Eating bean sprouts can cure 5 common diseases-

Can bean sprouts cure 5 common diseases?

Studies have shown that after soy bean sprouts, carotene can increase 1-2 times, vitamin B2 increases 2-4 times, vitamin B12 is 10 times that of soybeans, vitamin E is 2 times that of soybeans, and nicotinic acid, folic acid and other substances have also multiplied.

Aspartic acid increases sharply after soy sprouts, so eating soy sprouts regularly can reduce lactic acid accumulation in the body and help eliminate fatigue.

  The nutritional value of mung bean sprouts is not inferior. It contains a variety of minerals such as protein, carotene, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. It also contains rich vitamins, especially vitamin C.

Different effects of mung bean sprouts and soybean sprouts Although mung bean sprouts and soybean sprouts are cold and sweet, they have different effects.

Mung bean sprouts have the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, diuretic and dehumidifying.

It is suitable for patients with excessive drinking, dampness, heat and stagnation, dry mouth and thirst, redness in urination, constipation, red eyes and swelling.

Soybean sprouts have the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, lowering blood pressure and beautifying the skin.

  Here are some common dietary recipes for mung bean sprouts and soybean sprouts: Combined urinary tract infections: When urinary tract urinary tract infections occur with symptoms such as urinary fever, frequent urination, etc., take 500 g mung bean sprouts, wash, smash, and add sugarModerate, substitute tea drink service.

  Bronchitis: 100 grams of mung bean sprouts, 20 grams of parsley, 1 pork lung, washed and stewed in a pot, cooked with seasoning and eaten.

  Constipation: 250 grams of mung bean sprouts, rinse with boiling water, add an appropriate amount of vinegar, salt, monosodium glutamate and other condiments.

  Hemorrhoids with blood in the stool: 250 grams of soybean sprouts, 25 grams of kelp, 30 grams of black fungus, washed and put in a pot, add an appropriate amount of water, add condiments according to personal taste after cooking, eat vegetables and drink soup.

  Cough yellow: If you have a cough due to fever, cough due to yellow phlegm, or accompanied by sore throat, little urine and yellow color, and poor stool, 500 grams of soybean sprouts, 10-15 grams of peel, add appropriate amount of water, decoctionOn behalf of tea, can clear the lung heat, remove yellow phlegm, facilitate urination, nourish the function of internal organs.

  Special reminds that soybean sprouts and mung bean sprouts are cold, and it is best to put ginger in winter to neutralize their coldness.

With the soybean sprout index, mung bean sprouts are more cold and cold, and it is easy to damage the stomach gas, and the fiber of mung bean sprouts is thick, and it is easy to slip and cause diarrhea. Therefore, those with chronic gastritis, chronic enteritis and spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat more.

Where does the affair woman tolerate the bottom line

Where does the affair woman tolerate the bottom line

Everything outside the marriage of men, love and body, love and organs, the boundaries between them may be clear.

Under various objective reasons of “involuntaryness”, some women sighed and accepted, some women repeatedly weighed and hesitated, while some women chose to declare loudly that they did not agree.

  So, will you accept it?

There is a saying circulating on the rivers and lakes, “Extramarital affairs is a popular lie.

  Those who can and cannot afford to play do not need to take it seriously.

“Extramarital affairs and extramarital sex are nothing new.

Every third time, a friend will tell you this or that extramarital story.

It is always the man who is in trouble, the woman who is always injured, and the plot is always the same.

  Recently, some scholars have analyzed the divorce caused by extramarital affairs and third-party involvement in Shanghai.

The results showed that more than 60% of the plaintiffs were women, and 51% of men who had divorced due to extramarital affairs had premarital sex.

  Sex, in the context of an irreversible society, the Yellow Lady Army blooms everywhere.

The “entertainment” of men’s mouths turned into a shield for their dignified body betrayal.

Faced with such extramarital sex, women who look forward to the success of their husbands are helpless.

