cause eye damage, or a combination of ultraviolet and blue light.

But without looking at the sun, people’s eyes have not had any major problems in the sun since ancient times.

The conditions under which blue light is harmful are the conditions under which blue light is harmful. Light intensity and time. Our eyes can withstand some of the blue light, because after all, blue light is also visible light, which is acceptable to our eyes.

However, in the case of blue light, two conditions are required, one is the light intensity, and the other is the illumination time.

If you look at the sun or read a book in the sun, it is dead.


At this time, the blue light does cause damage to our retina and cornea.

The intensity of the blue light on the screen around us says that the blue light hazard requires intensity and time. Let’s look at the intensity of the blue light generated by the items around us.

According to the national standard: no danger is 100W / m2 / sr, LED lights for children need to ensure that the blue light intensity is below the indicator.

The low-risk level is less than 10000W / m2 / sr. Our mobile phones, computers, and tablets are all under this indicator. It is a safe range. Don’t worry about low-intensity blue light causing damage to our eyes.

It is more effective to use the eye habits and hygiene than to prevent blue light.

It is worth mentioning that infants and children before puberty, vision is still in the development stage, the resistance to blue light is much lower than that of adults, so it is necessary to replace the LED lights without risk indicators.

And reduce the time they look at the electronic screen, or cause damage to their eyes.

Anti-Blu-ray glasses Since the blue screen damage to our glasses is very small, anti-Blu-ray glasses are not so necessary for us, nor as magical as the business bragging.

The anti-blue light glasses have no obvious effect on relieving and treating myopia, and can not prevent the myopia degree of patients with myopia from deepening.

Blu-ray-resistant glasses can only give people some visual relaxation, but they can’t prevent dry eyes, eyelids and visual fatigue.

Ophthalmologists say that anti-blue glasses are mainly used for health care products, mainly for patients or special workers. Normal people do not need to use anti-blue glasses.

Normal people filter out too much blue light, but instead expect visual quality to drop, affecting the contrast and sensitivity.

In fact, Blu-ray is not a bad light. It is necessary for our visual color. If there is less blue light on the screen, the color will become yellowish, resulting in vividness and vividness. The colors we see will also lose more.The color.

Three eye protection methods, three eye protection methods, do not let the blue back pot 1 again.

Dry eyes and eyes are tired.

If you use your eyes for a long time, you will naturally have such symptoms. You should let your eyes rest more and blink more. Don’t stare at the screen for too long.

In addition, do not rely on eye drops, the natural science of eye use, pay attention to intermittent rest, more healthy and effective than anti-blue glasses and eye drops.


Looked for a long time blur.

The glasses stared at the screen for a long time, and the focus was not changed, which required the eye’s line of sight to be changed.

For example, half an hour to see the distant place, look out the window to see the room, look out the window to see the room, exercise the focus of the eye.3.

Look at the phone and sleep well.

It is not that blue light inhibits melatonin in the body, but it is more likely to be excited.

.So put down the electronic products half an hour before going to bed, do the eye massage, have a good sleep?