  Love is the foundation of the original family and the important factor of long-term harmony and harmony. However, human instincts like the new and hate the old, so that the most advanced science and technology must also recognize it in an official manner: feelings will never marry the marriage ceremony once and for all.

  For this family, for the children, I am more accustomed to retaining the man we once loved and swore together.

Women lowered the bottom line they could tolerate again and again.

  So the judgment question becomes a multiple choice question: more and more questions focus on physical derailment and emotional derailment, which is the bottom line?

  From 20 to 50, four married women of different ages, here to tell you their choices.

  It is a fact that women accept extramarital sex. If we must choose between the two, I think extramarital affairs are even more unacceptable.

  Because accepting extramarital sex, I think this is the reality that women have to accept.

  Because of doing business, he often entertained outside, and every time he went to the concert hall, he looked for the same lady.

He said he didn’t like her, he just played at the scene.

  But he was getting too much.

Once our baby was having a fever, and I was the only one in the family, but he went to the karaoke hall until four or five, and then went to supper before dawn came back.

  This situation continued until the “July 7” of that year, Chinese Valentine’s Day.

I couldn’t bear it, let him come back early, but he came back at two o’clock in the night, said hello, and went out for supper again until four or five.

  I saw that there were dozens of text messages of that lady on his mobile phone. He quibblely said that the woman was sending it, and he didn’t reply. He was forced to ask. There was no other way.The connection was broken, otherwise she would go around.

  Later, my husband’s sister advised me to look after my man, saying that he was fascinated by the woman and would give her something.

I called to question him. He had a hard mouth and was fierce to me.

I really regretted marrying him at the time.

  Later he and the lady still broke.

I also know that he won’t really replace me with that woman.

  We have a common home and children, and he still loves me very much, every time he will come back and talk sweetly.

But who else is in the business field, who knows, which one is next?

  Occasional derailment can be forgiven for things like men, first of all an animal.

Since it’s an animal, he can’t resist the temptation of a beautiful girl who is still shy and smiles at me.

  So if I love this man, I will forgive his raw impulse.

  Of course I mean by accident.  If a man is obsessed with a woman and often goes to bed with her, I would not believe it even if he said that he was obsessed with only her body.

Being obsessed with the body is also a kind of love, which has feelings, and it is unacceptable to be emotionally derailed.

  My husband and I are not too restrained by each other, because we have the same views on extramarital sex, so once there is an episode, they will be hidden well.

  After all, if you let the other party know, you still feel a little uncomfortable.

We also rarely suspect and probe each other too much. I once saw pictures of him and another girl. They are known to be close, but I know they are friends who have known each other for a long time, so they are much lazy and want to ask more.

  In fact, this is like people eating. His wife is like rice, but bland but essential. A man may need some other flavors to adjust his mood and find a little freshness, but he will never give up rice.

  Man’s nature must not be condoned. Someone told me at the beginning that my husband would take other women home and would make all sorts of love while traveling on business. I would shut up the gossip.

  I never ask my husband if those rumors are true, I just do my wife’s duty as always.

  My husband and I are both Uighurs. In our nation, men will never do housework, and it is the responsibility of a woman to take care of everything outside the house.

  We were together for 13 years, and in the 11th year, he went abroad to work.

Although all insiders have confirmed to me that he has another woman, he still keeps his teeth shut.

  He quibble argued that his wife had not been around for a long time, and he just asked a woman to help him do the laundry and cook.

I know he is lying, but I choose to be silent.

  I do n’t want to talk about a woman who is suspicious, and I do n’t want him to think that I do n’t understand him. I ‘m a woman without measurement, and I do n’t want to be troubled by the city. I would rather look for problems from myself, and more importantly, stillConsider how our daughter feels.

  And I swallowed and pretended to be dumb in return, that is, he transformed extramarital sex into extramarital affairs, and then carried out extramarital affairs to the end.

  Throughout, he never admitted to me that there was another woman.

Until one day, the woman appeared in front of someone with a big belly, and the reality of her six-month pregnancy made it impossible for anyone to keep silent and continue pretending to be calm.

  So my husband became my ex-husband.

  All the reasons for an affair are excuses. For those of us born in the 1950s, extramarital affairs and extramarital sex are equally unacceptable.

  It can be conservative or principled. In short, my husband and I have never betrayed each other, whether physically or mentally.

  My husband and I have been married for 24 years. At that time, we were all in love for the first time. Even now we are still very good.

I think when a man loves a woman with admiration from beginning to end, his heart cannot fall aside.

  For the views of extramarital affairs and extramarital sex, we once sat together and paid careful attention, and we could not accept each other’s derailment, whether physical or purely emotional.

  We all think that infidelity in marriage is the difference between love and dislike, but a matter of character.

  You have deceived your closest person in the world, betrayed this person who is cuddling with you and will go through life.

What else can you trust?

  If there is a betrayal, the end can only be a divorce.

  As adults, we should always know what we want in a marriage and what we should do?

If a man doesn’t even know this, then he is too immature. If he knows why he committed it, it is a bad personality.

  Whether it’s extramarital affairs or extramarital sex, it’s not worth the risk to the one you love, it’s too expensive.

  Love and sex are not a free lunch. Psychologists say that men, no matter how old, hide a child deep inside, a wayward child.

  So they will face the temptation to weigh their hands, find excuses for what they want and should not, and face pampering again and again.

  When he tells you that he and the woman are just playing in the field, and I hope you don’t be so careful, it is tantamount to erecting the image of the main house of the old society in front of you alive, even if you endure it, it is full of grievances, right?

  When he justified that he only had a pure affection for her, but no skin blind date, your direct association was a noble Plato love, or a dog and a man with good looks?

  Fewer and fewer people mention the word “loyalty”.

These two words, which are crucial in the wedding oath, are gradually piled up and replaced by the various excuses that men look for for themselves.

Can the heart be disloyal?

Or can the body be disloyal?

Before the minefield danger line that destroyed the marriage, the man would have been a categorical rejection, and twisted a tentative step forward.

  Rachel in “The Six” said to Rose, who had a one-night stand: One is a cheater, always a cheater (once a thief, a thief for life), and when we encounter real dilemmas in life, what we hearMost of the seemingly intimate persuasions are that women have to endure a moment of calm, to change the calm, to open one eye, and to close one eye at the same time, they must focus on the family and children.  But few people will tell you directly: Give up this man, he is not worth forgiving, and stop deceiving himself, he will not repent because of your tolerance.

  But if we are able to shop around for a skirt, can we have any reason to let the quality of our relationship go freely without asking for it?

  Don’t believe those lies from the erring child, who can completely separate their body and heart without a trace of implication, who can guarantee that men’s so-called “next example” can really be replaced.

  The vow must not be scattered with the wind and fog. Tolerance towards him is also a renunciation of the quality of feelings.

Men are not grateful for this, and you can only verify your weakness and compromise.

If love becomes your habit

If love becomes your habit

Once I listened to a lecture by a psychologist. The expert talked about an experiment in which a monkey was placed in an iron cage. The cage was connected in two by insulators. When half of them were powered on, the monkeys would use acceleration.The speed fled to the other half. When the scientist removed the insulator, the entire cage was fully energized. At the beginning, the monkey fled to the other side as before. After several times, it found that the entire cage was full of current.As a result, it no longer chooses to evade, or stay desperately, innocently, in the corner of the cage-it is used to taking damage.

  This happened to me: She is a gentle woman, from love to marriage, she has always petted him with forgiving love, because she believes that only she knows him, so she forgives him for his irritability and repetitionImpermanence, she washed her pain with tears time and time again, and finally, in an earth-shattering quarrel, she stood in the center of a messy room. She was in tears. Why? “Let’s divorce.”

“The next day they went to the Civil Affairs Bureau and went through the divorce formalities.

Afterwards, she moved to her mother’s house not far away. After experiencing this catastrophe-like emotional frustration, only her mother could accommodate her broken heart.

In just one week, she realized that she had become stingy, as if she had lost something very important, and thought about it seriously, but she couldn’t remember it.

Until returning from work that day, in the twilight, she unknowingly rode the bicycle to the original doorway and pushed the door in very smoothly. In his astonished eyes, she suddenly realized that she was still thinkingHome, thinking of him.

  The broken impossibility can no longer be recovered. She told herself this way, and tried to make herself strong and indifferent. She told herself that he was not worthy of his love.

But only one weekend shortly after she walked the wrong door, she went to the grocery market alone to buy vegetables, and on the way back to her mother’s house, she fell into contemplation and confusion again, and opened the most familiar door again, and sawThe most familiar man was squatting at the door and smoking dumbly, not looking like a stunner.

That afternoon, she didn’t return to her mother’s house or cook a table full of dishes for him . the next day, they remarried.

  Now, they are still living as before, like countless ordinary couples, his illness has not changed much, and what about her?

He still loves him like he used to.

She is used to it. When love becomes a habit, how to treat it unfairly is just a useless test, just like the monkey who no longer avoids, knowing where to hide at any time can not avoid the pain of the body.Stay where you are, let all the pain bring the ground pressure.

  If loving a person becomes a habit, he will become the weakest part of your heart, it will become your fatal wound, and you will not be able to hide or want to hide in a cage.

Although your heart is sometimes full of hopelessness and innocence, a feeling called “dedication” has filled your heart. If you find and feel pain, if you find that you have already begun to feel this feeling, then allThe retreat is completely closed by this feeling. The only thing you can do is love him without asking for anything, and get used to it like drinking water and eating until you have the perseverance to quit poppy.

Cereals and Soy Supplements

Cereals and Soy Supplements

Cereals such as rice, wheat, millet, corn, and sorghum are the most abundant foods, with an average of 70%, and are the most important source of heat for the body.

However, this kind of food has relatively high protein content and poor quality. The essential amino acids contained in the protein are incomplete, especially the lack of lysine, which has lower nutritional value than animal protein.

Therefore, cereals are not an ideal source of protein.

  In food, soybeans have the highest protein content, about 30% -40%. 500 grams of soybeans contain protein equivalent to 1,000 grams of lean pork and 6000 grams of milk. The amino acids contained in soybeans are also similar to those of the human body.It needs to be close, so soybean protein is a good plant protein.

Soy is matched with cereals. Essential amino acids such as lysine are commonly found in cereals, but they are high in soy products, and the amino acids contained in cereals can also replace the shortcomings of soy products.

Therefore, rice beans or noodles can be mixed to eat, which can complement the protein in the body’s food, which is conducive to the body’s digestion, absorption and reasonable utilization of proteins.

Tips to take care of your baby’s dental health

Tips to take care of your baby’s dental health

How many careless moms will use an unclean cloth to wipe the baby’s gums that have not yet teethed?

According to Babytalk.

A com survey showed that only 6% of moms would do this.

However, more and more children have dental problems such as broken teeth. Therefore, as a mommy, you can no longer ignore the doctor’s advice.

  Here are some tips for parents on their baby’s dental care: Better brushing tools When a child starts to grow teeth, you should buy a toothbrush specially designed for babies.

This toothbrush is relatively small in size and suitable for children’s teeth. In addition, the brush head is slightly soft, which will not cause the baby’s soft gums to bleed because the bristles are too hard.

In addition, when teaching babies to use toothbrushes, they should be taught to brush their teeth correctly-the surface of the teeth must also be cleaned, and areas such as roots, tongues, mouths, etc. that can accumulate bacteria should be cleaned.

  When to start using toothpaste Before your baby is 2 years old, you do not need to use toothpaste.

You just need to use a toothbrush to apply some water and gently wipe the inside of your mouth.

In addition, if your baby wants to learn how to use toothpaste, you can buy her a toothpaste that excludes fluoride.

  Regular inspection pediatricians recommend that parents take their baby to a dentist for a dental examination when they are one year old.

If you haven’t taken your child for an oral exam, this will be the next time your baby starts to grow teeth again.

How to clear children’s lungs and prevent food accumulation in autumn

How to clear children’s lungs and prevent food accumulation in autumn

In autumn, children are always prone to cold and easy to dry and produce heat. How can you make your baby safe in autumn?

  Children have delicate skin and are more prone to dehydration than adults.

Parents should always remind him to drink plenty of boiled water, not to wait for thirst before drinking water.

  Recommended foods: pears, grapes, tomatoes and other foods with a lot of adhesion.

  Taboo food: salty, eat less fried food and meat, hot fruit such as lychee, longan and orange.

  Parents know that children with hot food products and a little cold feeling outside are prone to getting sick, so prevent the disease from preventing “internal food products”.

  Food product caused by eating meat: boiled with hawthorn to drink, hawthorn is hot, not too much, 1 can be.

  Food product caused by rice noodles: roast the chicken inside and dry it, grind it into noodles, 3-5 grams a day, 10 grams for older children, or boil water to drink.

Autumn is dry, children are prone to lung nosebleeds.

In normal diet, you can eat some food that clears the lungs, such as Ophiopogon, Lily, etc. You can drink porridge and use a little lotus seeds.

In fact, the simplest is to use lilies, gardenia, and put less chrysanthemums, so that children drink water.

  Recommendation: Lily rice porridge: about 10 slices of lily, soak water in gardenia or barley (about 5 grams per day in gardenia or barley winter) Chuanbei red pear: 1 red pear, 3-5g Chuanbei, boil togetherDrinking water can’t help the child’s lungs and cough.

Which city men have a high sex index?

Which city men have a high sex index?

Men in the country are different in local characteristics. The same thing is that they have the feeling of love. The following summarizes the feelings of love in men in three places in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, which represent the most men’s hearts.
Beijing Yan Yu: It’s all men’s faults in Beijing. They should be male.

The political and cultural center determines that Beijing-style men must “pull”!

I like to pat my breasts as if I can do everything, which fascinates girls.

So it is easiest for a Beijing man to become the protagonist in love at first sight, and the first impression is exciting.

  ”Man, man,” “man, man”, it seems that only Beijing men speak fluently and proudly.

  In Beijing, even if a man has only the last hundred dollars left in his pocket, and a friend comes, especially a girlfriend, he will not hesitate to take it out and spend it.

Faced with their feelings, Beijingers always give up without reservation, anxious to express their determination to break the boat.

Even if a Beijing man is very poor, he will be so poor that only love is left.

However, the Beijing girl is not a fuel-saving lamp, and it is quite the same.

“Xipi Jingyun Erguotou, Tongrentang outside the front gate building, a large bowl of tea spray Siheyuan, speaks the most Beijing girl.

The rash Beijing men and women just hit it off.

Fall in love with power generation lighting.

  Beijing men live smartly.

“Mixed” and “playing” represent a typical mentality. Wang Shuo’s phrase “I am a rogue and who I am afraid of” is all the rage.

The encounter with this incident has a taste of street culture, which is in line with the tastes and talents of Beijing men.

In the “subway to spring”, every day, there are encounters.

  There is an old saying that love is “talked out”, which is the strength of Beijing men.

The “mouth” of a Beijing man is a weapon for fascination.

Talking to the children of Beijing man, always “the sea and the sky”.

The word “kan” alone could not show their pride, so they simply followed by a majestic “Dashan”.

Grandpa Kan is often outspoken and almost chats, so he said the following mantra: I miss you very much.

Beijing men are so straightforward, the theme is clear, and they are straightforward.

  Because of good contact and great potential, Beijing men can easily derive emotional stories or love accidents.

Encounter on Chang’an Street. Even if the wind is cold and the sand is the top, because the historical background of the capital is rendered, everything makes people sacred.

Perhaps only Beijing’s Chun Hou, the atmosphere and simplicity can cultivate this man’s “encounter temperament”.

  Therefore, this male city determines the masses of the beautiful people. Everyone loves them, and the realm is here.

  Shanghai Yanyu: Because of its humid climate, Shanghai’s feng shui, climate and soil are all suitable for growing mushrooms, blooming and having Yanyu.

In Shanghai, where the cost of living is high, air is free and sweet talk is free.

Marriage is luxurious, but love is simple.

In Isetan Square, the creamy chocolate flavor of imported ice cream is flowing, sweet and greasy, all of which are the wet of love. Here, if you do n’t hold hands, you will lose; if you do n’t kiss, you will be thirsty; if you do n’t hug, you will be empty!

If you are not in love, you are perverted.

  Love is the cultural classic of this city and the soft consumption of this Asian capital.

  In the first female writer group, Zhang Ailing, love was recounted, and occasionally looking up at the clouds, it was the angel and Cupid flying over the city.

Therefore, the men who come to this city will feel particularly relaxed and full of eyes, and then they just want to move.

  Everyone is dressed in love, there are love snacks everywhere, and everyone is always ready to fall in love.

With a little inattention, you become a Prince Charming or a swinger.

Be careful of your hormones and zippers. In such adjacent places, the temptations bloom everywhere.
On September 1, 2004, as soon as the school started, more than 50 junior high school students in 50 teaching reform middle schools in Shanghai were surprised when they received the new textbook, because the second unit of their new textbook turned out to be: Love is like a song.
Only in a city that has shouted “Be famous early” can love be so brightly displayed.

  Only in such a city where love is the basis of life will there be media such as the Evening News that would rather give up huge advertisements, and also set an important page for the quarrel between Chinese football team goalkeeper Liu Yunfei and his girlfriend for their mediation needs.

The proud Chinese chief goalkeeper, the first handsome guy of the national football team, turned to the media for a Shanghai girl to express his repentance.

If you want to explain this question mark, you can only find the reason from the love feng shui of this city. No matter what kind of hero you are, in this city, you will have a sigh of sorrow that “the hero is sad and beautiful.”

Therefore, if you arrive in Shanghai and do not return with Yanyu, it is as if you did not return with Yuhuashi in Nanjing. It must be wrong.

  Shenzhen Encounter: From the lonely itch, this should be an often beautiful encounter, but once in a while.

  Therefore, the encounter here is a bit like rain, and everyone has no umbrella, especially men.

Shenzhen Yan Yu is due to the itch of loneliness.

This is a young and somewhat uncontrollable city, and it is also the city with the most nostalgia and affection.

Most of the people here are outsiders. Their eyes are slippery, and there is no family burden. They can spend their love more freely. The emperor is far away, more open and more vulnerable to injury.

  Shenzhen, a city that initially called out “time is money”, some people asked: Maybe Shenzhen speed has also changed the direction of love?

Shenzhen is a co-rented city, does it determine that it is also a cohabiting city?

  The streets are full of lonely and unbearable crowds, so the men here are particularly flammable.

  Women pierced.

Shenzhen has love, but also has money.

Because of loneliness, the bar is a good place.

Girls who go to bars do not need to spend their own money, there will be men lining up to pay for this, some people say that this is also a way of Shenzhen Yanyu.

  Survival pressure needs another kind of spirit to solve the problem. Yan Yu is also a kind of spiritual life?

People have to go to an encounter, and have to put on a camouflage during the encounter, playing a game that hopes not to hurt themselves or others.

There are almost only strangers here, so desire is so familiar, and love is a bit strange.

  In Shenzhen, there is always a bit of anxiety and helplessness.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, a large “Declaration of Love” board was erected in front of the Shenzhen Causeway Bay shopping mall, for people to make a promise for their lover for free.

The motherboard has lingering whispers such as “You are my bone, I am your meat”, and “Someone marry me, I promise not to include a mistress in this life!”

“Be so bold and honest.

The love here is naked and bold, because of urgency, or because of thirst.

  Here, there is a famous “Love Road”.

In the bustling city, it is already difficult to find such a generous love “road”.

Walking on the road, everyone wrote an invitation to love.

The road is not wide enough to be side-by-side or back-to-back?

The road is very long, with a total length of about 4 kilometers. The change is directly facing the sea. The reverse is the green belts such as the palms of the mother-in-law., This is Yan Yu.

The 10 most surprising longevity discoveries

The 10 most surprising longevity discoveries

Health and longevity are the goals pursued by mankind.

Several studies at home and abroad have shown that there are ten categories of people who are most likely to live a hundred years.


Short stature: American scientists believe that human beings have a most suitable height for survival. This height is: 165-168 cm for men and 159-162 cm for women.


Slightly fat people: When investigating the relationship between the weight and life span of 6 million people in the United States, scientists found that slightly fatter humans are more resistant to disease than thin people, and therefore have a longer lifespan.


Bald people: Men have strong androgen secretion, are plentiful and toxic, and have a long life expectancy.


Ear elders: How old the ears are and how long they live, which may be related to the strong kidney qi in Chinese medicine.


Waist thin: 95% of the total number of waist thin people who have lived through the age of 70, and rarely suffer from cardiovascular disease.


Firstborn: Hypertension data shows that the first and second births have the longest life expectancy. Among the 90-year-old group, the first and second births account for 60.

6%, and 77 in the 100-year-old group.



People with many plants in the living environment: Gardeners who have the same material living conditions and are busy with green leaves and red flowers all year round live an average of 7 years longer than those who live in downtowns with few flowers and trees and dirty air.


Dreamers: Japanese researchers have discovered that there is a substance in the human brain that affects sleep-hypnotic peptides.

People with more dreams tend to live longer because they have fewer hypnotic peptides.


People with type B blood: People with type B blood are more gentle and calm, calm and generous, but not overly competitive.

Among the longevity population, 83% of people with type B blood.


Those with slightly higher blood pressure: Finnish doctors have found that those who are over 80 years old have a blood pressure of about 160/90 mm Hg, and their survival rate is much higher than that of people with blood pressure of only 120/70 mm Hg.

Medical treatment for threatened abortion

Medical treatment for threatened abortion

Fang Yiyi Shen Gutai Decoction Pharmaceutical Ingredients Cuscuta chinensis 30g Eucommia ulmoides 15g Parasitic 15g Chuan Duan 15g Atractylodes 15g Ejiao 15g Codonopsis 30g Scutellaria baicalensis 10g Polygonum multiflorum 12g Chenpi 10g decoction, 1 dose per day, divided into 2 doses, taken until half a month after stopping bleedingmedicine.

  Adaptation to threatened abortion.

  Cases include Xu, female, 23 years old.

38 days after menopause, a small amount of bleeding in the vagina for 2 days, back pain, nausea in the lower abdomen, nausea; appetite, thin stools, thin white fur, pale red tongue, tooth marks on the sides, and smooth veins.

TCM syndrome differentiation is deficiency of spleen and kidney, Qi and blood are both lost;

After 3 doses of Yishen Gutai Decoction, the lower abdomen was relieved and the vaginal bleeding was reduced. After taking 6 doses, the stool was normal, the vaginal bleeding was analgesic, there was no abdominal pain, only backache was felt, and 6 doses were taken. The condition was stable.2 doses, withdrawn until April of pregnancy, and 1 full-term baby boy.

  The medicine ingredients of Fang Er’an mixture include Cuscuta chinensis 12g, Codonopsis 15g Atractylodes 10g Yam 15g Chuanchuan 10g Parasitic 10g Shudi 12g licorice 6g preparation 1 daily, decoction 2 times.

  Adaptation to threatened abortion.

  The case is light, someone, female, 33 years old, 53 days after menopause, 10 days of vaginal bleeding, dark purple, back pain, dull right lower abdomen, nausea, pale red tongue, thin white fur, thin pulse.

After giving the Antai Mixture 5 doses, the blood stopped and abdominal pain decreased. Following the 4 doses above, the symptoms basically disappeared. He continued to use the Antai Mixture for half a month to conserve the fetus, and ended the Caesarean section of a full-term baby boy.

The key to anti-drying and oil control summer skin care_1

The key to anti-drying and oil control summer skin care

Skin condition is not static, there will be obvious differences between spring and summer and autumn and winter.

Therefore, the oily skin of the eyebrows should also be based on their skin condition in the summer to develop a suitable care plan.

  Do a small test first: if your skin looks shiny, it means that you have good moisture, but you do n’t need oil control; if you still have a shiny finish (or only in the T zone), you need to control the whole face or local oil.

Place your fingers on the nose or both toes and gently push up. If small fine lines (water scars) appear, it means that there is a lack of water and more water is needed.

  First, don’t wash your face too much.

Washing your face once in the morning and evening is enough, but you should still pay attention to replacing the cleansing products with mild, moisturizing and strong washing power.

  Do not choose cleansing products that are too alkaline, and do not need to control too much oil, which will exacerbate the “oil-dried skin” dehydration.

If you no longer have a shiny face, you don’t have to hug yourself as “oily skin”. Cleansing products with mixed skin will be more suitable.

  Xiao Bian tells you that after clear classification of oily skin, you will know more about how to maintain it: 1.

Pure oily skin: only shiny, pores are enlarged, and there are no other accompanying symptoms.


Less severe oily skin is accompanied by a small amount of acne: the shine and pores are less noticeable, with only a few acne.


Severe oily skin is accompanied by comminuted acne acne: it has a shiny surface, large pores, and a large number of acne on the face.


Oily skin is accompanied by dehydration: although the skin is oilier, it often feels tight and will cause scaling.

  First, pay attention to the “tips” of cleansing.

Washing your face with warm water can help dissolve oily dirt.

You should also start washing in T zone, and then wash your cheeks-because most people in T zone are oilier, thicker, and more prone to blackheads and acne, so use the most cleansing foam to clean in place.

  However, different types have different focuses: pure oily skin: mainly to control shine and reduce pores; a small amount of acne: mainly to quickly eliminate acne; advanced acne: oil control, anti-inflammatory, acne removalMainly, longer-lasting skin care products are usually required; oily and dehydrated: use moisturizing skin care products without oils.

  In the past, everyone didn’t know that it was going to exfoliate.
Now, everyone knows how to exfoliate.

In fact, overcorrection can also cause problems. Excessive exfoliation will make the skin thinner and thinner, the ability to lock water will be worse, and it will be more vulnerable to external stimuli.

  The first step in moisturizing is to use a refreshing moisturizing lotion.

If you are severely dehydrated, stop using alcohol-based toners. It will make your skin more dehydrated, and dehydrated skin will be more oily.

  If your skin is still shiny, use an oil-free moisturizer directly after the lotion.

Essential if your skin has only some moisturizing, soft sunblock.

  Oily skin is most afraid of sun protection!

The oily layer will not clog pores and hinder breathing?

Actually not.

Light-proof, you can add some lipids.

The molecules of sun cream or sunscreen barrier are very large, especially physical sunscreen, which will not penetrate into the skin at all, but just form a protective film on the surface of the skin to isolate makeup, dirty air and ultraviolet rays.